E/N: First EVER Scent of a Woman fan fiction. I hope it turns out as great as I see it in my head. I really fell in love with that movie like many years ago and still am in love with it. Great actors and great everything! Also I am a big fan of Al Pacino 3

Introduction: Scent of a Woman


Hotel room located in downtown New York,

The fairly large room was silent. It was terribly quiet the slightest scamper of a mouse could be heard from all the way in the other room even on the lovely carpeted floor.

Charlie was half asleep sprawled, unfortunately uncomfortable across the couch and all he could hear was his very own heavy breathing after waking up from a crazy dream that made no sense to him at all after realizing what happened.

He stretched his aching muscles before trying to drift back to sleep but that was barely possible when his mind wouldn't even give up.

"Uh…"Charlie let out his most pathetic sigh before breaking his comfort zone and stepping out onto the floor with his socked feet, and a semi-smile on his lips.


Charlie walked into the bathroom totally unaware of what was going on, and was scared to death after he found Colonel Slade sitting beside the toilet that nobody really deserved to sit next to, unless their stomach was giving them hell and Slade looked like hell.

"Colonel, are you okay?" Charlie choked and had bent down to the elder man's size assisting him as best he could to his feet. Slade didn't move his head. It constantly pointed downwards and long strands of his hair recently fell too when that happened. He didn't say a word, but his mouth hung slightly open as if he was about to.

"Yes Charlie I am terrific, just put me down." Cocky Slade spoke to the boy totally sarcastically that kind of caught Char off guard and he jerked a few times before Charlie actually let him go in the middle of the hotel room. Charlie breathed in deeply and back out his nose, thinking to himself. "I'm-I'm sorry Colonel, why were you sitting in the bathroom?" the youngest asked again, hoping this question he seemed to repeat never moved from his mind, until he got the answer.

Not another word was spoken, just a loud hardy laugh coming from Colonel Slade.

"Hah, Charlie, you must be one of those nosey ones." Colonel Slade helped himself stand straight and somewhat erect, eyes moving around the room as if they could already see but what he was searching for was Charlie's arm to grab a hold of.

Charlie watched Slade's actions and walked towards him, giving him his arm. He smiled with a cough afterwards after feeling Slade clutch onto him not securely but close enough.

"No Colonel, I am just here to make sure your safe." The kid told him and that smile quickly faded.


E/N: Just an introduction which means it doesn't have to make a lot of sense XD