\ Even though it took months and months Ray Beech finally forgave his best friend, Scott Pickett. Even though Scott was now a member of Lemonade Mouth, Ray had finally decided to admit he missed his best friend. Well, why shouldn't he? Ray and Scott have been best friends since elementary. Even the all powerful Ray Beech needed a friend. And who better than the guy who remains neutral, the guy who is easy to manipulate? And as usual, Ray and Scott were having an argument.

"Come on Scott, can't you see the Delgado kid likes your girlfriend?"

"Ray, can't you see that you like Stella?"

"I do not and will never like Yamada."

"You obviously care enough to remember her last name."

"Yeah, so I can make fun of her."

"Dude, I have never seen you work so hard just to annoy one girl."

"And I have never seen you work so hard to keep your girlfriend."

"Mo is special."

"Yeah, special to you and Delgado."

"They are just friends."

"Or so you think."

"Or so I know. Mo would never cheat on me, ok?"

"Sure, sure whatever you say, but you are so whipped."

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Am not."

"Are too."

"I am if you like Stella."

"I don't like Yamada and you are so whipped."

Then Stella decided to walk up and talk to Scott. She couldn't help but hear what Ray said, and she just had to butt in. "Who's whipped, Beech?" Stella asks.

"None of your business, Yamada," Ray quickly responds, rolling his eyes.

"But I asked the question, and I kinda want an answer," Stella kept going.

"And I don't plan on giving you an answer," Ray shot back. Scott slapped his forehead and jumped in to save the school before Ray and Stella start a war.

"He thinks Mo has me whipped," Scott quickly said, shrugging it off. Stella blinked a couple times and then gave a small laugh.

"For once I actually agree with Beech," Stella said, shaking her head.

"What?" Scott asked.

"If Mo tells you to do something, you do it right away. If Mo doesn't like something, you try to fix it. If Mo does or says anything, you obey her," Stella said, poking Scott in the chance.

"Yamada has a point," Ray joins in.

"Ray, man, come on. I am so not whipped," Scott whines slightly. The rest of Lemonade Mouth starts to walk over. They knew Ray and Stella with in five feet of each other means something bad is about to happen.

"What was that Scott?" Mo asks, gently holding Scotts hand.

"Stella and Ray say you have me whipped," Scott quickly explains.

"Oh, Scott that so isn't true," Mo says, hugging Scott. Ray and Stella glance at each other, about to fall over laughing. Wen and Olivia hide their faces so the couple won't see them laughing. Charlie just rolls his eyes and stalks off. Mo lets go of Scott and rushes off after Charlie, yelling, "Oh, Charlie! Wait up!" Ray smacks Scott, shooting him a knowing look. Scott just rolls his eyes and shakes his head.

"Well I'm done with this Loser Mouth meeting," Ray says over his shoulder as he walks off.

"No one wanted you here anyway!" Stella yelled at him. She rolled her eyes and walked off in the other direction. Scott, Wen, and Olivia just stood there looking confused.