Surprise? An epilogue I wasn't going to write suddenly appeared in my head, so here it is.


"Blaine Anderson," the announcer said, and Blaine strode across the stage, robes billowing. His mortar board was crooked to one side, and Kurt shook his head as Blaine grasped the diploma in his hands. He watched Blaine leave the stage and sit down next to Joy Andaleese.

"Gary Andrews," the announcer said.

Kurt and Blaine had been waiting for this day for five months now. In mid-March, Blaine had qualified for a transfer back to public school, and while that meant they saw less of each other, Kurt was also immensely happy. Blaine seemed less-than-sure about the move, but he had managed to pick a school with no tolerance for bullying.

"Besides," he had said, "if they're mean I'll beat them up." Kurt had looked at him until he laughed and said he was joking. Kurt wasn't quite sure he was, though.

He was pulled from his thoughts forty-six minutes later by a huge cheer, and he looked up to see hundreds of graduation caps hit the air. He clapped loudly along with the parents around him.

Twenty minutes after that he finally saw Blaine, who grinned and walked toward him.

"Who would have thought I, of all people, would graduate from a public school, on time?" He asked.

"I would," Kurt replied, a small smile on his face.

"Guess what we get to do?" Blaine said, smiling mischievously up at Kurt.

"Go home and sleep?" Kurt teased.

"Kiss here, fuck at home," Blaine said, whispering in Kurt's ear. The older man's face turned bright red, and he placed a small peck on Blaine's lips, then hooked his hand and dragged him to the car. Not that Blaine was complaining.