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Chapter 1: Sealing & Home

He has finally arrived...


The child of Destiny... No, the Child of Fantasy.

You mean the one who can make Fantasy in Reality.

Yes, he has arrived at long last and unlike the one called the Rikudou Sennin or that foolish Senju Hashirama. This child is one of determination with a pure heart to change his strongest foes.

But I sense that forces unknown, may try to make his life difficult and may plot for his death.

What of this Uchiha Madara? This man is the sole reason why The Child of Fantasy will be suffering within his own heart, and unfortunately, we can do nothing against this man as it is not our place to pass judgment on the lives of mortals. However the Child of Fantasy is anything but mortal.

Are you saying that we can aid him in his path?

That is correct, as I found just the people to take care of him. Before he makes his trip back to his own world to set the wrong things right.

And who do you have in mind?




Eclaire "Lightning" Farron could be described as many things in her life and right now is one that most would do their best to avoid, She was pissed off. Now you are wondering why she is in this state of anger to begin with in first place. Which was an interesting story to begin with for the matter as she took up her old job in the Guardian Corp. Since she had a day off from the GC, she decided to do her own patrol outside Bodhum to make sure nothing would enter the city.

She did try to relax on some occasions like Serah asked of her a couple of day ago. The youngest Farron even tried to ask her one the idea of seeing anyone. To this Lightning just merely shrugged by saying, that she did not have time for such things, or why should I be looking when the most people who find me attractive never keep their eyes up. Serah then gave up on that subject as she too had witnessed this fact one day with her sister. To this day Lightning was forever known as the "Untouchable Goddess" of Cocoon.

Snow then made a comment about the titled the older Farron gained, only for the blond NORA leader to be unconscious for his words.

"Now how the hell am I get return to Bodhum without maiming someone or without being noticed for that matter?" Lightning asked herself as she jumped on to a tree top in the forest as this was easy with her training in GC academy. "I know that I am not in any area in Cocoon or Grand Pulse for that matter."


Lightning then turned around to the opposite direction to see a giant nine-tailed red fox. Though she is known to charge into battle without any fear what so ever at times. The elder Farron knew when a battle was best to be avoided and right now, looked to be on of those battles. However she was brought out of her musing when a giant red toad appeared in a large puff of smoke. The only thing she could do at the sight was gape at such a thing as it was something would come up with in a fairy tale. But here she was, seeing such a thing that looked to be very much impossible.

She then saw a man wearing a white coat with red flames licking the bottom as he is holding something in his arms. For a while she focused her eyes to see what was going on, then finally saw the man is holding a new born baby. Lightning also noticed the man is clearly wounded from a large stab wound in his chest and is losing a lot of blood. Though she did not know why this man would bring a new born child into a battle, that is clearly a losing one at that. The elder Farron watched as the blond haired man start doing something with his hands as the giant red toad was holding the fox at bay.

Battle: With Minato

Namikaze Minato looked at the his new born son with so much hurt on his face for what he must do. Though he is the Hokage and is sworn to protect the village at all cost. A part of him just wanted to say "To hell with what village wants, my son is all that matters to me." However he had others to think about and needed to set a plan in motion. He cursed the name of the one responsible for his current situation, Uchiha Madara.

He then looked at his son who tiny hands that are stretched out to hold something, all he could do was smile at the baby's action and held him close. "Naruto, you don't know how much I really don't want to leave you." Minato said as he shed a few tears. "Knowing that you would be all alone in the world without your mother or father to hold your hand. I really wish there was more time for me to act as a means to keep you away from such a horrible fate as this. I know the life of a jinchuuriki is one that is filled with pain and blood from those that they are forced to kill. Truth be told to you my son, I don't want to die."

Just then, Minato felt something tug at his soul as he looked behind himself to see the shinigami. Yondaime could only give a pained out look on his part as he felt something pass through his body. The feeling did not stop as it kept pressing forward through his body and into the body of Kyuubi. The young kage then noticed the Kyuubi's look of horror at what is happening with a mix of anger as it tried to reach it's claw to Minato.

However the blow did not come as the limb is being prevented by something. Minato then looked on to see a woman in strange clothes with pink hair that hanging around her left shoulder and is holding a very strange weapon to look like a sword. He nods his head as to thank the young woman as she really did not respond as she took a defensive stance. Lightning then saw the fox was coming again for another strike at her. However the attack did not come as it's entire body became completely frozen in place, before being sucked into the blond man.

Minato fell to the ground as he is still refused to let his son fall to his death. The GC officer then free-dive to the two as she activated her Mana Drive System to use the anti-gravity to cushion the landing. Once she caught them in her arms from falling to death and landed safely on the ground. She placed Minato on the ground as he still held his son in place as he looked to Lightning.

"Please take him back to the village and report to Sandaime of his status of being a Jinchuuriki." Spoke Yondaime as he gave his rescuer a pleasing look. "Tell Sandaime that, Naruto is to be seen as a hero and not the demon that is sealed within his body and to have his last name be his mother's, Uzumaki."

Lightning then just gave the blond man a raised brow as he was clearly annoying her with his request and saw what would become of his life. "Your such a fool, you know that." She spoke harshly. "You would honestly think that the people of your village who fought and died against the fox would actually see your son as a hero?"

Minato didn't respond right away. "I know my people and they will honor my wish."

The GC then rolled her eyes as she became even more pissed off. "Wake up to the real world you good for nothing." She spoke more angrily. "The people who have lost loved ones on this night, they will refuse to see this boy as human. Because the fear of a possible second coming of the fox, which will result the people demand for his death and since you mentioned that this demon is sealed away. What makes you think that others will not attempt to use this boy as a human weapon. Like a dog that needs to be chained, only to be unleashed when a time comes for it." Takes a breath. "People will do all they can to make sure this child suffers for their lost as they will believe that the demon has taken human form. Believing that giant beast is in a very weaken state, which will further increase the means to killing this boy or torture as a means to getting even. No, this boy will not be seen as a hero, where you are from. So I will take him from this place to another with a better outcome." Lightning then took the boy as she left the scene using her Mana-drive.

"Minato-sensei!" a voice called out that is a young anbu with a dog mask with silver hair. He then shook the fallen kage as the man has a smile on his face.

More ninjas then raced to the scene as a few anbu were present to the fallen Yondaime as well as the retired Sandaime Hokage and his former student Jiraiya of the Sannin. "Kakashi, where is the child Minato used for the sealing of Kyuubi?" Asked Jiraiya who looked around the place.

The anbu known as Kakashi did not move from his spot before standing straight up. "What do you mean Jiraiaya-sama?" Asked the Inu. "Don't tell me that sensei made a jinchuuriki."

The Toad sage bit his mouth for speaking out loud, but caught his breath when he noticed that no one else heard. He then looked over to the dog mask anbu who is waiting for an answer. "Yeah, he made one with a very high powered Fuuinjutsu from Forbidden Scroll." Answered Jiraiya. "But the cost of the Fuuinjutsu is very steep and we are looking at the result of that price."

"Then I will personally search for sensei's legacy and make sure he is safe." Kakashi said with determination. "What is the boy's name?

"That would be Uzumaki Naruto, Inu." Sandaime answered as he is wearing his old battle gear. "But there is more to him than others will know."

Uzumaki... You mean he is Kush-" Kakashi spoke but was interrupted by Jiraiya's hands over his mouth.

"We well speak of this more of this subject when it is safe." Jiraiya said as he threw some kunais into the shadows and the sounds of painful grunts were heard. The toad sage then went over to the bodies with Sandaime along with Kakashi to see the anbu with the kanji for Root on their masks.

"Damn that man!" Growled Kakashi. "Why have you not had him executed yet Sandaime-sama?' He demanded.

"That man is more elusive now more than ever, Kakashi and now is that not time for this argument." Hiruzen said with guilt mixed with anger along with sadness. "Right now, is the time to collect the dead and to heal our wounds."

The Sandaime Hokage then started to make his way back to the village with a few ninjas. Kakashi on the other hand stood in place with his fist shaking in anger. But then stopped suddenly when Jiraiya placed a hand on his should and leaned into his ear to say something. The silver haired anbu had gasped at what was told to him by the toad sage.

"Biwako is going to make it from her attack." Jiraiya spoke. "But she will not be able to go home in two months and she along with Sandaime know who the child really is. Now you are among the extremely few people that known this secret. So summon your dog before the scent vanishes from the area and bring Naruto home."

Valley of the End: With Lightning

Lightning finally came to a stop from running away from the scene of the Kyuubi attack. She then looked around the place to find some place to rest after her long run. However she then took a defensive stance when she heard something approach from behind. But then lowered her gunblade at the sight before her, Odin her former Eidolon stood in its horse form.

The GC officer then let out a tired smile at the horse as she walked up to it and pet it's head a few times. "I never thought I would see you again, Odin." Lightning said as she held Naruto in one arm. "If only, I could find a way back home to Cocoon. Then we should be safe for now from the people here and I can bet, that man told a few people of his son. So the sooner we get out of here, the better."

Odin then walked to the side of his former summoner to reveal a strange looking open door way. From the looks of what was in the door way, is Bodhum looking exactly as she left. She then ran into the doorway with Naruto in her arms as Odin followed too.



Bodhum: 6 Years Later

"Okay now, I sure hope this works..." Said the voice of a boy with six whisker marks on his face, three on both cheek and was grinning. "You better be out there is time Snowman."

"Hey, you were the one who suggested to wait outside with the bike out the window." Said a cheerful voice on a communicator. "Besides, you should stay grounded and out of trouble and not try to bring me into this. Again, why am I even helping you?"

Naruto let out a very annoyed sigh on his end. "Because if you don't, then I'm going to tell Serah-Hakubo about your perverted magazines in Okaa-san's house in the basement."

"Alright, alright you got me there." the man said. "Tch, I knew I should have hid them better."

"Heh, I didn't really think that Hakufu really hid them here or had any for that matter." Thought the boy as he has a huge sweat drop on the back of his head. "Oh well, at least I got something to bargain with, when Okaa-san gets home and she yells at me."

"Yo, I'm outside the window Naruto, now hurry before someone sees us."

"Yeah, yeah..." Naruto said as he looked at the window over the kitchen in the house as he saw it was pretty high. "This will be the greatest moment of my life."

"And that would be?"

"The day, where I Naruto Uzumaki Farron escape... My... Grounding... From... My Okaa-san." Naruto spoke as he instantly knew the voice behind him and turned around to see none other than his own mother with her arms crossed.

Eclaire "Lightning" Farron and she was pissed. "Greatest moment of your life, huh." She said in a calm voice that promised pain. "I would have to guess that you have someone waiting for you to make an escape from your punishment." Taps her foot expecting an answer. "Who is it?"

"Hey, what are you doing, Naruto?" Said the man on the communicator. "It's getting hot out here and I wanna go look at the new beach wear in the market district."

Lightning then took her son's communicator from him with her face frowning. "And just, how long have you been helping my son escape his punishment, Snow.?"

"Oh Sh-."

"If you even finish, that word in front of my son." Lightning paused for added fear. "You can kiss your chances of having children with my sister good-bye."

"Sorry Naruto, but I want to have children someday." Snow said in the communicator. "Don't worry, I'll teach you the birds and the bees when you get older so you will understand."

"Like hell you will, Snow." Lightning then put the communicator on the table, then turned her gaze on Naruto. "So what do you have to say for yourself sochi?"

"I'd like to make an offering?" Replied the whiskered boy as he saw his mother raise a brow in amusement as he motioned for her to leaned down and Naruto began to whisper in her ear. "Sorry hakufu, but if I go down, then you're coming with me."

"HE DID WHAT!" Lightning yelled as she ran down stairs to began her search and it did not take very long to find the items in question. She then brought out a ten copy stack on the table as she glared at the magazines. She then looked to her son with terrified look in her eyes. "You did not look at these, did you?"

Naruto then shook his head calmly at his mother. "No, I just simply guessed if he had any here and I know that Serah-Hakubo cleans a lot when she is not working at school."

"Well that is one mess avoided." She muttered under her breath and then instantly went rigged at her son's question.

"Okaa-san, what did hakufu mean by the birds and the bees?" Naruto asked.

"Damn you Snow." Lightning thought as she is thinks up a lot of ways to make the NORA leader suffer. "I will tell you, when you reach the appropriate age. Now are you ready to start your training?"

The blond Jinchuuriki sighed as his mother is a real slave driver when it came to training. But the upside to this day, is that he will be getting his own AMP-Drive (Anti-matter Manipulation Principle Drive) as he already has his Mana-Drive System. However the one he wore on his right gloved hand is a state of the art version, when compared to his mother's. As it allows him to use magic spell from crystal shards left behind by Cie'th, after being defeated in battle.

Lightning theorized that with PSICOM being made public knowledge thanks to her friends efforts and the technology soon were issued to the members of the Guardian Corps. She used all the influence she had to make sure her son received its wonders as well. She was a bit shocked along with feeling suspicious why the higher ups did not object to her request. But those fears were put aside, when the new Primarch told her, that it was their way of saying thank you for saving Cocoon.

After the getting her son, his Manadriver system at GC headquarters, she went back to the small blond who is with her younger sister for the day. Serah asked the reasons why the elder Farron would get military equipment for her son. Naruto answered with "I want to be a very strong hero, like Okaa-san!." Serah could only giggle at the blonds answer, when Snow came into the room and said that he could give him a few lessons in being a Hero. Only for Lightning to give the NORA leader a lump on the head for his troubles. Then told him, that her son did not need to go around Cocoon and shouting about being a hero.

Only for Naruto took all the training his mother supervised personally like a sponge with his very high stamina. Which made Lightning to use the strategy of out last the blond boy to make him tired before going at her own pace and she has experience on her side. While most people in Cocoon would question her parenting skills for her son. She would counter those talks, with her own words.


"One day, he will need to protect himself, and someday I will not be there to protect him. The least I can do is to make sure that he becomes strong enough to fight. As I hope that, nothing ever happens to take me away from my precious son. But when a day like that arrives for me, then I am sure as hell, will go down fighting and to protect him."


Lightning then started to remember another event that would be difficult. One that would might be another turning point in the child's life as she made some preparation, if the outcome did not go well.

Flashback: 2yrs ago (Lightning's House)

But the biggest challenge for the GC officer was not one to be dealt with a weapon. No, this one would be that of words, which can hurt more than any weapon made. Lightning told the origins of Naruto's former home world and what is locked away in his body. Of course, she made a lot of plans, if they did not see her son as any normal boy. This involved moving to a different town in Cocoon to start over with her son for a better life. At first, everyone was a little shocked at hearing the boys status in being a great fox's container. However they soon looked at the blond boy through the window, who is outside playing with a moogle.

Sazh then stepped to the window as he looked a bit solemn at the blond. "Is he a L'cie?" Asked the pilot and became relieved at Lightning, who shook her head no. "So then, what is he?"

"I honestly do not have the slightest idea." Lightning admit. "The man that used him for the sealing did not say much. As he was dying from the result of the sealing of the great fox."

"Still, kids having something forced upon them without any say in the matter." Said Sazh as he thought to Dahj. "It's very wrong to me, personally. But then again, I would not give him my son for such a thing. What do you think about it Snow?"

"A burden that seems more horrible than L'cie." Said Hope as is sitting on a chair. "Does he know of the Fox, Light?"

"I have been trying to work the nerve to tell him." Lightning replied with her voice leaving her. "But to be very honest, I am afraid of what will happen to him, or how he will react to me. In keeping this knowledge from him for so long."

Hope nodded in understanding her fears. "I can't really blame you on that one."

"Hey, the kid is still a kid to me right... Serah?" Snow spoke when he noticed his wife is no longer in the room. But then saw Sazh motioned for him to come to the window. As he saw Serah is playing with the blond whiskered boy who is very happy. "Well, I guess you know where we stand on the subject, huh sis."

"How many times have I told you not to call me that." Lightning deadpanned as she smiled at her son. "So are we all agreed, that this secret is not known to anyone in Cocoon."

"I was never in the conversation." Sazh replied as he watched the scene outside the window with a smile on his face before looking to Snow. "How about you?"

"Me, well I was busy with Serah in continuing our Honey Moo-oof." Snow was interrupted by Lightning's fist with a tick mark on the back of her head.

"I don't need to hear about you sex life, idiot!" She said with the area of her eyes went dark with glowing red eyes that are piercing the older blond.

Hope then crouched down to Snow and checked the lump over his head. "I think its best you don't mention things like that or she really might kill you."

End Flashback

"Okaa-san?" Lightning was brought out of her thoughts by the voice of her son who is looking at her. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." She replied before taking his hand. "Today is going to be a very special day for you Naruto." Lightning smiles. "Because I am going to teach you, how to use magic along with you AMP-Drive System. But we are going to choose a weapon for you as well."

"Really, I get to have another weapon?" Naruto asked excitedly as he saw the confused expression on his mother's face.

"What are you talking about?" She asked.

"Um, well..." Naruto looked up in thought as he saw they are nearing the GC Headquarters. "Can I show you, when we get the training area?"



Guardian Corps. HQ: 7yrs later (Lightning & Naruto)

Naruto stood in five yards away from his mother as he is not wearing a sleeveless dark blue sweater top with the neck unzipped down to his lower neck. He wore a single shoulder-pad on his left arm with a fox head stud, a black sleeve that goes down the said left limb. While the right side did not have a black sleeve did not have a sleeve. His dark blue pants with a few buckles down his legs along with black boots. But he also wore a black cloth that goes over his left leg with straps connecting to his belt and go around his body.

[Author's Note: It's kinda hard to describe Cloud Strife's Advent Children Clothing and hair style.]

He stood completely still as he watched the bullets from his mother's Blazefire Saber get deflected by hitting an invisible shield. But his mother knew the real reason of this phenomenon as she learned from the blond at age six. Is that the barrier that protected him from harm is in fact ten weapons or sword to be exact. He did not know why he had them in the beginning.

Lightning was also confused at how he gained this protection from any sort of harm. But decided to take a chance in wanting to see how far this ability could go, and she felt more comfortable if Snow were to be there. She became a bit more tolerable to Snow over the years. But still saw him as an idiot at times and warned her son to not become like him.

Naruto had already lost his baby fat due to his training under his mother. Along with some muscles that were needed in the more important area in his mother opinion. His abilities in the physical condition were at all tops in her approval. Once he made the condition that his mother wanted from him, he followed her to the bar, where NORA is based at (more like loaf around). Lightning asked Snow to go with her and Naruto to look for a "certain" monster outside of Bodhum. However...

That day would be a nightmare that would forever haunt Eclaire "Lightning" Farron and strengthen her resolve to protect her son.


Flashback: 1 Year ago (Outside Bodhum)

"So why are we out here Hakufu?" Asked Naruto as he dressed in black camo pants with a coat that looked similar to the NORA leaders. But his having red flames licking the bottom of the coat. "Normally okaa-san never let me go with your group or does she ever join you at the most."

"Well, about that..." The NORA leader started as he scratched the back of his head. "I think your old lady wants to see what your sword thing can do and, well she didn't want to stay in GC headquarter to get bored."

"I heard that Snow." Lightning said as she kicked him in the ankle. "And for the record, I'm not that old."

"I told you not to call her that." Naruto commented as he looked very serious that matched his mothers. "It's a wonder how you even managed to marry Serah-hakubo. But I guess Lady Luck is to blame for that one."

Snow then ruffled the blond eleven year old's head as he grinned. "Keep it up young man or I'm gonna tell Serah not to bake a cake for your birthday." He said as this made Naruto become quiet for the remainder of the trip.

"I'm surprised that worked." Lightning commented before stopping to think. "I better make sure that Serah does not over feed him and not gain any unneeded weight. But I better ask her for the recipe for baking while I am at it."

It had been three hours since the start of their mission of Naruto's abilities and already Lightning was getting a little annoyed. As the monsters nearby did not seem to be around for some reason. But deep down she was relieved that nothing powerful or anything for that matter made an appearance. Unfortunately four plant looking whips shot out from the left, taking out Lightning, Snow and two members of NORA as this left the blond boy alone.

He fell to the ground out of fear as the monster finally made its appearance. It looked almost toad like with the it's body is build, but the creature had plants or grass on it's skin along with a flower on the top of its head with small eyes. But its teeth made the young blond truly frightened at the sight as he looked to his mother who is knocked out. While the leader of Nora along with the members are also in similar states as he remembered the name of the beast before him, Ochu.

The Ochu started to beat on Naruto with its vines on the flat side as it seemed to be playing with him. But unlike those with him earlier, the little blond stayed conscious. He then looked around to see the monster stop it's attack as it stared down at him. But the Ochu used two of its vines to pick up the blond for a moment as it lifted him high into the air. Only to slam Naruto on the ground to make him scream in pain before he blacks out.

Naruto then opened his eyes as he found himself laying on a stone floor with water on it. He then looked around the area for a moment and came across a giant cage. He would have gone closer to see what is being held in there, if he was not told of the fox being in his body by his mother. So he guess that the Kyuubi is being locked in the cage as he did not make a step closer.

"I see you are not as foolish as my last container was who yelled a lot." Said a menacing voice that is ringing out from the darkness. Then red slit eyes along with an arrogant looking smirk looking down on its container. "Let me out, so that I can help you fight this enemy of yours. Unless you want to die or see that flesh bag of a woman you call mother die an agonizing death."

The blond Jinchuuriki glared at the giant fox with a look of anger. "Shut up!" Naruto growled at the fox as it continued to grin.

"Did I hit a button?" Kyuubi asked in amusement. "Maybe I can show you an image of what she would look like dying by my teeth, shall we?"

"I WON'T LET YOU!" Naruto yelled as the Kyuubi was forced to the ground with its chakra being drained from its body or at least a little bit of it.

"What did you do!"

Naruto did not say anything at the moment as a pairs of eyes seemed to glow behind the blond. The Kyuubi glared behind his container in unrelenting hate as it roared out to challenge the beings. But then stopped to see the new presences were more machine than beast. One looked to be that of a dragon as another looked to be identical twins, another looked to have many arms spinning about its body, one seemed to have a rounded body as it looked like a knight and the last looked that of a horse with four legs in the front.

"You can open you're eyes now, young one." A sagely voice spoke in calmness, only saw that the person he spoke to is still scared.

There was a sigh that can be heard that sounded more like a woman. "It's no surprise that he is afraid Bahamut." The voice said. "After seeing something as ugly as that over grown fur coat who is not dead or an entity that towers over you. Of course, he would be scared, anyone would."

"Sister Styria." Said the one with a mark over her left eye. "Are you sure that Cosmos-sama did not make a mistake with this one? Because it seems somewhat wrong to force a child into a conflict that might be filled with tragedy, and he is far too young."

"Cosmos would never lie to us, and I believe in her words to hold nothing but truth." Said the one known as Styria as her a good majority of her face is covered, except for her right eye. "This boy has the power to make or change the world of his origins, in ways, that is able to make reality into fantasy and make a mere fantasy into reality."

"But it feels wrong to separate him from his family in Cocoon." Said a being with a numerous arms. "I can only imagine the pain his heart will be in. When Cosmos-sama sets him on his path to stop the evil that will try to destroy his home world. Clearly, there must be another way to solve the threat that will soon come, and shatter reality, what say you Alexander?"

The one known as Alexander came forth as it looked rounded in shape. "I would like to agree with you on this matter. But even Chaos also confirmed the threat of his world with Cosmos, and he did not want this creature to be revived."

"I know who you are." Naruto spoke up as he eyed the horse. "Your Odin, the one that helped Okaa-san in the Orphan Crisis and I am sure that goes for the rest of you here." None of the spoke. "Where are we?"

Styria then walked over to the blond as he knelt down before smiling. "We are within your mind young Naruto and the reason we are is of great importance."

"What are you talking about." The blond asked a bit annoyed at not really understanding the situation. "Right now, your talk about some threat and my so-called-home world is in danger and then you have the balls to say that you are going to separate me from my family in Cocoon. You better start talking right now, because I want some straight answers."

"It looks like he has his mother's attitude and I am certain you are familiar with it Odin." Alexander commented the blond who tighten his fist."

"Listen, if you want to talk then just spill it or I am leaving." Naruto said as he is clearly annoyed.

"He sure does remind me of her." Spoke Odin in a strained voice as he remembered the days of the Orphan Incident and at times he wanted to buck her off his back for the attitude she had. "Now we have things we wish to talk with you Naruto, Child of Fantasy."

"What are you talking about?"

Outside Naruto's mind-scape, Lightning struggled to her feet as she brought her Gun-blade to shot the Ochu in the eye. As this would give her to save her son, only that her AMP-Drvier is damage to from the attack by the plant monster. However before she could form any plan forming in her head, gunshots was heard and she saw the blond boy with his two dual gun-blades in their gun mode.

Oath Keeper and Oblivion

[Author's Note: Just think of two of Lightning's weapons with the colors of those two Keyblades.]

She looked up to see the Ochu missing its long vines used as arms and Naruto dropped to the ground as he did a flip before landing on his feet. Naruto then did a back-flip while putting the two weapons in their holsters before landing on his feet to put some distance away from the monster. He then held his hand out to the side as the red blade rapier appeared in his hands. The blade of the weapon started to glow a red color. Naruto then charged forth as he stabbed the Ochu in the gut as the rapier started to glow brighter than before and the next thing that happened. Is that the body of the plant monster suddenly exploded with its blood splattered everywhere.

Lightning staggered to her feet to check Naruto. But stopped when he eyes saw six Eidolons standing behind the whiskered blond who fell unconscious. "Why do I get the feeling that I am not going to like what they have to say." She thought.

And she didn't.

End Flashback

Lightning really did not like what they had to say in her son needing to return to his original world. So much that she pointed her weapon in gun mode to prove her anger and was not going to allow her son to be taken away from her without a fight. But the Eidolons disarmed her with great ease on their part and asked to listen to what they have to say. Though the NORA leader did not like the situation anymore than his sister-in-law. But fighting six Eidolons was a losing battle, as he reasoned the older Farron to hear them out. It took a lot on his part to do such a thing along with getting hit in the face by the woman as she really did not want her son leaving her life.

After the events of that day happened, Lightning nearly forbade him from going around with Snow's group without her being present. Though now she was a bit more concern for the blond as this was the day he would have to leave Cocoon for time, before Eidolons given him the choice to return to Cocoon or not. She did not like the fact that her son will be going into battlefields on his own, much less that she cannot go with him. But she was assured by her former Eidolon Odin. That he would be able to come back to Cocoon on special occasions and if he wanted to bring a friend with him to Bodhum, it was his choice. Along with the other five Eidolons will be going with the small warrior on his journey.



Timeskip: months later (Bodhum)

The entire Farron family with Snow being married to Serah were gathered for the Wishing Fireworks. Naruto for his part is now wearing a new clothes, since he last ones were stained with Ochu blood and smelled terribly for that matter.

[A/n: I can't really describe the look. But imagine Squall's second outfit in Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy and I don't mean his SeeD Uniform. Along with the feathers being black instead of white.]

He now has his two gunblades holstered across his lower back. His hair still be the usual spiky as it was when he killed the Ochu. The blond 13yr. old watched the event from the side as he knew these were going to be the last days of his time in cocoon for a while. He knew his mother was hurting inside as she hardly let her weaknesses show in front of people including him.

Naruto saw the evidence of his aunt's crying of his departure tomorrow with her eyes being red. He then looked at the fireworks above as he took the time to watch the beauty in it and make his own personal wish. The blond Farron made all the needed preparations he needed for his trip with buying the needed medic items along with equipment required for such a long trip. But what came as a big surprise for him is when Snow gave him a pair of engagement pendants that are identical to his own. Just in case he found someone special to his heart and wished to spend his life with.

Outside of Bodhum: The Next Day

Naruto blinked at the gift before taking it kindly as he liked the jewelry personally. He put them into his pack so he would not lose them by some off chance. Sazh gave his nephew a bullet kit that was made with certain properties in them and can deal in elemental damage along with status along with a chocobo chick. To which Naruto named Boko as the afro haired man ruffled the blonds hair. The members of NORA told the youngest Farron, that drinks were on the house for when he returned. But not alcohol for that matter as the saw the death glare rising from Lightning. Hope had came to seen Naruto off as well, since he met Naruto a few months after Lightning's return with him. The silver haired teen made sure that the blond did not in any way, shape or form. That Naruto did not get some of Snow's bad habits of yelling.

Lightning then motioned for her son to follow him some place private to which he obeyed. Once they were away from prying eyes of their friends and family that came to Bodhum. The eldest Farron then kneeled down to her son's height as she held him tightly and he returned the hug just as strong. Truth be told, the two did not want to be separated from each other. Naruto knew it was hard for his mother to allow herself to feel weak at times, as this was one of those times for her. But he did not noticed his mother hook something to his right shoulder. When they let go, he noticed a shoulder-pad that was not like Lightning's along with a crimson cape. Naruto then looked to his mother who is smiling at him happily.

"Naruto, I want you to know that I will always be proud of you." Said the elder Farron as she placed both hands on his shoulders. "Remember not to slack off in your training, and keep your senses sharp. Never underestimate your opponent no matter what. Use your items sparingly as they can be helpful into urgent times. Never disrespect anyone, unless they have not earned it. But above all... Stay safe and come back home to us."

"Yes, Okaa-san." Naruto replied and hugged his mother once more as she did the same with him. For a moment they did not move as they wanted this moment to last a very long time. The two finally went back to the group, that are waiting for them to come back. Naruto looked at the people that became his family along with friends in his life. He wanted to say more to them, but felt the presence of the Eidolons behind him.

"Are you ready to go?" Spoke Bahamut.

The blond Farron nod his head sadly as he felt a gentle hand on his shoulder to see Styria giving him an reassuring smile. He then looked back to his family that he is leaving behind and watched his mother as she mouth the words "I love you" to him before he saw darkness all around his person.




Naruto: Void

Naruto found himself floating down the endless view of the dark void. The sadness that of leaving his family seemed to take over his heart and tears started to fall from his closed eyes. Why was he the one to be torn from the people he loved more than his life. The friends he made in Bodhum in being the only survivors of the Orphan Crisis. Not that he was really complaining about not playing with kids his own age. It just seemed to feel somewhat distant than other children who played all kinds of games. Of course Serah did try her best to fill the gaps in that one place and did very good on that part. He loved Serah as he would any child with his aunt along with his mother Lightning.

For some reason his anger started to rise from within his body, then finally rage. He just wanted to let it out on anyone he met in his home world. It didn't matter who they were, he just wanted to kill them.

But just then a voice or voices could be heard in the darkness, it was gentle and filled with so much love in their words. The hatred that started to take over his being, started to calm down as he listened to the voices.

You, rest inside my mind,

since the day you came.

I knew you would be with me.

All the time we spent.

What we shared was surely.

Warm enough to know you cared for me.

The mental images of his mother Eclair and aunt, Serah could be seen singing this to him as a lullaby. Though it was at separate times in his life, when one or the other was with him. These were times when his mother would only smile at him with so much love, as did Serah. Love that was meant toward a family member who shared a deep bond.

Light floods through memories.

Helps me walk my path.

I'll keep my head up high.

Words and Faith and Love.

Your strength gives me hope.

Someday I will find you with open arms.

The blond Farron then closed his eyes with his tears still coming from his closed eyes. But this time, the last words of the lullaby kept his heart beating strong. A promise to be with his family and friends once again.

Unknown Area: Naruto

Naruto then opened his eyes as he felt the soft blade of grass under his person and the fresh smell of air of being outdoors seemed to woke him from his slumber. He then took some time for his eyes to adjust to the brightness of the sun. Once this was done, he looked around his surrounding to see that he is near a small pond. He then dusted himself off before making his way to the pond to wash his face and begin his search for his objective. Only the blond Farron just seemed a little annoyed by not being near a place with people to gather information or any kind of clue of his destiny.

Once he finished washing his face in the pond, he looked around the area. "I guess, I will have to call on them for help and try to find a nearby town or something." He spoke as he looked up to the sky and fired Oblivion into the sky with a mental message with the shot.

Just then, the sky grew dark as glowing ruins started to form. Then a figure could be seen descending from the sky as it was large. The figure's body finally made its appearance to the blond Farron as he knew Eidolon from his mother's stories.

Bahamut had descended from the sky and looked on to his person.

"What is it you need of me, Farron?" Asked the Eidolon.

Naruto gave it a look of seriousness on his part. "I need to have you fly me around the area to find civilized people." He spoke. "But I am not sure how the people of this world, will react to seeing you so. When we do find something, I would like to have you land some distance away from any town."

"Very well then." Replied Bahamut as it started to transform into its gestalt mode. "I am ready when you are."

Naruto then hoped on the Gestalt form of Bahamut before taking off to the sky. As they both look in different directions to look for any sign of people nearby.



Hours Later:

It was hour later that Naruto flew around the area on the back of Bahamut. Already, he was starting to get annoyed with the lack of finding anything or anyone for that matter. He then reached into his side pack to bring out some food that was to be his lunch before leaving Cocoon. But decided to save the sandwiches that Lightning made for him if he found himself in this type of situation.

After some time into scouting the area, he finally spotted a town just over head, or more to the point. He found three fortress resembling buildings set up on three mountain tops. He then asked his eidolon to hover over the small areas of the town/fortress as he stood up on Bahamut's back. He then snapped his fingers to activate his AMP-Drive before free falling down to the street.

Same time: Nadeshiko

The Kunoichis of Nadeshiko no sato were doing their routine night patrols to protect their village. But then hardly anyone has made an attempt to infiltrate the village. Though the only time someone did managed to do it, was the now legendary Jiraiya, the Gama Sennin or to those that new of him. The author of the Icha Icha series, which was the enemy of most women. But that happened a long time ago in the time that Tokiwa was a fresh jounin at the time.

So it would be impossible for another person to infiltrate the village again, right?

Well you know the word of "What will go wrong, can go wrong." Well...

Three kunoichis who were guarding the primary section of the Village had yelped from being startled. Because something landed in front of them in bright flash of light. Once they collected themselves from being startled, they drew their weapons. Only to be in front of a young blond teen with spike hair and is dressed strangely to them. From he looked a bit young for them, it didn't mean he looked a bit attractive in their books and the whisker marks on his cheeks kinda served a bit of uniqueness to him.

"Excuse me, but I would like to know who is in charge of this area and get some directions." Spoke Naruto as his voice seemed to bring them out of their daze. Then he noticed these women were armed along with wearing some interesting looking clothes. "If Snow was here, I bet he'd ask Serah-hakubo to dress up like that." He mentally scowled to himself.

"You are trespassing in our village and in accordance to our laws." One late teen girl talked.

"Something tells me, that I am definitely not going to like the last part of this." He thought at the same time she spoke.

"Intruders are to be killed."

"Yup, definitely not." Thought the blond Farron as he back flipped onto a roof behind him and started to run.

It was not an easy to avoid the ninjas of Nadeshiko, since they were all wanting blood. While a few asked him to a duel for their hand and marriage to him. In some way, he kinda thought his mom would probably prefer this approach in wanting to marry or to have himself do this kind of thing.


Cocoon: Bodhum

Lightning was doing her usual training in the GC training grounds as she changed her Blazefire to gun-mode. She was about to hit her target, only to sneeze and miss her target. "Damn it, it better not be that idiot brother-and-law of mine." She cursed.


Outside Nadeshiko: Naruto

Naruto then felt the presence homing on his current location, and fast at that. He then summoned his weapon selection to be at the ready this time around. Because this person seemed to be a lot stronger than those he outran earlier. He then sighed as he ran faster with the strange energy he was capable of using his entire life.

Once he made his way outside the village of Nadeshiko, he stopped in running and took out a Elixir from his pouch. "You are very persistent in following me, I'll give you that." He said before drinking the liquid before turning around to face a girl his own age.

[A/n: I don't have anything to base Shizuka's look at the moment. So picture her in a dark grey version of Tokiwa's outfit from the time she fought Jiraiya.]

"Your speed is that of a high rank jounin." Said a girl with long black hair tied in a pony tail and the jaded eyes. "But I wonder if you have some skill, and if you manage to defeat me. Then you are very much worthy of being my husband."

The blond Farron blinked his eyes for a couple of times before the information finally passed through his head. "WHAT!" he yelled. "Now wait a second miss. But when did this become a marriage fight, and I didn't even agree to it first."

"It is our village custom, we fight any male in combat to see if they are worthy of marrying." The black haired girl spoke. "Those that defeat us win our hand and marriage, however those that lose. Well, lets say they don't have to worry about us anymore."

"Kaa-chan... it seems like I might end up being married sooner than ever." Thought Naruto with a sweat drop on the back of his head. "Can I at least know the name of the person I am fighting, I'm Naruto U. Farron, and you are?"

"Shizuka from Nadeshiko no sato, and soon to be leader." She introduced herself while charging the blond. "Nadeshiko-Ryu: Koha Reppuken!"Shizuka called out as she missed hitting Naruto as he rolled away from it behind her.

He then heard something starting to crack behind him and was met with the sight of a fissure being made. Awed by the show of power in the girl along with the new danger. Naruto decided to make his observations to find a means to combat the girl with the hope of fighting on even ground. He already ruled out that going fist to fist seemed to be dangerous. Of course his best choice, was to avoid any kind of blow from her fist by any means. Only to find out the girl could also do the same thing with her legs for the matter. As he avoided being stomped on by Shizuka a mere moment ago.

"Okay, hand to hand combat is out, so I guess range can work." He pulled out his dual gun-blades, Oath Keeper and Oblivion from their holsters. Which would have been a good strategy at this type of opponent, only...

"Nadeshiko-Ryu: Shinku Enbu!"The Nadeshiko kunoichi said as she pulled out small knives looking weapons in her hand.

"Oh, you got to be kidding me..." Naruto thought as he then switched the two weapons to sword-mode as he started to deflect the incoming projectiles. "Damn it! There goes one of my advantages. I shouldn't reveal my trump cards this soon, but this has to stop." He then jumped a few feet away from the barrage of weapons. "Time to change it up, Synergist!" A light started to form around him for a split second, before leaping away from Shizuka again. He then made his dual gun-blades glow orange as embers started to come off the said weapons.

He then charged head at Shizuka as he kept Oath Keeper gun-blade in sword-mode, while keeping the Oblivion in gun-mode. The Nadeshiko kunoichi watched Oath Keeper being dragged on the ground and was creating a trail of flames on the grassy ground. She then watched the blond bring up the short weapon to take aim at herself. She guessed that it is a type of projectile weapon of some kind. She then heard a bang sound coming from Naruto's directions as she jumped to avoid the shots. Naruto began to chase after her as he knew that she would probably use the trees as cover. But he was not going to have any of that now, because he jumped into the air with both gun-blades being in sword mode.

His body started to spin like a ball with the gun-blades sticking out like pins as he spun to Shizuka. Who brought out her own katana to counter the blond swordsman. But the force of the blow was too strong and forced her to stumble back a bit before going back on guard. Before having to block quick attacks from Naruto's weapons which seemed to have speed advantage over her own weapon. She also factored that the blades looked to be on fire as she felt the heat on her skin. But for some reason, the blond did not seem to be affected by the flames of his weapon and kept on pressing his attacks.

Naruto then ducked down to deliver a low sweeping kick to put Shizuka off balance. He then noticed the said girl read his move as she did a back flip to avoid the attack. She then charged at him again with a powerful straight down attack, only for him to bring Oblivion from the side to block. She would have pressed her weight down on Naruto's sword to force him down. But stopped when she felt a hand on her should as she turned her head to see Tokiwa.

"You have lost this match Shizuka." Said Tokiwa as she pointed down to show Oath Keepers edge at her mid-section and ready to stab her. "It seems you found a prefect husband this time around Shizuka."

"He has proven himself worthy/I never had a chance agree with the duel.!" Shizuka and Naruto spoke at the same time.

"Is marrying me, that bad anata?" Said Shizuka with a smile on her face.

Naruto then palmed his face in frustration. "That's not the point." He sighed to himself and sat down. "I was just in the area looking for directions or at the least, a map of the area. I had no clue to your villages customs, and I am looking for something."

Tokiwa the gave let out an annoyed sigh of her own. "I should have known it would be too good to be true." She muttered to herself. "The one person who is capable of defeating Shizuka-sama, is not even interested in getting married." She looks at the blond. "You mentioned that you were looking for something. I If it is intel on our village of Nadeshiko. Because if you are, then you're not going to be leaving here alive."

"Listen, I don't want to any trouble with your village and I am not entirely sure on what I am looking for." He admitted to himself more than saying to the two kunoichis. "To be perfectly honest with you two. I don't know where to look or what to do when I find what I'm looking for. I'm walking blind in the world and it is really getting on my nerves. So far, the only way I can find anything with my mission, is to find some place with a long history."

Tokiwa looked into the eyes of the blond teen for any trace of deceit, to her surprise, there was none to be seen. "Well I am not sure if we can help you." Spoke Tokiwa as she turned her back. "But lets try to see if we can find you some clues."



3 Days later: Wave

Naruto's search for clues on his mission in Nadeshiko no sato, was not very fruitful as he hoped. But he was able to make some friends in the village very easily. He looked around the small town of Wave as he noticed how poor the people looked. But then he felt some eyes looking on his person, which made him feel very uncomfortable. So he decided to stop at a nearby tea shop to gather any information that may be of some use on his mission.

"I heard that Tazuna-san was able to reach Konoha safely." Said a young man from across the room. "Do you think that he will be able to convince the kage of Konoha to help us?"

"I doubt it." Said an older man. "All the ninja villages care about money these days, and what to stop them from taking over Wave, after the mission?"

"True, they could just move in and take Gato's place, and we're back to being slaves again." Said the younger man.

The blond Farron looked at his cup of tea as he listened to the conversation. However he was brought out of his thoughts when someone sat down across from him. "Is something wrong Naruto?" Asked the familiar voice of Shizuka of Nadeshiko.

"Not really, just finding the way of getting a shinobi villages service a bit annoying." He said as he averted his gaze at her. "I am surprised that Tokiwa allowed to you to leave the village. Since she explained the customs of Nadeshiko to me 8 days ago. That when the men your people marry, are to stay in the village, if they are proven to be worthy for marriage."

"I know it may be a little silly to outsiders. But it has been like this, since the village was founded by our first leader. Who did not want to be arranged to be married by her parents for political power and did not like the idea of being a tool." Shizuka said with a distant look on her face. "So she ran away from her home and gathered strong kunoichis in the area. They founded the Nadeshiko no sato, from there they would only marry a person who is worthy for them in their eyes. So the village made this a custom since that day." She finished the story of her villages origins, but then tilted her head to the side to see the blond chuckling.

"I am sorry, but do not take this the wrong way or anything." Naruto said in a more friendly voice. "I just thinking about how my Okaa-san might actually have my hakubo do the same thing. If your village customs were around the place where I lived."

Shizuka then puffed her cheeks up in a childish manner as she lightly glared at the blond Farron. "Hey it is not all that bad." She pouted for a while longer before going serious. "So what are you going to do if we run into Konoha ninjas?"

"Depends, if they are strong as you say they are." Spoke Naruto in a mature voice. "Tokiwa-san told me that Konoha is at the top of the 5 major countries and people who are usually at the top become arrogant. Like the saying goes, double the pride, twice the fall. But I need to know how long the travel from Wave to Konoha from the distance that separates the, from each other."

"Why do I get the feeling that there is more you want to your little plan." She muttered loudly. "Is this going to lead you to finding what you need?"

"I hope so..." Naruto said as he got up from the table and left Shizuka to pay for the tea. He then let out a little smirk on his face, since his mother did it to Snow on a few occasions. Because the woman thought it was funny at the time.



To Be Continued

Well that is it for this new first chapter of Fantasy's Child, and I hope everyone enjoyed the new opening to a new story. Now I really must be working on Entrance Into Fantasy. The short song is not owned by me, and is a part of Final Fantasy XIII-2 as Serah's Theme, entitled Memory.


Nadeshiko-Ryu: Koha Reppuken - Pink Flower Style: Hardliner Gale Fist

Nadeshiko-Ryu: Shinku Enbu - Pink Flower Style: Deep Crimson Dance Performance

Naruto's Sword/Weapon list

First Tsurugi [Final Fantasy VII Advent Children] - Cloud Strife (all six parts are separated)

Masamune [Final Fantasy VII] - Sephiroth

Red Goddess [Final Fantasy VII: Core Crisis] - Genesis Rhapsodos

Brotherhood [Final Fantasy x] - Tidus

Orichalcon Daggers [Final Fantasy IX] -Zidane Tribal

Shooting Star [Final Fantasy VIII] - Rinoa Heartilly

Revolver [Final Fantasy VIII] - Squall Leonhart

Kain's Lance [Final Fantasy XIII] - Oreba Yun Fang

Oath Keep & Oblivion [Kindom Hearts] - Sora (modeled into FFXIII gun-blades]