There's Only Love in the Dark

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You know, I was meaning to upload the oneshots first, but I just couldn't help myself, I'm so excited about this one. As you can see it's One Tree Hill and Supernatural crossover, with Dean/Haley/Ruby love triangle. It's going to follow SPN's timelines and storylines and everything, actually, Haley is the only important thing that belongs to OTH. Everything else is gonna be SPN related. There will be 7 chapters, one chapter for one season.

I've never written OTH before and it's very rare I read OTH stories, so I'm not sure about Haley's characterization. I'm trying.

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SEASON 1 - Maybe we'll find better days

The first time he meets Haley James he's just six and she's four, and he's disgusted by girls because they have cooties.

The second time they meet he's 24 and she's 22, and he's very well aware of the fact that she's become an attractive, clever, nice young woman.

"Hi," she greets him after she opens the door and finds him standing on the doorstep.

"Hi," he smiles, although halfheartedly.

"Thanks for the help," she says, referring to the ghost problem in the neighborhood. "It means a lot."

A week ago, Dean and Sam had arrived in Tree Hill with the intention of finding out what's behind the frequent and mysterious murders in the small town. Little did they know that Miss Haley James was already investigating.

Her mother had been a hunter too; she and John used to be friends. (Actually, they were a little more than that, but nor Haley, nor Dean knows that. That's okay, though, it would just make things awkward between them.) They had an ugly row and they never spoke again. John really is an expert at making people angry at him.

Now, 18 years later, Haley and the Winchester boys meet again, however sad the circumstances are. You see, one of Haley's close friends, Brooke Davis, became a victim of the angry ghost too. That's what ultimately set Haley off, that's why she decided to step in and start asking around. And she was clever, inventive, learned some things from her mother, but she wasn't a hunter. That's why the Winchester brothers proved to be useful for her. With what Haley already figured out and the help of the boys, they quickly removed the ghost from the picture. Tree Hill was safe again, life could move on, Sam and Dean could continue to search for their father...


One week is a short period of time. One week is nothing. And it was still enough for Haley and Dean to grow close. He's taken a special interest in her and it seemed like she felt the same way about him.

Not that it matters either way; with the life he's leading they couldn't act on their feelings. They couldn't afford any kind of relationship.

It's a shame.

"It's my job," shrugs Dean.

"Still. Brooke was my friend," she sighs sadly.

He looks down at his feet for a moment, a weird sense of sadness washing over him. He doesn't want to leave Haley behind, he realizes. She's the first girl he actually likes for her personality and not for her body in a really long time. Since Cassie probably.

"I've come to say goodbye," he says, looking back at her. She nods. Of course. She expected this. But...

She's grown really accustomed to Dean despite his arrogance and childish jokes (or maybe that's part of the charm) and she's going to miss him. But she always knew he wouldn't stay and she tried to prepare herself for it.

"So you're leaving?"

"I have to," he smiles regretfully. "Gotta find Dad."

She observes him carefully, noticing how he wants to say something else but he's holding it back. She quickly realizes that if she wants to take their relationship to a next stage, it has to be her who makes the move because he won't.

He takes a deep breath, trying to find the words. "Listen, Haley, I... I'm..." He can't finish his sentence because Haley decides to make that move in that moment by placing her lips on his. He staggers back a little, momentarily stunned by her actions but then quickly decides that this kind of interruption is a good kind of interruption and kisses her back.

Their first kiss is sweet and innocent. That's a first for him.

It lasts only for a minute and when they pull away he instantly feels cold, missing her closeness and the taste of her lips. (She kind of tastes like apple pie. Ironic, huh?) But with the distance between them all the reasons why they shouldn't have done that and why they couldn't be together come back.

"Haley... I'm leaving."

"I know," she nods and she's about to continue but he doesn't let her.

"I like you... and I'm leaving." They shouldn't have kissed, no matter how good it felt. It made his department just that harder.

"I know," she repeats. Her mind was made up right there in that moment. "But I could come with you."

Shock and confusion is written clearly on his face. "What? No..."

"I've been thinking," she begins. "About my life and what I want to do with it. And I think I should follow Mom's footsteps..."


"Killing that ghost, it felt good. I felt like I was doing something great for the world. I want to feel that way again. I want to hunt," she proclaims, determined, resolved.

He's in shock, gawping. She's not serious. She can't be serious, right? There's so many reasons why she shouldn't do this to herself. It's dangerous, it's very dangerous. You don't know whether or not you'll be here tomorrow. And nobody wants to hunt, not really. In the end, everyone just wants a normal life.

"No, you don't."

"Yes," she exclaims. "I do. I want to help people."

"There are a million other ways to do that, Haley," he grumbles angrily. He can't let her do this.

"Yes, but this is what I have to do..."

"You don't have to do anything..."

"You don't understand,-"

"Oh, I do. I do," he cries. "Believe me, I understand. That's why I'm saying this: don't ruin your life," he shakes his head, needing her to understand. "You think you should do this, you feel like you owe something to someone, you feel like you owe your mother, but you don't. And you'll realize this eventually, but then it will be too late. Because once you're in, you can't get out. I'm already in, but had I known it, this isn't the life I would have chosen for myself." He had never said this aloud before. He had thought it, every day he thought it, but he never voiced these thoughts. He worked so hard to make everyone believe he was content, even happy with this lifestyle. He wasn't. It was strange to expose himself like this to someone, it made him feel incredibly vulnerable and he didn't like the feeling, but he couldn't let her make this mistake. He won't let her.

"And here I thought Sam was the brooding one," she jokes, laughing quietly, trying to break the tension. It doesn't work. He's still looking at her solemnly and she sighs, rubbing her temple.

"That's all really moving, Dean, but there's something you haven't thought of. I'm already in. I was always in," she whispers. "And you can't stop me from doing what I want. If you don't let me come with you I'll go on my own. But it would be great if you'd let me come with you," she looks at him pleadingly. He has to look away from her eyes, fearing it would break him. "Let me come with you."

He really doesn't want this. He really shouldn't. She'll regret it, everyone always ends up regretting it, and she'll be no different. But he knows she wasn't kidding when she said she'd go alone and that would be an even bigger mistake. If she was with him, he could take care of her at the very least.

"You're making a mistake, you know," he warns her one last time, hoping it would change her mind. It doesn't. She grins, knowing that this is the closest he'll come to agreeing and pulls him down for another kiss.

He means to object. He means to keep fighting, pull away, refuse her wish and make her see reason, but he doesn't.

It's a mistake, he already knows that.

He just doesn't know how big the mistake really is.

Well, that was it. The beginning.

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