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Scent of a Woman


Chapter Six: Disgust and Pain

Charlie told him that night; that cold Friday night; Colonel didn't talk to him for the rest of the night and that made the boy feel much worse about what he said.

Why did he do that, how could he. Now Slade was surely going to kick his ass out that just depends on where his foot hits first. Charlie went out, leaving Slade tucked inside the warming atmosphere of his house, waving at the oncoming taxi just down the street.

The overcoat he was wearing wasn't very comfortable and warm but it was all he had at the moment. He felt terrible and his chest ached in the most painful indescribable way. He just couldn't stand to be in his own shoes right now. As soon as the taxi drove up to the curb, Charlie didn't bother to look back at the house. He opened the door, stepped inside, and was off.


Driving through the city astonished Charlie; he was definitely a prep-school boy, but he always felt like it was his first time ever seeing the big city and it was very beautiful at night.

"Stop here, please." The boy told the driver. The chubby man stopped the vehicle, and Charlie thanked the man with a nice 10 dollar bill. When he stepped out, he was knocked nearly off his feet when the nippy coldness of the winter air blew him in the face. It was very cold outside and he could see his breath in a large frosty cloud.

He had nothing left to do. Walk around New York, and drink tongue-blistering hot coco with melted marshmallows, sounds good to him.


Slade woke from his hour long snooze. It didn't take away stress and the muscle pain but at least he knew he was still alive because he could feel the seat underneath him. "Charlie?" he called out, in the middle of a yawn, carefully standing up, nearly tripping over his own two feet in the process.

He didn't respond. He called out again to his childish friend, nothing more but silence and his own heartbeat. After coming to realization that Charlie wasn't there, he starting thinking about what he said to him earlier.

Charlie was hard on him about it. He didn't even say one word to him after the conversation. What an asshole he was. Charlie Simms that little prep-school boy was a gentle, caring kid and never meant to hurt anyone.

He just disgusted Slade; never did he think in his entire lifetime would some preppy kid come and 'baby-sit' some blind man and years later come back to tell him he really liked him. That was weird and Slade wasn't that way although he did like the kid and he had a special place in his heart that would always be there.


After drinking a warm cup of hot coco, he would always save the marshmallows for last and swallowed them down before leaving the inviting diner. He waved for a taxi…he's been out for hours now and was getting terribly tired.

The taxi stopped. Charlie smiled half-heartedly and jumped inside afraid of catching a cold from the outside.

Charlie didn't know where to go now; he definitely wasn't welcome around Slade so where was he to go when he didn't have anything. He knew he could go back to that private school of his because he knew he would have to sometime to finish but he's stayed with Slade for a while and had become used to staying there.

But now that there really wasn't nowhere for him to go he went back to the school;


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