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Two Months Later

Rachel smiled easily at Brittany as she handed her a wedding program and watched her hop away to sit down next to Santana. It had been a long year, but she was finally in the best place she had ever been, despite the fact that she had absolutely no money, a thought that previously caused intense panic to settle in her every time the notion would cross her mind, and no boyfriend. She was, however, living with one of her best friends in New York, doing small theatre shows, and while they may not be as high standard as she had dreamed, it was definitely still Broadway. Her relationship with Kurt was better than it had ever been – all the feelings they had both been bottling up since they were children were out in the open, and now they were truly best friends again.

Even Finn had gotten back in touch – he had gone to California, happily so, but was now looking to maybe move on, and he wanted Kurt and Rachel to be the first to know. Their break-up had been one of the hardest times in Rachel's life, and the beginning of a long string of meaningless, dramatic theatre boyfriends. She always seemed to attract the Jesse St James types. But Finn – sweet, innocent, kind Finn – was probably the best man that ever happened to her and getting him back in her life was something Rachel counted as a blessing.

Kurt was the happiest Rachel had ever seen him. Even Burt, upon meeting Blaine, stated that he had to be doing something right to be keeping his kid this joyful. Blaine and Burt had actually gotten on like a house on fire – his snarky wit coupled with his charming and polite attitude was something that both Burt and Carole took to immediately.

Simply everyone was invited to Kurt's wedding. Everybody from McKinley, all Rachel and Kurt's family, even Matthew and Pedro were making their way across the sand on the beach where it was taking place.

Matthew looked fantastic, in a white suit with that charming smile. Rachel was glad. He looked happy.

"God," Rachel could just make out Pedro saying to Matthew from afar. "I forgot how hot Rachel is. You think she'd go for me? I am a year older."

"I don't know, I'll put in a good word for you, though, big guy." Matthew smiled, before stopping in front of Rachel and taking the proffered program. "Hello."

"Hi." Rachel said softy. "I'm the maid of honour. I, um…" she took a breath, and looked at Matthew. It was still a little hard, thinking that this could have been their wedding; she could have had a life with this man. "I live in Manhattan, with a roommate, and I star in some wonderfully underrated theatre, and I'm completely broke. But that's okay. I never eat any animal products although my idea of a pet is a rock, and the thought of hiking literally makes me shudder."

"Well," Matthew smiled slightly. "It's very nice to meet you –"

"Rachel," She supplied helpfully, laughing.

"Rachel." Matthew repeated, chuckling. "Got it."

"Well, wait until you see him." She said. "He looks gorgeous."

Kurt took a breath, looking at his reflection in the mirror. They had decided he was going to walk up the aisle, mainly because Burt was not letting up the opportunity to walk him, so the mere thought that Blaine was already up there waiting for him made the jittery butterflies in his stomach intensify.

That morning he had got up, and put on his twenty-eighth suit. It was white, to match the whole theme of the light beach wedding, and he had been told by at least six people that day that he was positively glowing, and, looking in the mirror at that moment, he could see it himself.

"You ready?" Rachel bounced up and down, straightening his tie for the ninth time.

Kurt just nodded, not daring himself to speak.

"Everything's perfect!" Santana said as she handed a bouquet of flowers to him and one to Rachel, keeping one and pulling her forward. "You look ravishing, sweetie." She kissed his cheek and Kurt smiled shakily. She really was a lot nicer these days.

"Okay." Burt linked his arm with Kurt's, and looked over at him. "You ready, bud?"

Kurt took a deep breath. "Yes."

Santana walked slowly down the aisle in a beautiful, plain white strapless dress, with her bouquet of white roses, winking quickly at Brittany and smiling genuinely at Blaine, who was standing up at the front of the guests. Rachel followed, giving Matthew a small smile, Pedro a wave, and then looking over to the other side and beaming at Finn, who was sitting with Carole with his eyes fixed on Rachel, and awestruck look and loving smile on his face.

Then, finally, everybody stood.

Because that day, Kurt went to a wedding where no one asked him to hold the bouquet, fold a place card or hold their dress while they peed. Everything was perfect, and he didn't care. Because right then, the only thing that mattered was the person waiting for him at the end of the aisle. And he was looking at Kurt the way he'd always hoped.

And as Kurt walked down the aisle with his dad, nothing in the world could have torn his gaze from Blaine. The look of pure, unbridled love, mixed with nervousness and unadulterated joy, was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

Burt hugged him tightly, and kissed the top of his head, then went to take a seat as Kurt stepped up onto the platform, handing his flowers to Rachel, and faced Blaine, his face shining and radiant with elation.

"So is this moment everything you hoped for?" Blaine asked, smiling.

Kurt shook his head. "No."

Blaine was visibly trying to look affronted, but couldn't stop the twitch of his lips.

"It's more. It's much more."

It was worth it to see the look of delight on his soon-to-be husband's face.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson in matrimony. Marriage is a cause for celebration…"

As it turned out, Kurt was right about one thing. He knew they'd all be there for him someday. He couldn't help but quickly glance back at the long line of women behind him, his twenty-seven bridesmaids, each in their own wedding dress.

"…You may now kiss."

So when Blaine pulled him in by the waist, grinning, to capture Kurt's lips with his own, Kurt knew that he could never have dreamt of a more perfect wedding. And that meant a lot.

Yes, Kurt Hummel still loved weddings. But now he had a marriage.