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Ellie's POV

"Ellie! Can you come down here please!" I heard my mom shout from downstairs. I shut my laptop lid, not wanting to risk my little brother sneaking into my room and reading my short stories, and headed downstairs.

"Uh oh, someone's in trouble." I heard a bratty voice say before Theo's obnoxious laughter filled my ears.

"Shut up bug!" I shouted at him, turning around to face my nine year old brother. He only sneered at me. I glared back before turning and heading down the stairs. When I found my mom she was in the kitchen, stirring something in a bowl. It smelled like…chicken soup? Mom only made chicken soup if we were either ill or it was a special occasion, it was my favourite. I cleared my throat, alerting her to my attention. She turned around and gave me a weird smile.

"Hello dear." she started, coming towards me. I backed up slightly.

"What's going on mom?" I asked her, wondering where all this special attention was coming from. My mom wasn't really the touchy feely type, which I didn't mind because neither was I. Mom knew I wasn't buying whatever act she was putting on.

"You're to much of my daughter to take any nice guy crappy act aren't you?" she said, patting my arm before going back to her soup.

"Yeah. So what's the occasion?" I asked, coming to stand next to her while she stirred the soup.

She moved away and I took over, adding the necessary spices she always forgot.

"Well, my boss is asking me to see if I can relocate my job to a small place in Canada and I have to fly out there for a few weeks to check it out." she said. My eyes widened. We're moving to Canada?

"But mom, what about my friends? My school? My life?" I asked, walking away from the soup to stand in front of her.

"You'll start a new life in Canada. I hear the people there are very nice." she tried to reason.

"But they can't replace my friends." I said back.

"Well what about that Sean Anderson boy? His mother said they should be moving near us around the same time." I grit my teeth.

"Sean Anderson is not my friend." I stated in a steely voice. We had never been friends, despite being in the same class since third grade. We just never got along. Well that could possibly be my fault considering that my friends insisted that I had a crush on him so I proved them wrong by pouring paint down his pants. He retaliated by shoving the class hamster, tinkles, down my shirt and we've been enemies ever since.

My mom gave me a sympathetic look.

"Well that's to bad because you will be staying with him and his uncle in Boston while Theo and I go with his mother to check out our new neighbourhood." she said, quickly running over to the soup before it burned. I was speechless, trying to think of anything to say that could change her mind. "And it's none negotiable. Just try to get along until we get back." she said, not even bothering to turn around. I glared at her back before running up the stairs of our two story apartment and into my room, slamming my door behind me. I stared at my room. Although it was a small piece of crap for a room, I had grown to love it. It even had its own fire escape that I could stand on and watch the stars. The only problem, the steps lead right up to Sean's apartment, which was right above ours. He would always play his music really loud just to annoy me. As if on cue to keep my worst night going, Sean's head popped through my open window.

"Hey! Crawford!" he barked. I sneered at him in response. "I just heard that you're goanna be staying with me and my uncle!" I nodded, keeping my sneer in place.

"Yeah. I'm as happy about it as you are." I grunted sarcastically. He glared back at me.

"Considering that I don't want to see my uncle that much either I was hoping there was somewhere else you could stay." he asked, leaning on my window.

"Sorry but my mom said it was final. Why are you so bummed about seeing your uncle? It's about time you got a male authority figure in your life to keep you in check." I snapped back, wishing he would just leave. I received a glare so harsh I flinched back.

"Don't go there Crawford." he spat before turning and heading out the window. "We leave on Saturday." he shouted behind him as he climbed back up to his room. I sighed as I slumped onto my bed. As much as I hate to admit it, that was a low blow to Sean. I knew very well that he had no dad. I also knew he cried about it sometimes at night. I don't think he realised how thin the floors were. I couldn't try to understand what it felt like to be dad-less. I had a dad but he was away at the moment. He should be back when I return from Boston. He was the greatest dad in the world, funny, caring, loving and he had a good job as a music promoter, which was why he is away right now in L.A.

When sleep failed to claim me I stood up and reactivated my laptop. I reopened the page I had been writing on and clicked on new page.

Dear Journal (Diary's are for girly girls)

Today I found out that my family is moving to Canada. Know what that means? Dads goanna have Theo set on becoming a Hockey star. Joy. Me on the other hand am goanna have pretty much no one to talk to except (shudder) Sean Anderson. The bane of my existence and general pain in my ass. We're goanna be living in the same neighbourhood and going to the same school. We'll be roped in together as the two new kids who must be friends since they moved from the same place.

Great, just great. Being sixteen sucks. Well I guess I'm going to have to get used to Sean and his whiney ass attitude. I suppose the best thing to do would be to apologise to him and see if we could be friends. Hell no! where's the fun in that? All I know journal is that the next couple of weeks are going to royally suck!

Sean elbowed my knee for the sixth time that hour. We were sitting in his car, his mom driving, him in the front seat and me in the back behind him. As usual he was being a jerk, obnoxiously playing his PSP while his mom tried to talk to him and he just ignored her. He kept elbowing me then claiming it was just him getting too into his game. Bull shit! He's to crap to get to far enough into a game to use that excuse.

"So Elizabeth, are you excited about moving to Canada?" Mrs Anderson asked me, looking at me through the rear view mirror. Not wanting to seem in-polite, I lied.

"Yeah, I can't wait." I said in an unenthusiastic sigh. I heard Sean snort and saw him smirk at me through his side view mirror. I responded by kicking his seat.

"Aww man! Why'd you don that? I was about to win!" he yelled at me, turning in his seat. I smirked at him.

"Sorry, I was getting really into this story idea I was thinking about." I said in a smug tone. Sean glared at me, knowing that his mom knew that I liked to write so it was a valid excuse.

"Bitch." he mumbled under his breath. I kicked his seat again and he turned around again. "Do that one more time…" he threatened, leaning forwards. I smirked again, leaned forwards and flicked him between the eyes. "That's it!" he yelled, taking off his seatbelt and leaping into the back seat. My eyes widened as he pinned me against the back seat, not expecting that. I fought back of course, swatting at him multiple times.

His mom slammed on the breaks, causing him to fly back, bounce off the front seat and fall flat out onto me. I blushed deeply as his eyes locked on mine, his nose banging against mine painfully.

"We're here now stop fighting!" his mom demanded. Sean was blushing furiously as he scrabbled off me, pretty much falling out the car as he scrambled out the door. I just sat up, laughing as he ran round the car to grab his bag. I climbed out the car, looking up at the large building. I noticed a man on the first floor through a large window, running around with plates in his arms. I was about to ask if he was Trevor Anderson, but was cut off by my bag being thrown into my face by an angry Sean.

"Nice catch." he snickered as he walked up to the front door. I could tell already that this 'vacation' was going to suck.

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