I wrote this poem in my creative writing class. The prompt was "Look in the mirror" and we were supposed to write about how we see ourselves, and this is just what came out. Could be applied to Doctor Who, but not the Doctor himself, but a companion, or could be generic about a normal person, a.k.a me. Thought I'd post it, see what people thought.

I look in the mirror

See chocolate brown eyes

Full of adventure

Where a true Companion lies

Full, pale lips

Small, little nose

Good for sniffing out trouble

Wherever we go

I see myself as different

A completely different take

And wherever in the world I'd go

I would carry starlight in my wake

I see a round and pale

Heart-shaped face

I'd take your hand and say "Let's go!"

And off we'd run; a Forever Race

Short brown hair

Sticking up and out

A frizztastic do

Without a doubt

I see on my feet

A splash of white and blue

My Converse trainers

My tribute to you

The person I see

Is pretty unique

Which is pretty good

Because that's what I seek

I'm the person in the mirror

I'm the person I see

Who am I?

I am me.

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