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"It's just a small job, Al. I'll be fine." Edward assured his brother, cramming a cookie into his mouth and washing it down with a swig from a beer bottle. "What's one little witch? And if all else fails? You can bring in the calvary." As he shoved a gun into the back of his pants, he shrugged his shoulders carelessly.

"One little witch? What about one little slip-up? Do you want to cough up your lungs?" Alphonse snapped, putting his hands on his hips. For the moment, he was going to be laid up in bed during jobs due to a hairline fracture in his ankle.

His elder brother nearly rolled his eyes as he tossed the box of cookies at him. "Dude, don't you worry your pretty little head. I've got this." Before leaving, he took one more drink from his beer bottle and set it aside, then shrugged on his bright red coat.

"Be careful, Ed."

Edward made a gesture over his shoulder. "Yeah, yeah, yeah." He tossed his journal and duffel- full of weapons- into the passenger's seat. The moment he started the car, the Aerosmith CD he'd put in yesterday started blasting. He turned it down just the slightest bit before peeling out of the parking lot and down the road.

They'd sat outside the house in the Impala for days, watching it and making sure that it was the place. After all, it was completely abandoned and falling in. Neither had wanted Ed to go barging in and the floor swallow him up, then find out that it wasn't even the right place. Only when Alphonse was convinced that it was the right place did he allow his brother to go in alone, which was why it had taken them so long. Had it just been Edward, then he would have gone on in after the first day.

He parked across the street and at the opposite end of it, near the corner. The rest of the way, he walked, everything he'd need for the job packed into the duffel slung over his shoulder. Being the smart person he was, Edward went around back instead of sneaking in the front. What he wasn't expecting was the entire back yard to be overrun with all kinds of plants: from thick, ropelike vines down to delicate, colorful flowers, he could see them all just from his spot at the gate.

Carefully picking his way, he started to where he was sure the back door to the house must be. Suddenly, though, he heard something move behind him. He whirled, hand going to his gun, but he saw nothing. Frowning suspiciously, he glanced around, then turned back to continue on his way to the door. It wasn't but a couple of step before he heard more rustling. This time, he decided it must have been a small animal hiding away amongst the greenery.

If he'd been smart- or if he'd have had Alphonse by his side, as he usually did- he would have turned around right then and left as quickly as possible. As it were, he didn't turn around and leave, and instead kept right along his way. Until, that is, he tripped over a vine that certainly hadn't been in his way mere moments before. He found this extremely strange. Even more so when he found that he couldn't exactly move. Like any human with proper sense, he struggled, realizing thick vines had wrapped not only around his wrists and ankles, but around his waist and thighs as well. He felt them slither over his shoulders and around his neck; there, they hung looser, more than likely so as not to cut off his air supply.

"Dammit. Al was right. Should've brought back-up," he grumbled under his breath, trying to yank his arms free from their binds. No good. The vines continued to hold tight. They were thick, too; thicker than most rope he'd seen or used. Even if he could get to the pocketknife he kept tucked into the side of his boot- hell, he believed in large hunting knives, but having one you could keep on your person at all times wasn't a bad idea, either- it would take ages to cut all the way through the vines.

"I've seen you skulking about outside my house~" It was a light, slightly musical voice speaking to him from the direction that he'd assumed the door was in. It seemed as if he'd been right about that, at least. The way was cleared, now, and he could see the door and a porch. Standing on the porch was a blond girl, wearing a short skirt, shin-high boots, and a dark jacket over a white shirt. She giggled at him. "Naughty, naughty. What did you plan to do, huh?" She made a small gesture with her hand. A vine to his right slithered forward like a snake and hooked the straps of his bag, carried it to her. The witch knelt down and unzipped it, carefully going through the contents.

"Oh. I see. You're a hunter, not just some silly kid who's heard the rumors about this house." Her voice had grown icy and had a bitter, cutting edge to it. Edward felt the nearly-undeniable urge to shudder when ice blue eyes lifted to him, cutting gashes in his skin. "There are others, aren't there?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" he sneered, only to have the vines around his neck tighten greatly.

"I'd suggest you answer me, Ed. I already know the answer."

Edward grunted when the vines loosened a bit to allow his answer. "Yes. But he won't come after you," he replied reluctantly, feeling one of the vines shimmy up under his shirt and tickle his bare skin.

"Right, because of his ankle," the witch mused aloud, beginning to pace the length of the porch. "Oh, but there's another. At least, one he trusts enough to call for help." She stopped and looked up at him, grinning. "Oo-hoo-hoo~ Momma Winry gets to have a little fun~" she cooed, patting a cluster of plants on the railing of her porch. "Keep him there." Winry ordered briskly before turning on her heel and striding back into the house. "I've got plans."

Edward groaned loudly, head dropping forward. "I'm an idiot," he grumbled under his breath resignedly, hands drooping. "I should have listened to Al. I should have brought someone to help me. Should have, should have, should have."

He yanked on his arms again, kicked his legs and writhed until blood was dripping from his raw, chaffed skin and the sun was starting to go down. By this point, he was exhausted and aching, so he slumped where he was, suspended in open air by creepy vines that followed the orders of a crazed Rockbell witch.

And he was absolutely, completely powerless.

It was about midnight when Alphonse really started to get worried. At first, he assumed his brother's hunt had been successful and, to celebrate, he'd stopped at the local bar for a few drinks and maybe to hustle some pool. But he knew that, had that been the case, Edward would have returned by now, if only to ease his younger brother's mind.

The night was long and sleepless. He gave up around three and sat up in bed, jerking his cellphone off the nightstand and punching in the number of the only friend they'd ever really made on the road; rather, the only hunter friend they'd befriended.

Six rings went by before the line clicked.

"Somebody better be fucking dying for you to have called me this fucking early in the damn morning," a rough, drowsy voice on the other end growled at him. It was rather comforting and brought a small half-smile to his face.

"Somebody very well might be," he replied easily, not bothering to hide the immense worry in his voice.

"What's happened?" The voice was much more awake by this point, and he could swear he heard a bed squeak as weight was shifted on it.

"Ed went out on a hunt earlier. Real simple, just a witch. I thought he'd be back by now; he's been gone for hours, left a little after noon. But he's not. I'm really worried about him, but… I can't exactly walk on my ankle. Even if I could, I wouldn't be any help. I was wondering if maybe you could drive up and go see if something's happened to him?" He ended unsurely, asking a question instead of stating what he wanted.

There was silence on the other end of the line, then he heard the bed squeak loudly as the older man stood up. "I'll be up there as fast as I can. Branchville, Alabama, right?"

"That's right. I'll text you the motel room and number."

"I'll be there by morning. Try to get some sleep, okay? I know you're worried about your brother, but you'll be no good if you're dead on your feet."

Then there was a click, and the call was ended. Alphonse sighed heavily and dropped his phone on the bed, tiredness making his body slump against the pillow that was propped up against the headboard of the cheap motel room's bed. He knew he really should try to get some sleep, but he wasn't sure he'd be able to. Still, it couldn't hurt to try. So he picked up his phone one more time, texted the promised information, then lay back down in the bed, closing his eyes.

The next morning, Al awoke to a light knock at the door. Eyes shifting around, he carefully got up and hobbled over to open it, hand on the wall for support. Though he assumed it was the other hunter he'd called in a favor to, he took one foot off the floor and stretched up on his other, peeking out of the peephole. He could see dark hair and dark eyes, so he hopped back and opened the door, smiling.

"You made it."

"I said I'd be here by morning, didn't I?" Roy asked, one hand in his pocket as he strode in. "So, where has that idiot brother of yours run off to this time?"

Alphonse stumbled back to the bed and collapsed onto it, holding his right leg up. "This old abandoned house on the outskirts of town. Address is on a slip of paper on the desk," he replied, gesturing with his head to where the small piece of paper was lying. As Roy walked over to the desk and picked it up, Al continued, "Like I said over the phone, we were hunting a witch. Ed said it would be no big deal and he could handle it on his own, no matter how many times I told him he should call for help."

Roy sighed heavily and slid the paper into his pocket. "I'll go save his ass. Should be back before noon. If not, then sundown. Either way, don't worry; I'll bring the dumbass back safe and sound." As he strode out of the door, waving over his shoulder, he heard the younger Elric sending a plea after him to be careful.

Without warning, the witch Winry appeared on the porch again, rousing Edward from a very light, restless sleep by clapping her hands loudly. "Oh, Eddo~ We have company. Now I expect you to behave yourself and put on a good show for him," she informed him in a sickly sweet voice, following it up with a giggle.

Edward frowned at her, still trying to get his eyes to adjust. "What the hell are you talking about? Put on a good show?"

"Mhm~" Just then, one of the vines around his waist loosened slightly, end of it carefully toying with his belt to let it hang loose.

"What? No! You can't do this!" Edward yelped, eyes widening as he began his struggles anew. His wrist began to bleed again, ankles aching. "Who the hell's coming?"

"Oh, just your little boyfriend~" Winry replied lightly, shrugging her shoulders.

"Who?" Edward asked, brows furrowed in confusion.

"You know, the man who you've secretly loooooo~ved for years? Roy?"

Edward gasped loudly, the vines quickly undoing the button on his jeans and sliding the zipper down. They slid underneath his pants, shimmying under the waistband of his boxers and toying with him, familiarizing themselves with his body. He bit his lip, trying not to think too hard about it.

He heard the gate squeak open, then squeak again as it closed. Vines wrapped around his mouth, making speech impossible for the moment. Just barely, he made out quiet footsteps and struggled even more, which only served to loosen his pants and make them drop from around his hips. The vines pushed his boxers down for him.

When a dark head came into sight, Ed became desperate, writhing and bucking in the air. He bit down hard, severing the vine. Foul-tasting, gooey liquid filled his mouth and he gagged, spitting it out.

"Roy!" he yelled breathlessly, green goo hanging from his mouth and staining his lips. "It's a trap!"

Of course, just like in all bad horror movies, it was too late. The plants had captured Roy as well, though he wasn't suspended in midair. Nor was he being undressed by them.

"… Ed?"

Unfortunately, more vines wrapped around his mouth, this time giving him no opening to gnaw through them again. The foul taste remained in his mouth, making him feel slightly sick to his stomach.

"Ooooo~ Would ya lookie here, Eddo? It looks as if you've got an eager audience. I know he's just aching, so I think we should get on with it. Don't you?"

Edward glared death at her from where he was, trying his best to ignore the wide-eyed, questioning look Roy shot him. When a vine slithered inside his boxers, he visibly flinched and looked over at the other hunter, pleading with his eyes for Roy to just look away or close his eyes. Apparently, either the message was not received or the older man was completely unable to look away, too shocked.

Being a boy, such as he was, eventually, after much stroking, he couldn't help but get aroused. The dark eyes locked on him certainly weren't helping either. His cheeks flushed, the part visible over the vine gag darkening thoroughly as he breathed heavily in and out of his nose. His arms were brought above his head as his shirt was pushed up, the tips of the vines flickering across his skin and playfully teasing his nipples. They very slowly pulled down his boxers, letting them fall off of him and onto the ground below him, where his pants had ended up minutes earlier. His coat and boots had been removed prior to this.

He heard ripping, and then his shirt fell off, too. The vines had ripped it, since his hands were bound and the shirt couldn't get around them. His head was jerked up, making him look ahead, where he could clearly see both Winry and Roy. They fell from around his mouth, hanging loose around his neck.

"Please, Roy, don't look," he begged quietly, eyes glistening as more vines wrapped around his thighs.

"Shut up, Ed. He's going to watch. What part of putting on a show for him did you not understand?" Winry snapped from the porch, putting her hands on her hips and glaring at him. "Do you have a problem with that? No? Good," she added, making a quick gesture with her hands.

At that, the vines roughly pushed his thighs up so far that they nearly touched his chest. It was a damn good thing he was flexible; he had no idea what other positions he might be forced into. When he tried to drop his head again so he wouldn't have to see Roy's face, his chin was forced upwards again, arms being pulled up farther. One of the vines slid around the side of his hip, down to his crotch, and wrapped around the base of his member. Audibly, he gasped, feeling the vines around his ankles loosen just a little bit. He tried to close his legs, but they were pulled open again by the plants. Then he felt the pointed end of one of the vines lightly probing against his puckered entrance, slipping in just a tiny bit then pulling back out and circling it.

Never had Edward- or anyone else, for that matter- thought he'd beg for anything, or even say 'please,' for that matter. But he figured, since he'd already said it to Roy, he couldn't make himself look any worse. "No, no, no. Please. I'm begging you, Winry, don't do this."

"Ed!" It was pretty much the first thing Roy had said since he'd gotten there, besides another exclamation of the same thing. At that, he glanced back over at him, eyes wide. Winry was now standing right beside him, leaning close as if she'd been whispering in his ear.

Confusion passed across his face, but was quickly replaced by one of pained shock. The vine that had merely been teasing his entrance shoved itself roughly inside of him. It was one of the bigger ones, too; bigger than any of the men he'd had sex with before. His nails bit into his palms, but he didn't dare make any noise, that would only satisfy Winry.

"Why the hell are you doing this to him?" Just barely, he heard Roy growl the question at the witch and, through blurry eyes, he saw him glaring at her.

Winry merely smiled at him and pushed her blond hair over her shoulders. "He tried to kill me; therefore, he needed to be punished."

Another flick of her wrist and, before Edward even had time to adjust, the thick plant pulled out of him, then slammed back in quickly. Surprisingly, after the third or fourth time, it hit that special little bundle of nerves buried deep inside of him. He cried out, cheeks turning an even brighter shade of red. The plants around his cock started stroking him as the one inside him continued to move, abusing his prostate. A smaller vine flickered side to side across the tip of his dick, then slid into the leaking slit the moment his prostate was slammed into again. Yet more vines rolled his nipples. It was sensory overload. He was panting and shaking, and yet the vines wouldn't let up. They curled around his balls and squeezed the base of his cock tightly, not allowing him to climax quite yet.

At some point, he started begging for it, tears in his eyes because he hated this, but at the same time, he wanted to come so bad it was painful. His back arched forward as the tentacles started to move again, faster this time, stroking him with more conviction than before. They uncurled from around his testicles, finally allowing him the chance to release.

After mere moments, he was screaming and climaxing, semen spurting over his chest. The vines pushed his head down, making it so he was practically sucking his own cock, cum spewing all over his face as he groaned and whined. He didn't even realize he'd wound up moaning Roy's name.

Even after he was finished, spent, and practically passed out, the vines continued to stroke him until it was hurting, at which point he whimpered. "Please… make them stop…"

"Oh, you're such a little baby." But Winry rolled her eyes and called them off. Then she turned to Roy. "Now, big boy… It's your turn~"