The alarm clock had been going off for about ten minutes but the short blond haired girl was still sleeping, hovering about a foot above her bed, blankets wrapped around her. Boxes littered the girls room and between them, packing peanuts and bubble wrap. Cd's littered shelves, posters hung crookedly on the walls and clothes fit just about everywhere else. Linda Danvers, happily sound asleep, dreaming of whatever 17 year old skateboarding girls dreamed of, didn't care. Her mother did though. Her mother was also very concerned that Linda was going to be late for her first day at her new school.

"Linda!" she shouted, shoving her adopted daughters door open and knocking over a lamp. The sound scared Linda and she woke up, falling back onto her bed and falling right off of it. "You have ten minutes until the bus gets here! Didn't you hear your alarm?" Her mother said sounding panicked.

"Aw, mom…." Linda groaned, climbing back onto her bed. "You know you don't have to worry about me being late. I always get there on time." She closed her eyes but her mother shook her awake. When her daughter was up she started straightening up the room. A faint breeze brushed her back and moved papers but she didn't mind it.

"Linda…up now. We talked about this."

"Yeah yeah yeah I know. No showing off. I don't understand why now. This isn't Metropolis. This is Smallville. Who'd notice?"

Mrs. Danvers turned to look at her daughter who was now dressed, her hair hanging wet infront of her face. She was wearing a grey longsleeve shirt with a blue t-shirt over it and a pair of hip riding wideleg jeans over a pair of scuffed up black Vans.

Mrs. Danvers sighed.

"Well, you can do it at home and around the house to help me out but outside the property or where anyone can see you is forbidden." Mrs. Danvers looked out the window and saw the bus pull away. She gasped and turned to her daughter who was grinning.

"Wow…car is in the shop too. Darn. I have two options. I can either play hookey and miss my first day of school. Or…" She grinned again and her mother sighed.

"Okay! Okay! Fine! Just don't let anyone see you!" Linda bounced on her heals enthusiastically, her lazily done pigtails bouncing on her shoulders as she hugged her mom.

"Thanks mom!" She grabbed her backpack, decorated with buttons and pins of favorite bands like Weezer and Limp Bizkit and was literally a blur as she ran out the door, the wind from her departure kicking up leaves and papers.

"Hey! You forgot your money!" No sooner were the words out of her mouth when Linda appeared back in the kitchen. She grabbed her five off of the counter, kissed her mom again and continued back out of the door, racing through the high grass field towards her new school.