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"Don't you dare!" came a hoarse, yet forcefully angry voice from above. The witch glanced up to where the vines had hold of Edward.

"What? Did you want to take Roy's punishment, too? I wasn't aware you liked it so much~ Or Roy, for that matter," she replied perkily, bouncing on the balls of her feet.

"Shut your damn mouth! Right now!" Ed snapped, voice gaining a little strength with the anger he felt boiling in the pit of his stomach. He jerked forward, trying to rip his arms free. "You've done what you wanted with me, now let me and him go."

"My, my, Edward~ Is something wrong? Don't want Roy to find out your little secret, do you?"

"Secret? What secret?" Roy piped up, glancing between them.

"Oh, just that Edward loooooooo~ves you~ And he has for a long time~ Now, back to the matter at hand, it's Roy's. Turn." Her voice hardened at the last part.

"I said no!" Edward yelled, arching forward.

"Fine then. You can take it again… at the same time he does. But he trespassed on my land, as well. Can't just let him go unpunished for that." With a flick of her wrist, Winry turned back to the porch. Slowly, Ed was lowered and, still completely naked. He landed flat on his feet right in front of Roy, so close they were nearly touching.

"I'm sorry…" the blond whispered, refusing to lift his head and actually look at Roy.

"Don't apologize, dumbass. It's not your fault." Roy replied quietly, taking in a sharp breath as his belt was undone and his pants dropped.

"You know what she's going to do…" Edward's eyes finally flickered up to the other man, but only for a second.

Roy was pushed up closer to him, their chests bumping together. His chin was gripped, pulled down towards the blond's neck. "I know," he whispered, feeling his boxer's being pushed down around his ankles. "Just let it happen, Ed. Our hands are tied."

"I don't want to. Don't just lie down and take this!" he insisted, voice a bit above a whisper by this point.

"It's a fixed point. Nothing can be done about it."

"Now you've just been watching way too many episodes of Doctor Who."

Roy's lips pressed against Edward's neck lightly, cutting off his response. Another vine wrapped around the younger's right wrist, the first letting it go and merely holding the left one. His right hand was slowly lowered and brought down to Roy's crotch. Tightly, he curled his hand into a fist before he could even touch the man.

"Open your hand, Edward!" Winry ordered in a harsh tone from her spot near the stairs to the porch.

"I won't!" he insisted, squeezing his eyes closed as his fingernails dug into the palm of his hand.

"Then we'll find another way to do this~" she said, tone once again perky. She snapped her fingers and leaned against the railing.

The vines yanked Edward down to his knees, holding tightly around his throat. Once more, both of his hands were restrained behind him. The end of the vine around his neck pushed his chin up. Tortured eyes lifted to Roy, pleading him to do something, anything at all. Of course, he knew that the other man could do just as much as he could, which was absolutely nothing. Instead of his fingers, a vine wrapped around the base of Roy's cock, sliding up the length and lowering the head to press against the blond's lips.

"Since you wouldn't open your hand, then open your mouth." Winry ordered him, her voice somewhat harshly.

Edward shook his head. That only caused the vines to hold him even more firmly in place. He heard another snap from the direction of the deck, and his nose was pinched so that he couldn't breathe. He knew this trick; it was how his father had always gotten him to take medicine when he was younger. If his nose was held long enough, he'd open his mouth to take a gulp of air, or either he'd pass out and start breathing again. It was always the former, but either way, his mouth would be forced open.

That was just what happened. After a few more seconds, he couldn't take it anymore and had to take a huge gasp of air from his open mouth. The moment he did this, the plants shoved Roy forward so the man's dick was thrust into his mouth. His nails dug into the palms of his hands when the tip slammed into the back of his throat, his eyes squeezing shut. He gagged around the other, and it was a miracle he didn't actually throw up. Fortunately, his gag reflex wasn't that sensitive and he was able to compose himself quickly.

The vines around his neck forced him to bob his head back and forth, slowly speeding up every few times his lips moved down the length of the other's member. His eyes were still closed firmly, as if everything would suddenly become better if he couldn't see anything. That didn't mean he couldn't still feel anything.

Out of all the times he'd imagined his and Roy's first time together- it hadn't been that many times- he had never even thought to believe that it would happen like this; he'd always believed it would be so much better. For one, both of them would actually be willing; it would be their idea, not the idea of a horny, bitchy little witch who got off on shit like this.

Tears leaked from Edward's eyes as he thought not only about this, but that he would never be able to forget it. Not only that, Roy would probably never want to see either of the brothers again, and he was one of the very few friends and allies they had. Not to mention Ed's love interest for years.

He gave a muffled cry when the other released down his throat, his nails biting slits in the palms of his hands and his toes curling inside of his boots. He hadn't even noticed that Roy had been getting close, that he was doing his best to hold back moans and, at times, failing miserably. Any other time, he'd have been perfectly okay with this. Unfortunately, this wasn't any other time, and the other hunter was even going so far as to apologize profusely as the vines allowed the blond to pull his mouth away and turn his head, panting hard.

"Now, by the time you guys get yourselves together and those vines let you go, I'll be long gone~" Winry informed them as she pushed away from the railing. "Have fun with your little relationship!" With that, she disappeared into the dismal house. The vines didn't release them yet, though.

Edward looked up at Roy, who was refusing to look at the boy. By this point, at least, the constant apologies had stopped. He licked saliva and traces of sweat mixed with sperm from his lips, twisting his hands against the constraining vines.

The taste was bitter.

He hated it.

Still on his knees. A warm forehead suddenly rested against the taller man's thigh.

"Good. Ya finally shut the hell up," he muttered hoarsely as he closed his eyes. Now he was so tired… he wanted to lie in bed and not move for at least twenty-four hours, whether asleep or not.

"… I'm sorry."

Damn. So close, and yet so far away.

"If I hear that one more time, these vines won't be enough to hold me down. I will come up there and slap the fucking shit out of you."

"So- I mean-"

"Just shut the fuck up so I can breathe. You're using up all my oxygen." Edward shifted his position, trying to get his aching knees out from under him. They still had him bound in so many places… ones he hadn't even registered earlier. Fortunately, it was about that time that the thick vines slithered away from the both of them and once more became still and lifeless. Roy was the one to make sure that both of them were completely dressed, though he stood again to give Ed the time he needed to recover.

The blond remained on the ground until the dark-haired man sighed and hauled him up, shifting him onto his back. Long, muscled arms hung about his shoulders and strong thighs pressed against his defined hipbones. Without a word, Mustang picked his way back through the jungle, carefully avoiding most of the vines on his way out, and only moved a hand from the other man's legs to push the lock up and shove the gate open. He didn't bother to close it back, nor did he look back as he trekked to their cars. Planning to come back for the Elric brothers' car later, he deposited the eldest sibling into the passenger seat. He was just about to close the door when a voice stopped him.

"Why… are you doing this…?" It was Edward, even if it didn't sound very much like him. The young man's eyes were hidden by his hair, though they were focused intently on the toes of his boots.

Roy sighed and rolled his eyes. "'Cause I care about you, dumbfuck. You act like this was your fault. It wasn't your damn fault. Now, as for your feelings towards me… those are your fault." He saw the other flinch and smirked. "For your information, they're requited." Before a reply could even think of being formed, he'd slammed the door to the car and started walking around the nose, pulling the keys out of his pocket at whistling quietly as he twirled them about his finger. Wide, surprised golden eyes met him at the door. He simply continued to grin wolfishly as he slipped the keys into the ignition. "You really are stupid, ya know that, Elric?" he asked, pulling away from the curb and tearing off down the street. The sooner he could get away from here… the sooner he could come back. But after that, he was leaving for good, and that was a fact!

"… I hate you so much, you egotistical bastard," the shorty muttered, crossing his arms firmly over his chest and slumping down in his seat, pouting. Obviously, it didn't take very long for him to recover from pressing situations. With the life he led, it had to be like that, else he'd have been locked up and secured in a straight jacket long ago. Now, they'd only do that if they somehow managed to catch him.

That tore a bark of a laugh from the elder of the two; a sound that suggested he shouldn't have been laughing, and yet he was. "Tch. Yeah. Love you, too, sweetheart. Now, what do you say I get you home, into a pair of new boxers, and put you to bed? I'll bring your baby back home, with a peace offering of cold beer, pie, and a bacon cheeseburger or two."

Even the thought had Edward's mouth watering. Still, he hesitated, not wanting to seem quite so eager. In the end, after what he assured himself was a sufficient amount of thinking time, he nodded slowly to himself. "Just leave out the blood offering and you've got a deal." When Roy reached over and nudged his knee, his skin tingled. "And bring Al a salad, too, or he'll throw a bitch fit. Hands off, too. Don't want him getting suspicious just yet and can't kick him out of the room."

"Understood, sir~" the man teased lightly, dark eyes flickering over to his little ball of spitfire as he pulled into the parking lot. "I'm going to have to walk back, so you'll have plenty of time for a nice little nap." After all, it wasn't like he could drive one car there. Then he'd have to leave that one, and the process would repeat.

"Or… you could leave the car, focus on the beer and food, and get back to me as quickly as possible~" Ed suggested, casting a somewhat look over at the man. Were his eyelashes really that long and dark? Looking at the golden irises beneath them, it seemed that the answer was yes; yes they were.

"Mm. But what about your baby?"

"We can go and get her later. Together. No one hangs around there much anymore, anyways." And by that, he meant that they could go back later, swing a quickie outside of the house, then head back.

"I think I like that idea better." With that, Roy climbed out of the car and closed the door behind him, Edward doing the same on the other side. He had to wait for the blond to open the door before they could go inside, which took longer than he'd expected since a few kisses were stolen in the process.

The clothes changing didn't go as planned, either. The image Roy had in mind involved him peeling those tight pants right off of the boy's ass. The actuality was that he wound up with those tight pants thrown at his face. The shirt and boxers followed soon after. There had to be a god above, for he was spared socks to the face. Taking the boy to bed went as well. He'd planned to carry him. He wound up getting shoved to the side as Ed sauntered by in nothing but a pair of boxers and threw himself at the bed. At least he got to watch that ass.

Sighing, he dumped the clothes on the floor. What? He wasn't going to wash them after such disappointment. "I'll be back with your requested meal later. Try not to miss me too much~" he teased lightly as he headed out of the door, swinging his keys and whistling again.

During this whole ordeal, Alphonse had watched quietly, just as any good brother did. And he didn't say a word… also as any good brother did. But now that they were alone, he didn't have to pretend to be a good brother anymore. He looked over at Edward- who had his face happily buried into Mr. Pillow- and smirked wickedly. "You two finally fucking did it."


"Took ya long enough."

"Trust me. You don't want to know that details, dear brother."