The Diary: Forgotten

We all live, we all die. Some of us die in war, some of us in our bed. I get up every morning with a small adrenalin rush, because I could die at any minute. Humans… they are such a differing people. Some are kind, just, and yet they live such a short life. One short century from here, and both Wulfgar and Cattie-brie will be gone. How I will survive, I do not know. Then there are the opposites, those that kill for pleasure, and those that take for that simple, depraved pleasure. The finest example is Artemis Entreri, the assassin .Then there are Halflings. I could say that they couldn't be evil, but I have seen otherwise. I will be sad when Regis, poor, overweight Regis, dies. Some people would say I am a fool to do so, for he always seemed to get in the way, but I know otherwise. He was a true friend. The dwarves have their little quirks as well. First and foremost being their absolute toughness. Falling down on the back of a dragon, and living? I can't think of many situations harder to escape from as that. But he will die as well, however much he would disagree with me. I can only see him dying on the road, or in a battle, but I know he has a limited lifespan, just like all of us. Elves may be one of the longest lived races on Toril, but that is both a blessing and a curse. We elves, and I include myself as one because I am as pure of heart as any elf I have seen, live about nine hundred years, but in that nine hundred years, we can see nine times the horror, the pain, the destruction and the loss as any human, but we can also see nine times the joy, the love, the fun. I will die, I am sure of that, but we will all any way. We will all be forgotten, but we can hope to be a legend, one that will extend past our mortal life.

Everyone will die.

But I will not die as a coward.