You seriously thought it was the end! Wow, well it isn't there is one thing left to do. Enjoy this bonus chapter!

Chapter 17- Not over Yet

Sitting in a pair of lawn chairs out in the middle of the outlands, Rex and Cody were feasting on bugs. They looked like they were on vacation wearing sunglasses, swim trunks, a regular t-shirt, and flip-flops.

"Hakuna Matata!" Cody said after slurping down a worm.

"Outlands, shmoutlands," Rex said. He put arms behind his head. "This place is better than Disneyland!"

One bug got away and flew up into the air. It transformed into R2-D2 and he let out a beep and whistle. He flitted from side to side like Tinkerbell in the traditional Disney transition-out sequence.

The TRUE end!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, what up with the Disney reference? Oh wait this is a Disney movie. But hey R2 made his first appearance, because Star Wars is never complete without him.

Well see ya'll later for on other installment in Jedi Tales.