By Globalnet

Authors notes: My grammar is horrible. It is. I have reached that conclusion. Don't kill me for it. The idea for this fanfic came from the alleged "Leaked" storyboard. It is also my first, so i apologize if there are some, stray Out-Of-Character moments. Cannon wise the episode"Too Young" did not occur at all.

Chapter 1 - "The Nostalgia Train"

A train was inbounding Ooo from the faraway land of Zeldurarth. It was holding 25 passengers, each with their own story to tell, but only one had a story worthwhile. A man was looking through window, thinking about the years that had passed."Would you like anything? Mr..." a waiter queried."Call me Finn...and i would like a cup of coffee, please?" the man replied. The waiter nodded and left to fetch him his coffee. "We are inbounding Ooo's country borders." the conductor announced. Finn chuckled when he saw the conductor, it reminded him of a event he had on a train similar to this, 5 years ago. He sighed, clutching his gold-plated pocket watch. "Here's your coffee Mr. Finn" The waiter stated while laying down his coffee. "Are you going somewhere fancy, Mr. Finn?" the waiter asked, "Its just your wearing a suit...". "Oh, yes. I am to appear in front of the Grand Council of Ooo today." Finn replied. "Oh, Well good luck with that sir, and is there anything else i can do for you?" The waiter declared. "Thank you, and no, i am okay for now." Finn replied with a smile, sipping his coffee. "5 years ago..." Finn muttered, he looked out the window. "A lot has changed.."

Finn was deep in thought, as he recalled the events of that night, five years ago. "...The Council has reached a verdict. Finn, you are guilty of 1st degree murder. Normal circumstances would put you on death row, However, since majority of royalty here in Ooo, cares about you. Your sentence has been bumped down to 5 years in banishment. If you are not on a train out-bounding Ooo when the clock strikes 12, you will be destroyed. That is all, the council is adjorned." the Cosmic Owl declared. Finn did not know if he was to feel sad, or relief. He did not deserve the punishment since the Fire Count was terrorizing the breakfast kingdom for far too long. However, killing royalty is illegal according to kingdom law, unless both nations were at war, which they were not.. As the Cosmic Owl departed for the cosmos, the holographic images of the prince and princesses disappeared. "We are sorry, Finn. The Cosmic Owl insisted that you be punished." Slime Princess muttered, as her image disappeared. "What a lumpin' drama bomb! Who will save us now? that st-" Lumpy Space Princess complained as her image disappeared. The last one to disappear was Princess Bubblegum. She was terribly quiet during the entire session, Finn swore he saw her crying."...Finn, we have to go if we are going to get to the last train." Jake replied pointing at the clock, it was 11:00. "I asked Marceline to get your stuff from the tree house, she will meet us at the train station." Jake muttered, Finn can tell he was holding his tears back. "Alright man..." Finn replied, in a worried tone. His mind was blank, he could not imagine life without his best buddy...

...The train's whistle roared, bringing the lonely, well dressed man back to reality. He took a sip of his coffee, and motioned his hand to reach for the pocket watch. It was gold plated, very well designed, the materials used in it was of high quality, but all that did not matter, he received the watch from someone special, he then wondered back into his dream of 5 years ago...As Finn and Jake arrived at the train station, they saw the train docking in, crowds of people were leaving. As this happened, dead silence was between both of them, until a familiar figure formed. "Hey Guys." Marceline said plainly. "Oh hey Marceline.." Finn murmured. "..So does this mean i wont have anyone to strangle pixies with?" Marceline joked as she gives Finn his backpack. "...Yeah i guess so, Marcy" Finn replied as he receives the backpack. "Don't worry Finn, 5 years is like, 5 minutes. It will be over soon, and i expect you to come back here and we can hang out, or something." Marceline stated, faking a smile. "The train is now boarding.." A automated female voice declared. "I guess i have to go the-" "NOOOOOOOOOOO-" Jake interrupted Finn. "DUDE YOU CAN'T LEAVE!" Jake was bursting with tears. "Dont worry bro, i can do this. I will be fine." Finn proclaimed, hugging Jake. "Why not take me with you bro? We can do this together!" Jake stated, with tears still running down. "Then what was the point of banishing me? The Cosmic Owl banished me in order to make me feel horrible about what i have done, and dude, you make everything awesome!" Finn insisted. "Its not fair, dude! that guy was like totally evil! There is no reason for you to be punished." Jake exclaimed. "It may not be right, but we must respect authorities, They have these rules for a reason." Finn replied. "The train will leave in 10 minutes, all passengers who wish to board, should board now." The robotic lady voice announced. "Well, i guess this is farewell then.." Finn said to his friends. "Its only five years, you dork, but until then, Goodbye." Marceline joked. "Farewell bro, Good luck, i will miss you dude!" Jake said, in a calmer manner. Finn grabbed his bag, and was going to board the train... "WAIT!" a distant, familiar voice cried.

Princess Bubblegum was racing towards the train station with Lady Rainicorn. Finn turned as he saw the Princess dismounting from Lady. "Finn, I am sorry i could not do anything to lift your banishment..." PB murmured. "Its OK Peebles, it could have been worse." PB hugged Finn, Finn blushed red. "Finn...I...Thank you for everything.." She whispered, as she let her grip of Finn away. "Here..Have this." PB stated, as she showed him a golden pocket watch. "It belonged to my great grandfather, He was given this watch by my great grandmother, for saving her. Eventually they got married and...I just want you to have it Finn..As a gift, for all those memories."PB stated, "Are you sure? it seems important to your family.." Finn implored after inspecting the watch. "It is...but...your more important to me than that watch..."PB drawled, as she went in and kissed Finn. "Please Come back...Okay Finn?" PB whispered after the emotional kiss. "...Ok, i will Poibles, i promise." Finn promised as he hugged her for the last time. "The Train will be departing in 5 minutes." The annoying robotic lady voice announced. "...i have to go." Finn croaked. " Goodbye everyone" Finn wailed, PB was slowly moving away from him to rejoin Lady. "((GoodBye! We will miss you))" Lady Rainicorn declared, he did not know how to speak her language, but he kinda knew what she meant. He had one last look at everyone before boarding the train. He faked a smile, he promised himself he wont cry, as he slowly boarded the train, he felt tears running down his face. He just hoped for the better. What could happen? He was Finn the human, after all.

Authors Note: Phew, you made it through the first chapter! Some of you are probably interested, so i will update this. But it may take a while, i do not use my computer during weekdays, so updates will be done on weekends! I personally can't wait to see what happens next!