Chapter - 4 Play Time.

The aura of justice and equity was quickly dispersed as the figure entered the hallway. Directly looking at the Cosmic Owl, as if he was her equal, slowly moving forward. Finn was looking at the figure, trying to snap out of the nostalgic trance the figure had casted on the hero. The Cosmic Owl adjusted his gaze, in a attempt to show authority. And then...

Authors Notes: ... there was nothing. For I officially quit. Why? Motivation...Ideas... Among other stuff. It may seem immature to throw in the towel, but. I will be honest. I did not want to quit either, but... Sometimes. You're just going to have to admit defeat to the superior Fan Fics that troll this very website. Maybe someday. something will move me to continue, but till then, Farewell viewers, I'm sorry I wasted your time.

Thanks to the 9 reviews, 1828 people who read this fic, 11 Peps who added it to their favs, and the 18 people who added it to their Story Alert, and everyone else.

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From Mr.72

You mother f***er how can you leave it there, there are like only three people
still uploading Finn x Princess Bubblegum stories and you leave this story
incomplete, I just hate it when people do this. The next story better be a
Finn x Princess Bubblegum or I will jus write one myself.

Thank you for that. If you'd think that such expletative will give me thoughts about returning to this story, then you're as crazy as half the peps here.

and because i'm nice, Yes. The next story is indeed FxPB. It is by far, the most fluffiest one I have written. I would go as far to say that in the romance department, that fic will blow this one away, and half of the other pieces of... Sorry.

To the rest of you, I thank you again for your support.


It's not fair to blame others for my inequities. The real reason why Banished was abandoned was because of how I lost touch with the story (by happenstance, some circumstances could have influenced it, Mr. 72 had written the above after I had announced this story's closure. I apologize if Mr. 72 was humiliated.) and I cannot take this story back up. It's nigh impossible for me to continue with the impact it has created, as a new and different me would write. I no longer see the world as I did 2 years ago. I am saddened that I had lacked the motivation or was too stuborn to continue Banished. It's not fair for anyone really, and in the end it just hurts more than it helps.

This story was to feature Fire Princesss, and now that she is what she is now, the story losses canon and impact it would have. The story arc is also messed up, cluttered with details and side-stories that don't make sense and are far from being original at all. All in all, Banished was to fail and was to be my grand experiment, I have learned a lot since then, and I thank you and everyone else who wrote to me about how they felt about this story. I am ammending this to that final chapter, by the way. Closure is required for me in my part.

Yours truly,

PS: You all inspired me to take Creative Writting as a oppurtine choice for a career. Thank you for that, and perhaps if the Lord allows, I will create something just for you all.