Chapter II

Drake's POV

I watched the girl from a distance. My father had sent me and my men all the way to London to snatch this girl away and bring her to him. And I don't even know what he wants her for. I had ordered my men to wait for me to come back with her at the exit we had decided to use to get out of the park. Just one odd-looking guy watching and waiting for her was enough. Too many milling about would cause suspicion and would draw attention. She came out of her caretaker's apartment that morning and headed towards a park that was right across the street from her home. I was planning on coming up from behind and grabbing her once she reached the park, but then her caretaker followed her out. That was a big setback. I couldn't just walk up and snatch her without expecting her to make a scene, and then I'd have to deal with her caretaker. So I ended up just watching her for awhile. She saw me at one point. She returned the glare I was giving her. I had to admit, she was pretty intimidating, with her flashing green eyes, and dirty blonde hair, that's streaked with pink and blue. I lowered my eyes. She looked down at the notebook that was in her lap. I moved to a different tree that was out of her sight. They just sat there on that pavilion all day. She was drawing or writing something in that notebook of hers, and her caretaker was reading some book. When they left I gathered up my men, and followed them to their apartments, each taking different routes to get there. We went around to the side of the house, and found her window. I had seen her leaning out of it this morning. I clambered up the wall, using little indentations and and stuff on the wall, along with a tree that very close to her window for hoot and handholds, to her window and watched her from a little ledge next to her window. She went to bed, but then when I was about to call my men up, she got out of bed and went to her desk. She turned her light on, and started drawing again. After awhile, she drifted to sleep. I tried to open her window once I was sure she was asleep, but it was locked from the inside, so I went sown the wall a little lower until I found a window that opened into a hallway. We opened it without too much trouble, and were creeping along. We found her bedroom. She hadn't turned the light on her desk off, so we could see clearly. I ordered my men to quietly look around for anything useful or something. Most of them were my father's best men, and knew what to look for, but me and the guys in my group didn't. They just helped the other guys. I went over to her desk. There, on top, was a drawing of ME. It looked just like me, leaning against a tree in a park, glaring off to one side. There was a girl who looked just like the girl who drew it. Off to one side, behind her was a kind of horse. Behind me was a black lion. It was so realistic! She'd even added color, and signed it. When I flipped through her notebook, which was under the drawing, I found more drawings like the first, but with varying versions of me, and in black and white. I turned the desk light off, and backed away carefully, and went over to her bed. She is rolled over so that she's facing me, and I get a better look at her face. She is actually kind of pretty. I shake that thought from my head. She is a Merryweather, after all! That was the one thing Father told me. She's a Merryweather, the clan that is my family's rival, and enemy. Once upon a time, there was peace and friendship between our families. But that peace ended centuries ago. Now, we don't go to war, for some reason, but we get into arguments, and stay away from each other. I see that the girl is holding something in her hand. I gently pry open her fingers and find a pin with a unicorn on it, with diamonds surrounding it. She closes her hand in her sleep, and shifts. I notice a similiar necklace around her neck. Then, there's a crash. Someone, probably Peter, has knocked a jewelry holder with jewelry over, and that pushed a book over, and caused a ruckus. I look over at her dresser. Sure enough, Peter is trying to clean it up. Plus, the jewelry holder also somehow caused a flashlight to turn on and shine directly in the girl's face.
"Peter! You blistering IDIOT!" I whisper. The girl is stirring. We all hide. I disappear behind the curtains with my uncle. I hear the girl waking up, and getting out of bed. She comes towards the curtain, and Uncle raises a knife, while I stare at the shadow that growing larger, half of me screaming Don't come over here!, and half of me coaxing, Yes, come over here, look behind the curtains, and let us kidnap you! Then, another crash comes. Peter has probably knocked something over again. I hear the girl turn, and head out the door. Part of me breathes an internal sigh of relief, part of me groans, and part of me hopes that Peter has sense enough to hide again, rather than stick around. We emerge from the curtains and are soon joined by the entire gang. We decide that we've ruined our chances for tonight, which goes against my wishes, but I'm over-ruled, and leave. When we're outside, I stop and look back at her window. The desk light is still on. Either that, or it's the flashlight. She might be drawing again, or be trying to figure out what the cause of the sounds were. Uncle clears his throat. I turn around and move away. A bunch of guys are ganging up on Peter. I walk over, break things up, smack Peter on the head, and grab his shirt. I scold him, and then push him way. Then, I stalk off into the night, with the rest of my men following. I'd failed at what should have been a simple operation. Peter had ruined it. Now, I was going to have to face the shame and punishment that came with failure. Worse, I'd have to face my father.

Second chapter in ONE day! I'm so psyched! I based this chapter on a deleted scene from the movie, where Robin and 3 other guys, one of them is the guy who catches Robin with Maria, bust into her house and are trying to kidnap her when Robin knocks something over and Maria wake up, and they have to leave. Hope you like it! Peace out. ;-D