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Chapter Five

"Salutations, esteemed guests!" Owen cheered with a clichéd mock British accent as he opened the front door, gazing upon the Snivy, Servine, Shinx, Treeko, and Squirtle that stood there, "Wait. Why are you here, Seth?"

"You didn't expect to have a party without me did you?" the water-type replied rather suggestively as he put his paws on his hips, "Besides, you need me."

Owen didn't understand a word of what he just said; "Need you for what?"

"You'll understand when you're older…" Seth sighed as he walked into the house, 'like two hours older… Heheh…'

'What the hell does that mean?' everyone else thought to themselves, Caboa included as they followed into the living room, where Owen and Caboa's parents said they would be staying throughout this shindig.

"So what should we do first?" Kiyo posed, stroking his chin with his tail as he placed his things down.

"Well, we're going upstairs to study…" Caboa said he and Vlad started up the steps, "But you five should do something fun."

To study, they say? Seth thought as he watched the two go up the stairs, I have my suspicions…

"Here!" Owen chimed as he pulled out a red box from a cabinet under the television, "Let's play Apples to Apples!"

"Sure!" Terrion said as he was glomped by an overexcited Shinx, "How do we play?"


"Okay…" Caboa started as he pulled a book from his backpack, "First, we need to review for the test on Monday."

"Zen 've need to start on next week's Basic." Vlad added as he sat on the bed.

"Yeah…" the Dewott said as he threw himself onto the bed, "This is what we get for going into an AP class…"

"Zis isn't too hard for me, actually…" Vlad said, smiling as he pat the water-type's shoulder with one paw, "I actually come from Europe, so zis is just common knowledge…"

"Then teach me!" Caboa pleaded forcefully as he grabbed the Servine's paw, "I need to learn this stuff! I'll do anything you ask, just teach me!"

"Anything…?" he said, grinning as he saw an acute blush crawl over Caboa's face.

"No!" Caboa cried out, pushing Vlad away as the Dewott's face mortified and turned red under his blue fur, "You're such a perv!"

"You should've known zat already~!" Vlad chimed as he tickled his friend.

"I know!" Caboa giggled as he tried his best to swat the grass-type's paws away from his sides, "But it's not like you'd try to rape me or anything!"

"Heheh…" he chuckled as he discontinued the tickle-fest, "I'd be like: 'Caboa! I'm gonna rape you up 'ze butt!'"

"And I'd be like:" Caboa began as he set himself down on the bed in a rather suggestive position, "Oh no! Please don't rape me~!"

"'Zen I'd be all:" Vlad said, giggling as he placed his paws on Caboa's waist, "I'm still gonna rape you!"

"Then I'd be saying:" the Dewott said as he put his paws on his friend's, "Please don't! I be only a virgin!"

"I'd say:" Vlad said as he stuck a paw into Caboa's pajamas and moved it deliberately onto Caboa's crotch, "'Zen I guess today is your lucky day…"

"Well…" Caboa murmured giving a faint smile at the touch and blushing to a fever pitch as Vlad traced over him seductively with his paw, "It's not rape if I like it…"

"'Vell… Uhhh…" Vlad wound as he suddenly realized where his paw had wandered, "Do you eeeh… Like 'zis?"

Caboa smiled broadly now, a paw moving atop of Vlad's as his length began to harden against the Servine's touch, "Does that answer your question?"

Getting the picture, the Servine smiled and nodded, pulling off his Dewott friend's shorts and underwear and throwing them off to the side as he stared at Caboa's aching member. He then proceeded to pull off his own shorts and undies, tossing them as well, which grabbed the Dewott's attention unanimously.

"So…" Caboa began, murring at the sight of their bright red cocks throbbing in the air, "What are you going to do to me?"

"A little of 'zis and a little of 'zat…" Vlad giggled as he surveyed Caboa's exposed rump, spreading and lifting the Dewott's legs to get a better view of the horny water-type's package, "But I do know one 'thing…"

He bent down, nuzzling one of the otter's ears as he giggled incessantly, "I'm going to make you cum like you never have before…"

Caboa gasped at the sudden turn of phrase, surprised at how far out of hand it had gotten in so short a time, but hell, when those teen hormones start raging, what's gonna stop you? Besides, what was he gonna do? Say no? He's been looking for this sort of opportunity for a while now, and there's no way in all hell he's gonna let something like this pass him by. So damn straight: he was gonna have some 'one-on-one time' with Vlad.

"I'm going to have to take you up on that offer…" Caboa replied as he wrapped his paws affectionately around his Servine friend.

"'Vell…" Vlad said as his paws ventured down his water-type friend's sides, "'Zere's only one thing left to do…"

"What is it?" the Dewott asked, his blush intensifying with each second that passed.

"'Zis…" the grass-type uttered almost silently as he leaned forward, closing the small distance between their muzzles as he came in for a kiss. Immediately, Caboa let him in, and met his slick, reptilian tongue with his own as they instantly clashed. This duel lasted mere seconds, the Servine clearly outmatching his inexperienced opponent. Finding his victory, Vlad wasted no time in delving into the Dewott, and exploring him inside. However, at that point, he was too focused to feel Caboa's paw moving down with slyness to grab the prize for which it sought, causing the Servine to moan out into their kiss as the water-type roughly squeezed his jewels.

"Such a naughty boy…" the Servine groaned as the two parted lips, the steam from their arousal already starting to fill the air.

"Oh~?" Caboa asked in an eroticized tone, giving him credit as he placed his paws on Vlad's hips, "You have NO idea!"

"I guess not…" he said, giving a sexy look to his partner as his eyes moved between their legs, "But let's see 'vat 've can do about 'zat…"

"Aye, Aye, Cap'n!" Caboa said as a green vine closed the door with a tender nudge.


"I win!" Philip screamed as he threw several cards into the air and giggled like the squirrely boy he was, "Now cough up the goods, suckahs!"

"I don't remember betting anything…" Terrion commented under his breath, but not so quietly as that the others, excluding Philip due to his victory ranting, could hear.

"Don't worry." Owen said as he pulled one of those Monopoly dollar bills from out of his pocket and handed it to him slyly, "Just give him one of these…"

"Oh, Philip~?" Seth cooed as he waived an actual twenty over his head, "Is this what you want?"

"Heck yes!" he said as he tried to get it from him, only missing by an inch as Seth quickly pulled it out of his reach.

"Nu-uh~!" Seth scolded as he waived it just in front of Philip's face, "You gotta work for it first!"

"Fine…" the little Shinx pouted, eying him rather sourly, "What do you need me to do?"

The junior gave a satisfied grin, whispering into the lynx's ear, and soon causing the electric-type's eyes to widen with surprise.

"N-No!" Philip screamed as he quickly ran away from Seth and hid behind a confused Terrion, "I won't!"

"Awwwwwww~!" Seth pouted as he appeared to be on the brink of tears, "Pleeeeeeeeease~?"

"No!" he squealed from behind the exasperated Treeko, "Those are no-no words!"

"Actually…" the gecko mumbled, "I'm pretty curious… Just what did he say to you?"

Philip promptly ignored him, "I-If I do this… Do you promise I'll get that twenty?"

"Of course…" Seth said in a rather seductive tone, but for all they knew, it was just the way he talked, "Won't you do it?"

"Fine…" the Shinx complied, although with a small tone of fright in his voice. He walked in front Terrion for a second, facing him with a serious face as he said:

"I'm sorry…"

"For what?" he asked, confused by that comment.

Immediately, the Shinx turned around and backed up firmly into the unsuspecting Terrion, pulling his hips onto his rear as the two blushed with fever pitches.

"Terrion! I need you!" Philip screamed, blushing as he pleaded with desperation, "I think I'm in heat… And I don't know if I can control myself anymore!"

"What?" he babbled, confused to no end at the Shinx trying to give him a lap-dance, "What do you mean?"

"I-I need you, Terrion…" Philip whimpered as he moaned softly whilst grinding his hips into Terrion's, "I need you to fuck me… To take me and tame my body like a horny beast! I want you to bounce me on your big, hard, red, juicy cock and paint my insides white with your fresh, warm milk! Please! I need you to satisfy my lust, my thirst, my desires… I need you…"

"Ummm…" Terrion babbled incoherently, unable to think straight as the cock between his legs throbbed against the Shinx's rear.

However, just as suddenly as it started, it ended, and Philip bounced off of the Treeko and made for the dollar in Seth's hand, "How was that?"

"Splendid!" the Squirtle said, unable to contain a blush as he noticed that Kiyo and Owen were unable to suppress their own erections, "I hope you enjoyed the show, Terrion!"

'Not cool…' Terrion thought to himself as his face turned fuchsia with embarrassment, 'Not cool…'

End of Chapter Five

Sorry that this is badly written and very short… It was either this, or no update for a month… Again… Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it, and the rest of the sleepover will be featured in Chapter 6, 7, and 8.