The main caracter Nico Bellic said to his cousin that he would be on a helicopter vacation so his cousin Jim Bellic will take over the business of being a criminal.

"But I can't be a criminal Niko I never do it" said Jim Bellic his cousin.

"I will teach you" said Niko

Niko grabed out his best gun and his sports car and he showed Jim Bellic there true meaning for he had been a long time showing him them.

"Now do you see Jim Bellic?" Niko told Jim Bellic

"Yes I can do it. Thank you my brother, I am glad you will be in a russian hellicopter but first how does this thing work I forget"

"Oh Niko" he said and they lauged

But before his vacation could finish the cops herd them laughing and shot through the window inside the chopper a very mysterious voice was saying "JIM BELLIC AND NIKO THIS IS THE POLICE. CRIMINALS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE CITY YOU MUST [u]GET OUT OF IT![/u]

"Well cousin do you think i made you know the ropes" he nodded and winked with a smirk

"sure thing you taught me everything I know but someday I bet I'll be even better than your bright future"

"That may be cousin, something about fate tells me you have been Chosen" grimly said by Niko in a low voice

"Lets go to the darts board bar"

So they went to a bar had burgers and on the way there they saw a green motorcycle! and but before they could steal it the vacation was over and they had to go home to their house which has their bed in it at night.

"Thank you Jim Bellic I love you. Let me just call my girlfriend on the phonnee- but when he picked up his hesitated celphone it had a bug on it"

"oh gross a bug!" "no Jim Bellic this is a CIA bug. it listens to what we talked about and if we are criminals then it tells us to the police. we better get moving or else but then he was interrupted by the sound of a large BANG and a mysterious man voice said "NOW I HAVE YOU..."