Hello everyone! The wait is over! This is the next installment of the Jedi Tales! *Everybody cheers!* But before we do anymore cheering, today is 9-11 and I am going to dedicate this chapter to all those people.

Okay so let's see the cast line up:

Simba: Obi-wan

Nala: Satine

Kiara: Padme

Rafiki: Yoda

Timon: Rex

Pumbaa: Cody

Zira: Mother Talzin

Kovu: Anakin

Vitani: Ventress

Nuka: Grievous (You will know why I picked him for this part later.*tries not to laugh*)

Zazu: C-3P0

Animals: Human villagers

Lions: Jedi

Outlanders: dark Jedi

I OWN NOTHING! George Lucas owns Star Wars! Disney owns Lion king! All I own is my imagination!

Chapter 1- Presentation of Padme

The sun rose over the Pride lands of the planet of Pattina. All the villagers made their way to the courtyard out in the palace's main balcony. Today was the day of celebration of the birth of Padme, the daughter of King Obi-wan Jinn Kenobi and Queen Satine Kryze Kenobi.

The reason behind Obi-wan's new last name was because when he had ran away 13 years ago and lived with his new security team, Rex and Cody; he had gotten rid of his original last name, because it reminded him too much of his past. But that was so long ago, now he was King, he was married to his best friend (Threepio was right from the start), he was a father, and he restored Pride City to its original glory. He followed his father's rules and laws, and remained loyal to all.

But today wasn't about the past, today was about the future not only for the Jedi, but for Pattina. Master Yoda was standing on the balcony. Obi-wan and Satine came out with Padme and Threepio. The ghost form of Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-wan's father, appeared in the clouds looking down at the celebration.

A gust of wind blew at Yoda and blew by the villagers making them bow down. Satine handed Yoda Padme, and he lifted her up above the crowd. All of the villagers cheered at the sight of their princess. The wind blew Obi-wan and Satine as if an approving gesture from Qui-Gon.

Padme started to struggle in Yoda's force grip. After the crowd cheered and started to leave, Yoda lowered Padme and handed her to Satine. Obi-wan, Satine, Yoda, and Threepio gathered around the young Padme, all adoring the baby. Rex and Cody, who were standing nearby, watched in awe.

"Ah, Cody—look at that little guy. A chip off the old block," Rex said. "And you gotta know who's gonna raise him…"

"His parents?" Cody asked.

"Okay sure, get technical. But who's gonna teach him the really important stuff?" Rex said. "Like how to belch?" Res burped. "And dig for grubs? I'm telling ya, buddy…it's gonna be like old times. You, me…and the little guy."

Yoda chuckled. "A girl, it is."

"Girl," Rex said with a nod.

"Girl!" Rex and Cody both said in shock.

"Oy!" Rx said.

They both feinted to the ground.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's my favorite part!

Okay hope you enjoy it so far because there is more to come.