The Power Stone World


Chapter 3 : Furious Fighting

Falcon was the first to strike, or at least attempt to. He had barely looked at the Samurai before delivering a sharp blow to the face... But Ryoma wasn't training to become the Ultimate Warrior for nothing, he'd seen this coming. The cheers from the crowd echoing in the background, while the two warriors had exchanged their first blow. It had begun.

Almost five seconds into the fight, something very extraordinary happened. From the sky, like some sort of giant dragonfly on a crash course, a shining bright light fell into a nearby area of tables and chairs. "It's a Powerstone!" Trace exclaimed, and the two fighters already made their way towards it.

"That thing's MINE!" Falcon roared, after delivering a swift kick to the Samurai's legs, knocking him to the ground, and proceeded to run towards the Stone. Ryoma had other plans. No sooner had Falcon picked up what would be his second Powerstone, he turned round to face an incoming chair, thrown by Ryoma.

"AAAAAARGH!" Came the cry, and the crowd let out a blend of cheering and booing. Falcon's newly aquired Stone flew across the restaurant almost perfectly into Ryoma's hands. The Samurai was ready now, and charged towards the young, blond haired pilot with terrific speeds, sword raised. He swiped with his katana... And missed.

"What the?!"

BAM!! Came the sound of Ryoma's face meeting with Falcon's incredibly swift counter attack. In his rather dazed state, Ryoma was then the reciever of a fury of Falcon's multiple kick and punch attacks, finished off with another sharp blow to the head. Ryoma was down, but not out.

He had kept the Powerstones with him, despite his rather foolish move of walking into Falcon's attack. Falcon took a chance to throw whatever he could find at the Samurai... The nearest thing being a wooden bench. What didn't enter Falcon's mind was that, when you have a Sword, such things as wood are rather ineffective. Ryoma's katana sliced the wood as it were butter, and the Samurai had an additional surprise in store... He was standing right next to a third Powerstone... The one that would make him transform. Falcon gazed at it, then shouted...


Ryoma was halfway to picking up his third stone with a grin on his face, when he heard Falcon's rather cryptic warning. Before he could react, a figure had leapt from the crowd and swiftly slammed an iron pipe into Ryoma's chest, taking him to the ground and dropping both his Powerstones. The figure stood and laughed, over the cry of the crowd now louder than ever. Trace elbowed people from his view to get a good look at the new challenger, rather disappointed Ryoma had fallen. Falcon had been correct, it was Jack.

"Damn it Jack!" Falcon shouted, rather furious at the strange, mummified creature who had just ruined his great fight. But there was something further to be worried about. Falcon knew it, the crowds knew it, and Trace knew it.

Jack had three Powerstones.

Of all the transformations Trace wanted to witness, Jack's hadn't been the top of his list. However, the blinding light and the enourmous, clawed creature that emerged where Jack had previously stood was a sight that made every man, woman and child take a few steps back from the fight scene... Now almost silent, the whole street silent save the mad cackle of Jack, and the odd groan from Ryoma. Falcon was in trouble. But there would be salvation in but a few seconds.

"Falcon! On the roof! Two Powerstones!" Trace found himself shouting, completely entranced in the battle. "Thanks!" was the reply from a rather flustered Falcon, as he turned and ran from Jack to climb up onto the canvas. He was incredibly quick at using the table and nearby lampost to get himself elevation, but Jack had already seen what Falcon was after.

"ROUND SLASH!" Jack cried, and one of his 'Arms' stretched to the rooftop canvas, and began to tear away. Falcon found the unstable ground around him begin to tear and fall away, with Jack's bladed hands slicing it faster than he could think. But the Stones, glittering Stones that would give him success were but feet away from him.

"MISERY RAIN!" And Falcon knew what was coming, he would have to act fast - Very fast - If he was to evade Jack's powerful attack. He took a chance, silencing the crowds around him, freezing the fight completely, and leapt.

He found himself screaming, and with good reason. He had landed on two of the Powerstones, completing his set of three. The match was even now.

Jack's Misery Rain was successful only in taking out the entire remnents of the canvas above the restaurant. The place was in ruins, but the crowds didn't care. Jack's transformation ended, his Stones flying away from him, while Falcon's transformation had only began. The look of despair on Jack's face said it all.

"Nooooooooooooooooo..." He moaned. "Lovely... LOVELY... STONE... Mine! MINE!" He raised his glove to Falcon, and pointed. "YOU! My Stone... My LOVELY Stone... GIVE me... Mine..."

Falcon wasn't listening. Nor was Ryoma, who had now recovered to his feet, and assembled the two Powerstones Jack had lost, thus transforming himself. The glittering, silver Samurai armour stood firm against the cheering crowds who had bet on him. Jack saw he was now 2 against 1, and in the blink of an eye, leapt from the scene across the Londo rooftops. He would be back, Trace thought.

"What is with that guy?" Falcon wandered, but quickly changed his attention to the Samurai. "Good to see you're back and lookin' a lot better, let's FINISH THIS!"

"My pleasure!" Ryoma replied, and the battle had truely begun. A fury of explosions, engine fuel, lightning and shouting had now engulfed what little was left of the restaurant. The crowds stood far back from the battle now, as Falcon let off Rocket after Rocket that seeked towards the Samurai, who dismissed them with a spray of golden energy... It seemed like an even match. One mistake would win this battle. One mistake alone.

It was Falcon's mistake.

He had performed his Power Rocket move, and charged with incredibly speed towards the Samurai. But only passed right into Ryoma's blade, outstretched and ready to strike at the exact moment of impact. It did, slicing the pilot's armour and knocking him back into a nearby wall, taking most of it down. The Powerstones flew from Falcon's grasp, and with what little energy he had left, raised his hand to concede.


Londo's cheering could be heard from even the furthest coast of Sun Land. Money changed hands as the crowds dispersed. Sunset had fallen to night. Ryoma stood face to face with Falcon.

"Impressive" Ryoma noted, "But you lack a clear mind."

"You're not so bad yourself." Falcon chirped, thankfully not too bitter about the defeat. "But your hair's a joke."

Ryoma grumbled, but it was no matter. This had been a worthwhile training excercise. Trace saw it as nothing but one of the best battles he'd ever seen, and congratulated the Samurai on his victory, hinted to Falcon something about finding sombody called Rouge before Ryoma does, and then the three parted.

"So." Ryoma began. "Where will you go now?"

Trace thought for a while, and pulled a bag of cash he had recently recieved. "Thanks to your victory, I've enough money to travel somewhere... And I reckon there's only one thing to look for in this world."

"You're going after the Legendary Power Stone?"

"Yep." Trace nodded. "I already know the location, it's just the case of getting there and then surviving a battle with whoever else is after it... Like Kraken."

Ryoma stopped, thinking. "Then I hope today has been a good lesson for you, and I wish you well in your quest, Trace." He paused, pulled something from his pocket. "And here, take this!"

The yellow gem shined, illuminating the whole street from the night. "Your Powerstone? Are you nuts?"

"It makes the battles far too easy... If I am to train to become a real warrior, I must train without its help. I have relied on it for too long!"

Trace simply stared for a while. Questioning exactly what it was he was getting himself into. But on the other hand, it sounded like being the coolest thing ever - To own your own Powerstone. He took it, felt himself change slightly, the cold winds of Londo no longer there. "Thanks."

"By the way, you don't happen to know of any other Powerstone warriors do you?"

"I suggest you try and track down a man named Gunrock." Trace suggested. "In fact... I'll give you a list..."

On that, the Samurai disappeared down the street into the night. Trace made his way to the dock, spotting a rather impressive cruise ship just pulling into the dock. "My luck." He thought, and counted his new found fortune. "The question is... Where to go first?". He examined the yellow Powerstone that would now be forever his, to use in a battle like the one he had seen tonight. The possibilities were endless, and the choice was his.

Tong-Ang it was. He would track down Wang Tang first. Not that he was the easiest, but he knew there was a Dojo for training in Tong-Ang, and if there was one thing Trace needed, some training in the art of Powerstone combat was it.

He smiled, and walked down the pier towards the ticket booth.