Pairing: Shiki/Akira

Rating/Warnings: T+ / Spoilers for the end of Shiki's path.

Disclaimer: I do not own Togainu no Chi, nor do I make any profit from this story.

United We Fall

Chapter One(?)

by: Ryoko (Lewd Concubine)

Gunfire erupted close by, but Akira didn't so much as flinch. His nod to the soldier at his left was quick and curt. Lee returned the gesture as chunks of stone exploded into dust on the other side of the wall they were all huddled behind. A second later and Lee burst out into the open to provide cover fire for Akira and his men to hustle across the street.

Akira was the last to move. He fired into the battered storefront in turn while Lee crossed. One of the detractors stuck his head out a little too far. It was a bold attempt that ended along with his life. A spray of red shot from his head along with the bullet from Akira's gun and he slumped behind the shattered window. A cry went out and heavy gunfire was returned, but Akira and his men, all dozen of them, were already under cover once more.

He held his hand up and gestured to the left and then forward. Half of the men peeled off and around the corner to stalk the enemy from another angle. A few minutes and many bullets later and they were all standing inside over the still-warm bodies of their opponents, equal in number.

Akira had his gun up to the head of the last man, a balding forty-something. The man spat at his feet and growled something in German.

"No prisoners," he returned, in Japanese. Shiki's orders were absolute. Akira followed them without question.

He pulled the trigger. Warm blood splattered across his crisp, white gloves and up his arm, even onto his face. Akira's gaze did not waver. He stared at the crumpled body and the slow spread of the man's blood as it pooled around his head and then took in the rest of the carnage.

These men, as with all the others, had been given their chance. They had refused to become a part of Shiki's massive empire and were now considered worse than slaves, their lives forfeit.

Akira returned his gun to its holster and surveyed his men. Their demeanor mirrored his own. There were no wounded. Alpha unit, or The Alps as some had nicknamed it, had even less tolerance for weakness than the rest of Shiki's tightly controlled army.

In addition to Lee, there was Tetsu, Karyu, Yuki, Rui, Hide, Sun-Gyun, Dimitri, Nicolae, Jose, George, and Till, who was from this place. As with so many others, the sovereign nation of Germany was no more. All of its population, save a few straggling rebels, now submitted to Shiki's rule.

Akira led his unit out as the clean-up crew descended on the site. The place would be swarming with people in a minute.

Later, Akira kneeled at Shiki's feet as he made his report. It wasn't required of him, but he liked to display his absolute devotion in this way. Besides that, he was certain Shiki's mood would soon turn amorous. Akira savored the fact he could anticipate it.

Sure enough, that noble mouth stretched into a wide smirk. Shiki tilted Akira's chin up and ran a gloved finger over his bottom lip. Akira took it into his mouth without hesitation. He enjoyed the rough texture of the cloth against his tongue, but it was Shiki's piercing gaze that offered him the most satisfaction.

"It is almost complete and still you remain by my side." Shiki pulled his finger from Akira's mouth.

The years had not changed him. But, then, Akira was much the same as well.

"Wherever you may go, I will go too. My life is with you."


The first of many, I hope! I want to continue this, but I need to work out the details first. This series has intrigued me for years and now obsesses me. Hope you enjoyed :)