Here's the last chapter. It's a little long but I wanted to end it in Ellie's POV


Ellie's POV

Sean kissed me! He kissed me. It was definitely the pick me up I needed after waking up on a beach, all alone with my arm reopened. I'm so glad Sean was there to catch me when I got to the other side. Although undoubtedly one of the most idiotic things I had ever heard, paddling was the right way to go. We were walking again, following the brilliantly named Tweeters as he lead us out of the tunnels and into a huge wasteland.

"Trevor?" Sean shouted.

"Hannah?" I called. We walked for what felt like hours but was really only twenty minutes, crossing the wasteland. Sean was still calling for his uncle but my strength was fading quickly. We stopped, standing on a small hill. Sean took that time to stop, wiping his forehead then checking his compass. I looked over his shoulder to see that we were heading south. According to Sean that meant we were heading north but I was to tired to care.

"Come on, we need to keep going." Sean panted, jumping down from the hill before turning to help my down. I jumped into his arms, knowing he would catch me. As I steadied myself I noticed that Sean wasn't looking at me, but at something over my shoulder. I turned to see a whole T-Rex head buried in the sand. I jumped in freight, Sean's arms gripping me tighter.

"Jesus Christ!" I cried. I felt Sean nod.

"I really wish I'd read that book." he mumbled, more to himself then me. I turned to look at him.

"You haven't even read the book?" I yelled. Sean blushed.

"I read half of it." he offered. I just rolled my eyes before wrapping my arms around his neck.

"It's a good thing you're cute." I mumbled before giving him a soft kiss. He grinned as I pulled away.

"I'm already loving the new you." he laughed. The new me?

"What was wrong with the old me?" I asked him seriously. His face flushed.

"N-Nothing. I-I was just saying-" I didn't want to hear it. Boys were all the same…only interested in one thing.

"Forget it Sean! Lets just get home!" I snapped, pulling myself away from him…no matter how much it hurt. His face fell, his mouth hanging open. As I began to stomp off I froze when I heard a growl. I slowly turned to see Sean looking around. He quickly ran at me, taking my hand and leading me behind some rocks.

"Come on we need to hide!" he said desperately, pulling me against him. I pulled myself away.

"Don't touch me!" I snapped. He looked sorry, but quickly covered it up with anger. The growling started up again and I pressed myself against the rock. Sean was still looking around, jumping whenever the ground shook. I was scared but I wasn't going to show it. Slowly, Sean peeked around the side. I did the same on my side, seeing nothing. Just as I was starting to relax a glob of god knows what splattered on the floor in front of us.

Sean and I shared a look before we both looked up. Standing above us, towering over the rocks, was a fully grown, teeth barred T-Rex. Sean looked like he was going to have a heart attack as another bucket load of slobber dropped onto his face. No way in hell am I kissing that now. He wiped his face in a quick swipe. The T-Rex roared again before slamming its head down. I just managed to pull Sean away before he became a human happy meal. We started running, sprinting away from the beast and towards a large group of caves.

The T-Rex followed, smashing right through a arch of solid rock. I cried out as a rock struck my leg, causing me to stumble. Sean instantly grabbed me, pulling up and pushed me ahead of him. We reached a cave and he pushed me through the small opening, diving in after me. We scrambled to the back, Sean placing himself between me and the T-Rex. The T-Rex peeked in, staring at us with one eye before smashing a hole in the cave wall big enough to fit his nose in. Sean and I started screaming, letting all the fear loose as the T-Rex's face came within centimetres of Sean. We were goanna die. We were goanna die and I never got to tell Sean I love him.

Sean turned to look at me, seeming to forget about the monster trying to eat us.

"Ellie I'm so sorry for implying that I didn't like you before I revealed that I wanted to be your boyfriend." he was apologising for something that I overreacted about? He was to perfect. "Do you remember when I told you I wanted to tell you something when we got home?" I nodded. He took my hands in his, stroking the backs of them with his thumbs. "I love you. I've always loved you, ever since we were thirteen. If we're going to die now then I at least wanted you to know." he confessed. I felt my eyes water. I took his face in my hands.

"I love you to Sean…even when you act like a complete idiot. I'm so sorry that I acted so rudely to something you meant as a compliment." I said with a smile before placing my lips on his in a sweet kiss. He returned it, gripping me around my waist tightly. We broke apart as the T-Rex pushed its head further into our cave. Sean pulled me closer to him, stroking my head with a shaky hand as he whispered that he loved over and over in my ear.

"Sean? Ellie?" A muffled voice shouted over our screams. Our heads snapped up together and we turned to the cave wall.

"Trevor!" Sean shouted. I could hear a banging sound and the wall was shaking. Was he trying to break through solid rock? A second later a hole was smashed into the wall by a stick wielding maniac. I'll take that as a yes. Sean was grabbed first but he pushed me forwards.

"Take Ellie first!" he shouted, taking Trevor's hand off his arm and placing it on mine. Trevor tugged me through then immediately pulled Sean through. Sean tumbled through into me. I gripped him tightly, he holding onto me for dear life.

"Boy am I glad to see you two." Trevor panted. We both nodded at him.

"Yeah…you too." Sean panted.

"Are you guys alright?" Trevor asked. We both nodded. Another roar sounded from behind Trevor, who jumped. "Maybe we should go." he suggested and we nodded again. As we all haled ourselves to our feet Sean stopped.

"Wait! Is that the geyser?" Sean asked. Trevor nodded, looking distressed.

"Yeah that's where we're going!" a deafening crash sounded behind us as the T-Rex smashed through the caves. We all screamed as we bolted towards the geyser, the T-Rex's footsteps thundering behind us.

"What is that?" Trevor yelled. Hasn't he ever seen a freaking dinosaur before?

"Haven't you ever seen a dinosaur before?" Sean shouted to his uncle. Thank you Sean.

"Not one with skin on it!" Trevor shouted back. He had a point there. I snuck a glance behind us to see the T-Rex gaining on us.

"He's to fast guys, we're not goanna make it." I shouted. Trevor looked over at me but his eyes travelled further. Suddenly he darted away from us, heading over to where he was looking.

"Trevor what are you doing?" Sean shouted after him.

"That's muscovite it's the same kind from the cave before!" he explained. Trevor you're a genius!

"There's no way it's goanna hold you!" Trevor you're dead.

"It can't hold him either! You guys keep running!" he was risking his life for us. Sean gave me a panicked look. He had just got his uncle back he couldn't loose him, not after loosing his father-it could kill him.

"Trevor no!" his voice was covered by a loud cracking noise as the T-Rex stepped onto the muscovite. Nothing happened, the T-Rex just continued to gain on Trevor

"It's not working Trevor!" I yelled at him.

"Keep running!" he ordered.

"It's gaining on you Trevor." Sean warned.

"I know just keep running!" he screamed at us. I grabbed Sean's hand, squeezing it tightly. Suddenly one of the loudest cracking noises I ever heard sounded as the T-Rex's foot smashed through the floor.

"Trevor it's working!" Sean shouted, switching his tone. Everything was going great, until Sean and I both realised at the same time that the muscovite was also breaking under Trevor.

"Run Trevor!" I shouted as a huge cracking sounded and Trevor and the dinosaur, along with the floor, disappeared.

"No!" cried Sean, heading over to the gap. I followed, watching for any more muscovite. We reached the edge and Sean collapsed to his knees, looking over the edge.

"Trevor!" he shouted. He was met with grunting as two hands gripped the edge.

"I just remembered something." he grunted, pulling himself up higher. "I hate field work!"

Sean laughed as he pulled his uncle up onto the ground.

"That was amazing, and the ground…and the T-Rex. Then you were." Sean blabbered. I laughed as Trevor took it all in.

"Yeah…really lucky." he grunted, stretching slightly. I smiled, walking over to him and wrapping my arms around his waist in a hug.

"You did great Trevor." I mumbled into his chest. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders, hugging me tiredly.

"Ok come on." he gasped tiredly. We nodded and headed off towards the geyser. We ran through the caves, feeling the heat intensify as we reached the river.

"How are we going to get to the geyser? The waters boiling." Sean asked, my hand held in his.

"I don't know, we need something that floats." Trevor mumbled, wiping his face. The heat was almost unbearable, my eyes stinging with tears. Sean rubbed the back of my hand with his thumb. Just as we were starting to realise our luck had run out, a shape floated down through the steam, a shape in the form of the top half of a familiar T-Rex head. And the one steering it was my favourite blonde European tour guide…Hannah.

"Who had dibs again?" she asked. Trevor and Sean both pointed at each other. I raised an eyebrow at Sean, who blushed sheepishly before wrapping an arm around my waist. I smirked at him before pointing at Trevor. Hannah chuckled as she pulled the skull closer.

"She's the best mountain guide on the planet." I said as I jumped into the skull. Hannah smiled at me, drawing me into a hug.

"And you're the best client I've ever had." I smiled as I hugged her back. We separated and Hannah looked over my head to Trevor.

"You didn't really think you could scare me away did you?" she asked and Trevor smiled sheepishly. I snuck away over to Sean, leaning against him. "You'll have to try harder then that." she finished with a chuckle as she rowed. "You know I'm still billing you right?" Hannah quipped.

"Can I open a tab?" Trevor joked. I would have laughed if I hadn't felt a jolt knock the boat to the side.

"What was that?" Sean asked, wrapping a secure arm around me. Trevor took a small flashlight and shined it on the river.

"It's the river bed." he said and the boat rocked some more. "You might want to hold on." he advised. Sean lowered us into a sitting position, keeping me pressed against him. The boat rocked more, throwing us about until it flew from the river bed and flew down into a large pit. I screamed and Sean held me tighter, slipping an arm around my shoulders to cradle my head. The skull came to a sudden halt, causing me to hit my head on Sean's outstretched arm. We all groaned as we sat up. Sean stood up to look over the edge.

"What's that light down there?" Sean asked. I joined him, as did Trevor.

"That's lava, well magma and it's rising." he declared, sounding grim.

"Shouldn't there be water or steam or something?" Sean asked frantically.

"We're to late for the geyser, we missed it." Trevor said. Sean looked even more frantic, gripping my hand tightly.

"What do we do Trevor?"

"Do you have any suggestions professor?" Hannah asked. Trevor ran his hands through his hair in frustration.

"Look without water there's no steam and without steam there's no geyser and it looks like there hasn't been any water for about two or three hours now." Trevor yelled. Sean still looked determined.

"But the walls are still wet!"

"That's impossible it's a hundred and thirty degrees down here." Trevor argued. I looked at the wall and saw that Sean was right.

"Will you stop being so negative and look at the damn wall!" I shouted at Trevor, who's eyes widened. Sean smiled down at me.

"I have never loved you more." he said with a grin. I grinned back, leaning up to kiss him.

"It is wet. And cold." Trevor said, hitting the wall. "There's water behind here, maybe in a pocket or something." as Trevor continued I sneaked another look over the edge to see the lava had gotten closer.

"Guys it's getting closer." I warned. Trevor leaned down over the edge of the skull, brushing his fingers against some white stuff on the wall.

"Hey, magnesium." the skull jolted and I stumbled over to the side. Sean grabbed my arm, pulling me away from the edge.

"Guy's we're slipping." Sean warned.

"Flare." Trevor demanded and I handed him one.

"What are you going to do?" I asked as he took it.

"I'm goanna light the magnesium, and this time on purpose." he answered, lighting the flare and pressing it against the wall. All that happened was the flare simmering out.

"Damn! It's to wet. Give me another." he demanded. Ok Mr bossy here's your flare. I handed him another and he leaned further over the edge. "Grab my legs." he said and we all grabbed a part of his legs and lowered him further down. Once again, the wall was to wet and the flare simmered out. Sean and I pulled Trevor up as Hannah grabbed some rope.

"You're goanna have to tie me off I've gotta get down lower." he sounded scared. Sean looked back over the edge.

"Trevor I-it's getting closer." he said fearfully. I grabbed his hand again, pressing the flare into it.

"It's goanna be ok Sean. We'll get out of here and then have that date you promised." I said comfortingly.

"Date? What date?" Trevor asked loudly as Hannah finished tying him to the T-Rex skull. I blushed as Sean cleared his throat, stepping away from me to light the flare.

"It's the last one." he said gravely as he handed it to Trevor. He all held our breath as Trevor leaned over the side, Hannah feeding him rope. Slowly Trevor was lowered towards the rapidly rising lava. The skull jolted again, causing me to scrape m side against the skull. I ignored the pain, to focused on getting out alive.

Once he reached a good level he pressed the flare against the wall. Sean was watching his uncle carefully, gripping the edge until his knuckles turned white. When nothing happened I saw Trevor looking to the other side.

"It's still wet down here I'm goanna have to throw it to the other side." he's going to do what? Before I could object to his idea he threw the flare. I held my breath as it flew across the gap and hit the other side. A spark flared up in the wall and I felt my hope rise. He gripped Sean's hand tightly, but the spark flickered out taking my hope with it.

"NO!" Trevor cried. I sighed in defeat, leaning on Sean.

"It's over. We're going to die." I mumbled, feeling my tears slide down my cheeks. Sean wrapped an arm around me.

"I love you Ellie." he chocked into my hair. I would have kissed him, if it hadn't been for an explosion and Trevor screaming. I turned to see the magnesium alight and growing, blowing a hole in the wall.

"Pull me up! Pull me up!" Trevor shouted as water spewed from the hole. We pulled as quick as we could, getting him up as the water hit the lava. "Watch the teeth! Watch the teeth!" he cried as we pulled him over. As soon as he was over he pushed us to the floor. "Get down it's goanna blow." we all hit the floor, me curling into Sean's side while he wrapped an arm around me. The steam hit the bottom of the skull and we, along with the skull, were thrown upwards.

Rocketing upwards at over a hundred miles per hour is not as much fun as I thought it would be.

"This thing's heating up!" Sean cried. I realised that it was, but most of my body was resting on Sean's.

"I know! Hang on!" Trevor cried, protecting Sean and Hannah's heads with his arms.

"Trust me I'm hanging on!" Hannah shouted back. We kept going for a few more seconds before a blue dot appeared ahead of us.

"Is that sky?" I asked. Sean gasped, pulling me closer. Within three seconds we were out, fresh air filling my senses. I let out a relieved sigh.

"I love thiiiiiisssssss!" I screamed as we started falling again.

"Hang on everybody!" Trevor shouted.

"Shut up!" I shouted at him as Hannah shouted.

"Stop saying that!"

"It just keeps coming up!" Trevor defended. I would have answered but the skull smashing into the ground took the breath from my lungs. I tried sitting up, only to be hit in the face by a load of berries. I turned to see Hannah getting hit with some to and Trevor was laughing at her, only to be hit with some himself. Sean laughed at him before turning to me, laughing all the harder. I sneered at him before chucking a handful of berries at him, splattering them all over his face and chest. He gave me a humours smile before his eyes widened.

He grabbed my head and pulled it down, tucking it safely into his chest. I heard a loud smash as the skull came to a halt, a few pieces of rubble raining down on my head. I carefully uncurled myself from Sean.

"Thanks." I mumbled smiling at him. He looked like he was going to answer, but was interrupted by Trevor.

"Hey it's mount Vesuvius. Sean, Ellie if your mothers ask what we did this weekend, uncle Trevor took you to Italy." he said, pointing a finger at us. We both nodded. I jumped again as a man ran around the corner, babbling useless Italian while staring at us. I turned to see him pointing at a wreaked trail we had torn down his mountain. Sean perked up, looking like he had an idea. Quickly he reached into his bag and pulled out a shiny rock. My eyes widened as he hopped out of the skull and over to the man. I followed him.

"Sean?" his uncle asked, holding up a bag full of diamonds, emeralds and rubies. I quickly felt my chest, sighing in relief as I felt Sean's crystal was still safely around my neck.

"What, so I took a few geological samples." he defended. I raised an eyebrow.

"A few geological samples?" he chuckled, smiling.

"Ok so a few pounds of geological samples but what do you expect I'm a scientists son." he answered. I smiled, letting him wrap an arm around my waist as he turned back to the Italian man. "Uh…you take this. Take this." he said in a really bad Italian accent. The mans eyes widened as he took the crystal.

"You want…slide again?" he asked and I laughed. Suddenly his eyes widened and he made an oh sound. Me and Sean both turned to see Trevor and Hannah in the middle of a passionate kiss. I smirked as I turned to Sean, grabbing his neck and pulling his face closer to mine.

"How about we follow their example?" I asked with a sly smile. He grinned as he pressed his lips to mine.

"Mm, berries." he mumbled against my lips.

I sighed as I exited Trevor's apartment, Sean's hand holding mine. We were getting ready to go to the airport, finally heading to Canada. I was still wearing Sean's crystal around my neck, the shoelace replaced by a smooth black cord. Everyday Sean would look for it, kiss me then tell me I looked beautiful.

"So tomorrow you guys are going to be Canadians?" Hannah asked. Oh I forgot to mention that Hannah moved down from Iceland to be with Trevor. We had exchanged numbers and e-mail addresses and were hoping to keep in touch.

"Yep." Sean answered as Trevor started singing the Canadian national anthem. I laughed, burying my face in Sean's shoulder.

"I'd say that was a lot of male…" I raised an eyebrow at Trevor. "…and female bonding packed into a very short amount of time. How about we take a couple weeks next time?" my face lit up as I kneeled down next to Sean as he started fiddling with his new backpack.

"A couple weeks?" I asked.

"Yeah, what are you guys doing over Christmas break?" he asked.

"Probably freezing our butts off." I answered and Sean laughed.

"We're free." he answered simply. Trevor grinned.

"I found this in your dads stuff." he said, handing Sean a book. I looked over his shoulder to see the word Atlantis on the cover.

"The lost city of Atlantis?" Sean mumbled, opening the first couple pages. He quickly shut the book, handing it to me as he got out an energy bar, crushed it up and emptied into a pocket in his bag. I heard a familiar tweeting sound and smiled.

"Sean, Ellie, what is that?" Trevor asked. I smirked.

"Our new pet." I answered as Tweeters hopped out the pocket.

"Do you think our moms will let us keep him?" Sean asked. As Trevor stammered for an answer Tweeters fluttered up into the sky, coming to land on my outstretched finger.

"Who cares, you're ours." I mumbled, stroking his back.

"Yeah." Sean agreed, slipping behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist and placing his chin on my shoulder. "I love you." he mumbled into my neck.

"I love you to." I said back, kissing the tip of his nose.

I smiled, turning my head to give him a quick kiss. I never thought a trip to the centre of the earth would turn out to be the best vacation ever.

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