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Chapter 2

Naruto walked through the woods of Nami no kuni as he felt something nagging at his thoughts. He knew that Shizuka would worry about him in going alone. But like his mother, he much rather want to settle things alone at times. Once he was sure that he was away from prying eyes, he then closed his own eyes.

"Whoever is out there, you can come out now." The blond Farron said with his had on Oblivion's handle. "Because you sure did a piss poor job at concealing your presence." The moment he said these words, he instinctively jumped back to avoid a burst of flames that shot out from the ground. While on the right side of the flames, a pillar of light shot down from the sky.

Naruto tighten his grip on the Oblivion to prepare himself for battle as his mother taught him. One thing for sure, was that whatever caused this anomaly, it was not man made. A moment later he saw a figure come out the pillar of light that is a blond haired woman with fair skin and light blue eyes that held wisdom in their light. She wore a sleeveless white silk dress, that is held together with gold metal pieces that went around her waist and then connected to her neck.

The second figure looked very intimidating to say the least, it looked demonic to say the least. With four arms, two being crossed over his chest as the other two hung down leisurely. Two large red horns coming out of the being head as it towered over Naruto and the female in white.

The blond Farron looked between the two new comers with a calculating gaze. He was not sure if he could fight either one of them on his own and was cursing himself for not having back up with him. But he was not going to allow himself to be taken down easily.

"Please calm yourself Young Farron." Said the woman as she raised a hand. "We are not hear to harm you, only wish to speak and hopefully answer some questions that the Eidolons were not able to. Before you left Cocoon to come here to the Elemental Nations, the home of your birth."

Naruto did not lower his weapon as he seemed to relax his gaze, somewhat. "Who are you?" He asked.

"I am the god of Discord, Chaos." Said the giant beast looking one. "The one next to me is Comos, the Goddess of Harmony and as she has told you. We do not mean you any harm and have come to tell you the destiny that has been foretold to us, Child of Fantasy."

The blond Farron then placed Oblivion back in its holster as he looked at the two entities. "What is that you know of this so called destiny." He asked with a frown. "Because those Eidolons were not entirely clear on why I was brought here and it was annoying me. Since I have been walking in the dark without a clue of what I should be doing."

Cosmos then nod her head in understanding Naruto's frustration. "We apologize to you young Naruto." She said. "However, the circumstances of you arrival and your birth was not by chance to begin with. Nor was the path that you walk on is of chance either."

"All this talk about destiny is for the weak and those believe they cannot do anything." Said the blond harshly as he recalled the story of his mother being a L'cie, and also knew the strength it took everyone to defy their fates against Orphan.

"He is truly like his mother." Commented Chaos as he let out a laugh and Cosmos placed a hand over her mouth to hid her giggle. "But I wonder, which mother he takes after now." He noticed the lack of reaction by Naruto and guessed that the pink haired Farron must have told him of not being his blood mother.

"I've had enough of this." Said Naruto as he turned around to leave.

"Listen hear boy, we have come a long way to speak with you. So do not ignore us with your disrespect!"

"Then stop the stalling, and tell me what you want, already!" He said with irritation in his eyes as Chaos growled in anger.

"We are sorry for going off track from our reason to appearing before you, young Naruto." Spoke the Goddess of Harmony as she bowed her head slightly, while Chaos let out a grunt. "As you were told from the Eidolons on your mission to stop an ancient evil that sleeps in this world, which is all true. It is a great beast that..." Naruto's eyes widen in shock as Cosmos continued.



Nami no Kuni: 2 days later

The blond Farron was lost in his thoughts as he was walking around the area of Nami. How could he not, with the information that the once, two waring entities spoke of the threat he will be facing in the future. What chance did he have to facing against a being that is stronger than Orphan, and on top of it all... What was he to do with a new arrival.

A small cat-like creature with rabbit like ears, and bat-like wings on it's back. The creature looked like a plush tow wearing red dress with long sleeves with a matching red bonnet on its head wit a flower. But the another thing that also stood out from the creature is a little red ball that is connected to a small antenna from the head.

Naruto could not understand why the two gods assigned the Moogle named Gurdy to him. Quite frankly, it annoyed him to no end with her constant cheerfulness. Though Shizuka thought that Gurdy's presence to be very refreshing for herself.

He was then brought out of his musing when the sounds of weapons making clang sounds in a heavy mist. Naruto the switched to his Ravenger mode to dispel the mist.

With Kakashi & Zabuza

Kakashi was mentally cursing himself for not sending a message back to the village for back up. He felt his chakra was running low fast, with having his Sharingan active for longer than he needed. But he could not really be blamed for this outcome. Since he did not have to foresight to know that Momichi Zabuza would be hired by the man named Gato. He also didn't need to have Sasuke being killed or the council would be on his back, faster than he can say Icha Icha.

Haruno Sakura looked at her trapped jounin sensei with concern as she was trying to come up with a plan to free the man. But she had to kiss one of her chances good-bye, by the Uchiha snob. Before they left their village, she noticed a large shuriken on his back. She tried to ask Sasuke for help to change make use of the weapon, only for him to ignore her as he hurled the weapon which was easily avoided.

Sai was also no real help to her as he constantly seemed to make insults at her person. Mainly being flat as a bored or being called ugly for the matter. Little did anyone know, was that Sakura along with Hinata were anything by flat. The just hid the goods from others with a coat or binding wraps. Mainly to avoid Kiba from being all grabbing anything above or below the belt. So much that Ino, nearly beat the poor boy within an inch of his life.

Back to the situation, Sakura looked around to find some means for a distraction. In hopes of saving Kakashi from his water prison/death trap. But as if Kami heard her thoughts, the mist started to vanish from the area.

"What the... why is the Mist dispersing?" He asked shockingly as he looked around for any ninja who is responsible for doing this. "Could it be a Kiri Hunter-nin. No, they would have used the mist as cover to kill me. The left no, right not there either or the water below... Above!"

Just then he saw a person in black coming down with a weapon with a double ended blade in purple with a red slash on the large blade end. He then released Kakashi from the water prison to go into a defending stance. However the speed that followed the blond's descent added itself to the power of his strike down attack and then made the Nuke-nin go underwater.

Without a second thought, Naruto grabbed the silver haired man and jumped back to the kids his age. "Hey can you watch over him." He didn't ask the pink haired girl as he turned around to face the bandaged covered man. "I should have brought Gurdy with me, time to change it up." He then switched to Synergist to cast Enthunder over his weapon which is known as Kain's Lance. The said weapon then became completely consumed by lightning from the spell and the wielder did not seem to be bothered. Once this was done, the blond Farron then cast Protectra over the people behind him, then followed up with a Bravery spell on himself too. Before going back to his Commando abilities once more as he rushed opponent.

Zabuza then emerged from the water with his Kubikiri Bouchou lazily in his hand. He then looked to see a blond haired boy no older than Kakashi's genin squad with a purple spear. He then noticed the lightning consumed weapon in the kids hands. Though he felt a little peeved at being attacked and over powered by a mere boy. He had to admit, the strength in the blonds attack was powerful than that of Hoshigaki Kisame with his Samehada.

"Well gaki, you do have some strength in ya." Said Zabuza who looked into the piercing eyes of Naruto and saw a very serious warrior in them. He never really seen a person like this in his travels and is very tempted to have a straight out duel with the blond. But much to his dire, it would have to wait as he needed the money from this job. To hopefully jump start a new rebellion back in Kiri, because his home land needed a new leader. "So you got a name brat?"

Naruto raised a brow at being called brat by some guy that barely knew him. "Why would you want to know." He said irritably.

"Heh, I just want to make sure I get the name of the gaki who knocked me down before I kill him!" He said as he charged the whiskered blond with a downward strike. Naruto then successfully raised his lance up to black the older man's attack to deflect to his right and followed up with a kick to Zabuza with enough force to make him fall on his back on dry land. While making his hand glow with a white light before waving it off to shoot a small orb in his opponents direction.

The former Kiri hunter-nin saw the attack coming at him and his senses being as sharp as they are. Jumped out of the way of the unknown jutsu in time to see it explode in a massive burst. "Shit! This brat is not taking it easy on me."

"The name is Naruto Uzumaki Farron." He introduced himself before throwing the lightning covered lance as he knew his opponent would easily dodge it. Like he predicted, Zabuza did just that, but failed to notice that he had vanished from his sights. "Like I said before... A dead man." Zabuza's eyes widen in complete shock from hearing the Naruto's voice from behind and felt the blade of his land at the back of his head.

Naruto the noticed the shifting of his left arm as he could not see what he is doing with his hand, he was not sure what to make of this and was going to ask what he is doing, until he head. Suiton: Suigadan, Naruto did not know what to make of what he said as he heard something coming from the small lake that is inches from them.

"What's going on?" He watched the water carefully while not taking his lance away from Zabuza's head. He then saw three small whirlpool form in the water. He then got his answer when the whirlpools raised themselves from the lake and raced toward him. "Shit!" He Jumped out of the way in time to avoid the incoming attack from Zabuza. Naruto had landed on a tree branch as he narrowed his eyes at his opponent. "This man can use water base attacks with manipulation of some kind. Still, I can count on my lightning attacks, but that my more destructive spells could hurt the others. What can I do, he is in his element by being near the lake. Okay I press my attack, before switching weapons, and not to allow him to use his water element. But to make sure of this remains in my favor."

With Konoha Ninjas

On the sidelines were the ninjas of Konoha along with their mission charge. Sai looked at the new comer with mild interest as he saw great potential from the blond and would try to talk him into getting the said person into Ne ANBU. Nin-artist was also curious to the boys teleportation ability could be a bloodline perhaps. Since the only one know for this same type of speed was the late Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato. But this boy seemed to travel faster than that of the Kiiroi Senko.

Haruno Sakura was relieved that help came from the blond stranger as he seemed to hold his own against, Momichi Zabuza. She was shocked to see someone her age fighting on even grounds with the nuke-nin, and wondered what type of training he went through to get to this level. But she was happy that help came to them in their time of need.

Kakashi on the other hand watched the battle with interest as well. But he then felt like he was back in time of his youth in the Third Great Shinobi War. Because the way the blond was able to use a skill that looks similar to his late sensei was known for, minus the yellow flash. But the hair color of the boy kept reminding him of the past, sun-kissed blond like Minato's.

All the while, one certain Uchiha glared at the new comer with envy and jealousy that reminded him of his older brother. Along with the memories of how his father would never see him as a Uchiha. All he could do was blame Itachi for all the things that never went right with his life.

Back with Naruto & Zabuza

The nuke-nin then grinned at the excitement he was getting from the small blond. "I'll tell you this gaki." Said Zabuza as his grinned just got wider. "I have never once had this much fun in fighting someone who could possibly kill me, and my name is Momichi Zabuza, Demon of the Mist and one of the members of Kiri no Shinobigatana Nananin Shu. Be sure to crave that into my grave, if you managed to kill me."

"Very well then..." Naruto then summoned his weapons to him as they spun around his body wildly. They were could not be seen by the naked eye, however Naruto could see their transparent forms spinning. The weapons started to slow down when a pair of daggers with mechanical centers stopped in front of him. To anyone who saw this, they would see the daggers appear out of nowhere.

Naruto then threw one of his Orichalon Daggers at his opponent who deflected the weapon with his weapon. The dagger started to spin in the air after being blocked by Zabuza's sword and looked around to see where the blond would appear. Without any fail, Naruto appeared in front of the nuke-nin by delivering an axe kick to his head which made his opponent stumble back. The blond Farron then tackled the man hard enough to knock the wind out of him. Again, he did not stop his attack as he grabbed the man's suspenders tightly as if forcing his chest boot clad feet. Naruto then kicked off Zabuza's chest with enough force to send him into the water, all the while doing a back flip to land successfully on the ground.

Zabuza was not entirely lucky as he landed in the water and was screaming in agony from the lightning going through his body, before unconsciously falling into the water, face up. The lance then vanished from the water as it went back to the blond Farron. He then heard foot step coming at him fast as he knew it was the ones, he was protecting.

"Is he dead?" Asked a female voice as Naruto continued to look at Zabuza.

"No, he is just heavily stunned from the fight." Naruto answered before taking out Oath Keeper in gun-mode as he felt another person approached Zabuza's body. "And just who are you?" However he felt a firm hand on his arm that showed the silver haired man is okay.

"You can relax Naruto-san." Said Kakashi as he spoke in a friendly manner. "This person is a hunter-nin, by the looks of the mask and the symbol on the forehead, from Kirigakure I believe."

"Hai." Replied a feminine voice from behind the mask. "Thank you for weakening this man, as I have been tracking him for some time now. I will take it from here now, again thank you." With that, the hunter-nin left with Zabuza's body.

The whiskered blond was about to ask who the ninjas were until he heard. "Naruto!" The made the blond turn around to see his traveling companions rushing to him. "How can you be so mean to us, going off without saying anything of where you are going." Said Gurdy as the Moogle started to have anime tears.

He could one sigh in irritation at the Moogle's antic as he found it to be annoying. "I just needed to clear my mind for a bit Gurdy." He said as he crossed his arms. "That was until I found these people were being attacked by a man wielding a massive sword. So I decided to help them with the battle and well some hunter-nin took the guy's body away."

Shizuka then blinked a couple of times at her traveling companion's words. "What do you mean by a hunter-nin took Zabuza's body away?" She asked as Naruto then retold the events that played through his battle with Zabuza as he finished with the hunter-nin. "I think you guys were just tricked."

"Kakashi-sensei!" Yelled a pink haired girl as she tried to hold her sensei up. "Hey are you alright?"

Shizuka then walked over to the girl as she looked at the silver haired man for a moment. As she placed a hand on his pulse to check if he is still alive. "It's okay, he is suffering from chakra exhaustion and will need some rest for a few days." Said the Nadeshiko kunoichi.

"That's a relief." Said the pinkette as she let out a deep breath and the notice the one known as Naruto looking at her. "Is something wrong?"

The blond Farron had been looking at Sakura for a while in Shizuka's diagnostics. He snapped his head back from seeing an image of his mother Eclaire Farron for a moment. This girl, has a slightly darker or brighter color when compared to his mother, along with different eye color. "I am sorry, I did not mean to be rude to you... Um."

"Haruno Sakura of Konohagakure no sato." She introduced herself as she offered a hand to the blond. Who took her hand to shake it in a friendly manner. However, she was then pushed to the side rather hard as Naruto sped up to her and caught her to prevent the pinkette from falling to the ground. "Thank you, Naruto."

"Don't worry about it, Sakura-san." He replied as he looked over to see a raven haired boy glaring at him. "Well aren't you a pleasant person to be around."

"Fight me!" He demanded.

The blond Farron just looked at the Uchiha with a narrow eyes. "And what would me, fighting you prove?" He asked as he let go of Sakura. "Because from the looks of you, you would not even be worth fighting, much less even looking at you."

"What did you say, Loser!" He asked as he glared hard enough to try to make him explode. "You dare to refuse a challenge from an elite of Konohagakure!"

"No, I am refusing a spoiled brat, who cries to anyone who will listen to him and waits to get what he wants." Naruto said as he walked over to see Gurdy who is examining the silver haired man. Only to stop when he heard a call from the brat.

Katon: Goukakyuu no jutsu

Naruto turned around to see a large fire ball coming at him as Sakura managed to get out of the way. His eyes widen in surprise to see this large fire attack coming at him, and from the aura it emanated, it is a powerful attack. However he did not moved from his spot as he summoned all his weapons in front of his person. The whiskered teen watched the attack collides with his sword barrier. He he did put all his focus into maintaining the barrier to prevent those from behind him from being harmed.

Sasuke for his part smirked in triumph for teaching some clan-less nobody their place. This was very short lived when he felt a strike from behind as he looked to see his more antagonizing teammate hand chop the back of his neck. Sai the caught the last Uchiha with his hands as he lay him on the ground and the turned his gaze to the would be victims of the Katon jutsu. But he was shocked to see they are all physically safe, only to see the one known as Naruto fall to his knees.

"Naruto! Are you okay!" Asked Shizuka worriedly as she along with Gurdy are at his side as she looked him over. "That bastard tried to kill you!"

"I didn't know keeping your barrier is dangerous to you, kupo." Said as she placed took out a dark blue bottle from her pack. "This Elixir should help you regain strength, but save some for this man. Because we could use some help while we are here, kupo."

"Thank you Gurdy." Said the blond Farron as he drank half of the Elixir and then walked over to Kakashi as he lifted his head and moved his mask from the man's face as he poured the liquid into his mouth. "Looks like he will need awhile to regain consciousness. So it looks like I am going to carry him the rest of the way."

The red clad Moogle then flew in front of the blonds face. "What about that meanie, kupo?"

"I will carry him." Offered Sai as he slung the Uchiha's left arm around his shoulder and saw Naruto nod his head in appreciation. "Thank you um..."

"My name is Sai." Said the Ninja artist as he walked over to Sakura. "Are you ready to go ugly?" He said with a smile, only to be hit over the head by the said girl. This cause Naruto to chuckle at the two's interaction as it reminded him of his mother and his uncle relationship.

"Where were you heading to?" Asked Naruto as he looked at Sakura.

However, he saw the second adult that is in the group walk up to him. "They were escorting me back home." Tazuna answered for the other two as he explained the situation to the new arrival. "Basically, this bridge is my countries only means of survival and hope they need to keep on living. But that fat pig, Gato is just bleeding us dry with every second. So the time we spend talking is being wasted without me being there."

Shizuka only glared ahead at the direction of Nami as Gurdy pat the bridge builder back in sympathy. Naruto for his part closed his eyes to contemplate on his next move. True, he needed to find the reason for being in his home world after 13 years. But he could not simply ignore the calls of people in need and his uncle managed to place some ideals into his head about being a hero, to which Naruto could careless.

"I will join you in this mission to liberate your village, Tazuna." Said Naruto with closed eyes as Gurdy looked at him.

"Yay, we gonna beat the baddies here, kupo." exclaimed the Moogle as it landed on the ground to walk along side Naruto before turning to Tazuna. "Hey, if we beat them outta town. Will there be a feast?"

The old bridge builder could only blink twice and gave out a hearty laugh as he pat the little creature's head. "Sure thing there, ah Gurdy right?" He asked.

"Yuppers!' The Moogle replied as it flew up and sat on the man's head, who did not seem to mind. "Onward everyone!"

"Cosmos, Chaos, couldn't you just leave a more serious Moogle with me?" Thought the blond Farron with annoyance before walking along side Tazuna to his house.



Hours later: Tazuna's House

After placing Kakashi along with Sasuke in separate rooms to rest for the night. The rest of the party went back down stairs to sit down and relax for the moment. Tazuna then started to introduce his family with his daughter, Tsunami being very kind to the visitors. However, the man's grandson was not so hospitable to the party. Naruto did not seem to care about the boy's rant about Gato being all powerful. This just seemed to put Sakura a bit on nervous end for continuing the mission.

"I am sorry for my son's behavior everyone." Tsuname spoke as she came to the living room. "Ever since he saw his father be killed by Gato's men. He seemed to lost all hope in the world from that point on."

Sai then looked at the direction to where Inari ran off to. "So he became a brat?"

"S-Sai, don't say such a thing!" Yelled Sakura as she started to shake the pale boy violently. "He lost his father and seen him die. Can't you at least be a little more sympathetic to Inari?"

"We are ninjas, and that kind of attitude could affect you in the heat of battle." He reasoned as he watched the pinkette raise her fist, only to feel a hand on her arm. "N-Naruto?"

"Sai is correct, Sakura." Naruto said with a calm voice. "From what I learned in Nadeshiko no sato. Ninja are a form of military in the Elemental Nations and with this kind of information, can affect you in battle. However, it can also strengthen you to fight harder and to prevent another incident like this one from happening again."

They heard a chuckle coming from the side to see Kakashi was standing on his own with his arms crossed. "It seems that you have a way with words Naruto." He said with a bit of pride as he walked to the blond for a moment and the smiled under his mask as he placed his hand on his head. "It's a pleasure to meet you Farron Naruto, I'm Hatake Kakashi, the leader of these kids. Thank you for whatever you gave me to help me recover."

"Think nothing of it." Said Naruto as he waved his hand off. "So what will you be doing now?"

"Hmm, now that's a good question, indeed." The jounin mused. "I guess, we just have to get stronger before Zabuza returns, now won't we."

The blond Farron did not say anything to jounin. "You might want to keep that brat in line, though." He said as the man sighed and knew who he meant. "I will leave Gurdy with you to make sure that you are in good health, and don't worry, she is a medic." With that said, he left the house.



Next day with Naruto

It is a cold crisp morning in the middle of a forest where Farron Uzumaki Naruto sat against a tree. Earlier, the blond learned that people of this world said their last names first, then their first name last. He slept peacefully, with Brotherhood leaning against his shoulder. The ocean blue blade shinned in the sun light as a figure quietly stood in front of the blond.

"This person is a threat to Zabuza-sama..." Thought a black haired girl with dark brown eyes and wearing a pink robe around her. She then lifted her hand as she moved it to the teens neck in hoping to snap it. However, her gaze came on the item that hanged from his neck. It was the most beautiful looking necklace she had every seen.

Just then, Naruto opened his eyes lazily as he looked up to see a girl in front of him. There were no words he could say to describe her beauty, other than angelic. Unaware of the blush that is showing on his face, from just staring into the girl's eyes.

"Uuh... hello." Said Naruto as he tried to remain calm. "Way to go, all I can say is that." Looks around for a moment. "Did I sleep out here the whole night? I bet Gurdy and Shizuka are not going to let me live it down."

"What are you doing out here?" Asked the girl as her voice caught his attention. "You could catch a cold out here."

The blond scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. "Yeah, I was blowing off some steam from last night. Because I was somewhat pissed off by a brat, last night." He gets up from the ground as he dusted himself off. "So whats your name?"

"It is Haku, and you are?" She answered/asked.

"Farron Uzumaki Naruto." He replied in kind and watched as she walked over the other side of the clearing and started to pick some of the herbs. "What are you doing?"

Haku did not take her eyes off from what she is doing as she continued to pick herbs. "I'm making a medicine for my precious person."

"Ah, wait what?" He asked confusingly.

"My precious person." Haku repeated to the whiskered blond. "Someone that I would protect with all my being." She said with conviction in her voice. "I believe that a person can become truly strong, when they are protecting their precious person." Naruto looked at her as she turned to look into his eyes. "Do you have someone like that for you?"

Naruto looked at the ground for a moment as he thought about everyone he left behind in Cocoon as he smiled. This caused the girl beside him to blush at the way he looked, and his smile seemed to pull something in her. "Yeah, I do." He answered. "My mother back home, along with my aunt, uncle and family friends." Just then Boko came out from the sun-kissing hair as it flew over to Haku.

The said girl looked at the chocobo chick for a moment as she smiled at it and held her hand out. "And just who are you, little one." She asked.

"That is Boko." Naruto answered. "He was given to me, by one of my family friends as a gift, before coming to the Elemental Nations." Watches Boko fly around Haku's head before going back into his hair. "And he took residence in my hair, my only fear is him using the bathroom up there."

The two spent some time talking to each other about their likes, which both had to explain what the other meant. However Haku found his story about the Wish Fireworks in Bodhum to be very interesting. But like all good things, this little encounter came to an end. Naruto watched as this girl finish her herb gathering from seeing the basket she carried with her being full. He also knew this was the same girl who helped Zabuza escape from being killed earlier and new that he would be facing the man himself in the near future.

Now he had no problem in fighting Zabuza in an all out fight to the death. But now, he was not entirely sure if he can accomplish such an act. Because the way she talked about a precious person with such strong emotions in her voice. The blond Farron knew that he was going to be either to one to kill the man or then one to be killed by him. However, he could not allow himself to be killed as he has a family back in Cocoon waiting for him to come home.



A Week Later Tazuna's house

Naruto woke from his sleep as he went to bed pretty early in the night as he slept on the couch. The days prior to this he asked if Sakura would like to spar with Shizuka. Much to the dire of Kakashi as he knew where the other kunoichi is from and worried about his student's well being. But the blond Farron assured him that she will be okay and Gurdy would make sure the pinkette is okay. The Copy-ninja felt a little more at ease with their new friends words or in his case. The long lost son of Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato, the man being very sure of himself in Naruto being the man's son.

Sasuke on the other hand was extremely pissed off at his female teammate being the weakest, is getting training from someone. Who is probably stronger than the Demon of the Mist, Momichi Zabuza. He was going to comment the blond on why he did not teach him instead. But was stopped by Sai in saying that Naruto may not want a dickless crybaby with him.

The Nadeshiko ninja then turned to the last loyal Uchiha with a look on her face that promised pain before saying that Sai's words may come true. It was then that Kakashi took the boys over to supervise their tree climbing training. While the others walked to a far off clearing to see what the female member of Team 7 is capable of.

There were pretty impressed with her current level of strength in taijutsu. But Shizuka then told genin that she lacked proper balance in her form and needed to be correct. Naruto along with Gurdy could only watch the kunoichis talk about Sakura's new training regiment. Though he knew that Sakura could not learn the secrets of Shizuka's ninja skills. It was enough to give her the proper training in taijutsu for the moment, before going back to Konoha for more tips.

After the first day in training with the new fresh genin of Konoha who is tired out. Inari, Tsunami's only son began to talk in having no hope and have the ninjas give up in their efforts. Naruto having enough of the brat, summoned Kain's Lance and launched it between the boys legs (not hurting him) as he fell on his butt.

"Listen brat, you talk of everyone here does not know what suffering is." The whiskered blond spoke in a low tone. "But the truth is, that there are people who have it just as or more than you ever did. However some of them gathered the courage to move forward to break the cycle of their suffering. Right now, you talk as if you know the entire world is made up of suffering. My mother is living proof, that suffering can be conquered in the depths of darkness and each day that she lives is proof of it. So grow up, brat!"

No one knew what to say after those words were spoken from Naruto. Sasuke could care less about what the so called loser had to say and thought his words are for the weak. Sakura on the other hand wanted to know a little more on why he said his mother is proof. Sai was also deeply curious to what Naruto spoke about as it seemed the blond knew a lot more.

He was about to go to sleep, but stopped at the first step on the stairs. "Or would do you take great joy in taking any chance of hope that your grandfather, and your mother have in seeing this bridge being completed." Naruto did not say anymore as he went up stairs with Gurdy following close behind him.



Tazuna's House, Next Day

The sound of a woman screaming woke the blond from his sleep as his eyes shot open. Taking what little advantage he hand, he puts his boots on and flipped his Oblivion and Oath Keeper in their sword mode as he stared down the window and saw two men having the house's other two occupants against the door.

"Hey, how long do we have til we met that fat pig?" Asked a rugged samurai as he leered at Tsuname and his stare told her what he was getting at as Inari stood in front of her.

The second samurai looked to his friend as he grinned perversely. "We have all the time in the world." He said as he was about to raise his sword to kill the son of Tsunami. However he stopped when they heard something land behind themselves as they looked around to see if anyone was there. But they did not see any trace of a person, except two funny looking daggers on the floor. "I beg to differ on that." Said a voice from behind the two and before they could turn around. Their heads soon went flying off their shoulders as a hollowed center zanbatou sword could be seen.

Tsunami covered her son's eyes so that he did not have to see such a thing, but she soon recognized the person wielding the blade, Farron Naruto. His face looked very cold along with his blue eyes that glared down the two headless bodies at his feet.

"Are you two okay?" He asked as his voice seemed to bring the woman out of her trance, when she answered with a nod of her head. "Where did everyone go Tsunami?"

"Everyone went to the bridge." She replied as she saw Naruto looked to the direction of the bridge as he turned around, but made no move as he looked to Inari's covered face.

"It takes true strength in everyone to break the shackles of suffering, and even more to find you're guiding light" He uncovers Tsunami's hands gently. "Your father had honor along with dreams for his family, now. Live, you are his living legacy. His honor and dreams... he gave them all to you." Said Naruto as he ran off to the bridge on his own, as the daggers were summoned back to him.

"Daddy..." Inari said to himself as he looked into the sky. "I am, your living legacy."



Bridge Konoha vs Zabuza, Haku & ?

Kakashi looked to the side as he knew that Sasuke along with Sai were going to be okay. He then looked back to see Sakura along with Shizuka and Gurdy were keeping their ground against a new ninja, as they watched over Tazuna.

"Heh, I am a little disappointed in not getting the chance to fight the blond brat again." Spoke the former Kiri nin as he seemed to be very bored. "I was really looking forward to fighting with him. A straight duel with him, and with no strings attached. Well beggers can't be choosers, now lets take this battle up a notch."

The jounin narrowed his normal eye at his opponent as he dashed at the man again with his kunai. "I'm running low on chakra and have my sharingan activated for too long." Kakashi thought as he was trying to for up a plan, he then saw his weapon was getting damaged by the massive blade. "Tch, if I can make a Kage Bushin, it can make a distraction for a long enough for to reach Gurdy and have my strength replenished. However, that is a high gamble to go on. I hope the others are doing okay."

With Sakura, Shizuka & Gurdy

"This guy sure knows his stuff." Said the Nadeshiko kunoichi as she saw her pink haired partner as she jumped over her person, before coming to a slide on the ground to take the man off his feet. The ninja then did a back flip to avoid this attack as he grinned at the girls, only to hear.


Three bolts of yellow lightning rain down on him from the sky as he did a quick kawarimi jutsu with a piece of nearby wood to avoid damage. He then quietly along with quickness to avoid being detected by the three and was beind Gurdy with his clawed gauntlet raised to strike the Moogle down. However a rain of kunais stopped him from dealing the killing blow as Sakura looked at the ninja with anger.

"You bitches sure know how to fight, and here I thought kunoichis were just plain useless whores for seductions skills." Said the unknown ninjas as he irritably annoyed. "But I'm surprised with the one from Nadeshiko no sato being with you Konoha bitch."

"Great, we get the typical male, saying ninja and war, are a man's world." Said Sakura as she let out a sighed and her two friends nod in agreement. "I bet he is hardly popular or has to pay to get some girl to notice him."

Shizuka did not take her eyes off the enemy ninja for a second. "Focus Sakura, focus." Said the black haired kunoichi. "Our enemy is strong and we cannot afford to let out guard down, no matter what and the same goes for you Gurdy."

"I know, kupo." Said the Moogle as she had never fought a ninja before and is in a triangle formation, with the bridge building between them. "But it is hard to fight him in the mist... I got it an idea! But I need time to get ready, kupo."

Having no choice in the situation, they had to put all their trust in the little creature and charge the known ninja. With Shizuka letting out another barrage of kunais as the pinkette charge in for close combat, while dodging the projectile weapons. While this was happening, Gurdy then started to focus most of her Mana power into her next move.

The unknown ninja was did not know what to think on these girls strategy as he watched the pink haired one charge withing a barrage of kunais. For now, he did not know what to do since each were different in skill and from what Zabuza said earlier, they should be weak. But these three seemed to be great in a team battle as they trusted the other. A trait that is rare in the ninja world, and maybe he could play this to his advantage, if given the chance.


This thought ended when he heard the voice of the small creature again and like he expected. A lightning bolt shot down from the sky as this one did not look as strong as the other one and narrowed his eyes at the Moogle. But by doing this, he took his attention off the two girls coming at his front. He grinned at their stupidity as looked back to see the water behind him and new the prefect jutsu to get them out of his way. To his horror, he saw that his body was moving incredibly slower than normal. Sakura then got in close enough to deliver the strongest punch she could ever muster as she gave the nin a powerful uppercut, with enough power to send him in the air. Shizuka then followed up with a Fuuton infused punch to knock the nin through the bridge with a human sized hole leading to the water below.


A thick pillar of yellow lightning struck the water surface outside the bridge and electrocuted the ninja below to death. At this, the three females fell down to their knees from exhaustion as they are panting for air.

"...(pant)... That...(pant)..was close...kupo." Said Gurdy as she floated down on the floor and saw her two friends in arms gave a assured smile. "...(pant)... But we...did it!"

Sakura laid on the wooden ground with her arms and legs outstretched. "... Yeah, we did." She added with a smile on her face. "I...can get...back home...with my head up high."

"You and me...both, Sakura." Grinned Shizuka as she sat lazily on the ground. "But... this mission is not over yet." She hardened her green eyes at the two and they nodded their heads at each other.

"I seven Elixirs." Said the Moogle as it tossed two bottle two the kunoichis before all three of them taking a drink and waited for the affects of the liquid to take affect. But just as they were about to get ready to join the battle once again, the mist lifted. "What's going on, kupo?"


Kakashi vs Zabuza

The Copy-ninja was feeling the affects of his sharingan draining his body of chakra and knew that he would be killed if did not do something and fast, or he would be dead. He had previously used his Kuchiyose no jutsu through the use of a Doton to trap the former Seven Swordsman. With the hope of using his dogs to keep him in place to use Raikiri. Only for Zabuza to over power the summons and dodge the in coming raiton jutsu, the followed it with a kick to the his attacker's gut.

The former Kiri ninja then spun his sword in a swift move to wretched the dogs off his body successfully. Once freed, he looked into the eyes of his opponent and noticed that he looked tired. Zabuza then stalked over to the tired form of Hatake Kakashi who is on one knee. But then stopped when he saw his Kirigakure no jutsu Being canceled by someone. He was not sure if this was the work of an actual Kiri ninja as they are the only ones who know how to cancel the said jutsu and he did not want to find out at all.

But before he was going to strike the silver haired man down. He saw the form of another person coming right at him, and he knew who this person is from his looks. Zabuza then grinned happily at seeing the one person he desired to fight all week finally arrived.

Their weapons clashed with a loud clang sound as the blond sped past the bandaged-face covered ninja, and Naruto rolled on the ground before turning his body to kneel at Zabuza with his dual gun-blades. "I have been waiting for you gaki." Said the former Kiri ninja as he saw the blond frown. "Normally, my policy is to just complete my mission to earn some cash. But fighting you that one day, brought out the swordsman in me and my pride as one, wishes to have a duel with you, man-to-man. What do you say?"

The blond Farron then raised a brown at his opponent for a moment as he sighed. "Even if I would like to give you a duel, I am afriad it will have to wait." Said Naruto as he watched the man before him twitch his eyes. "However, I really must deal with the trash, before I can answer you." Naruto turned to the other side of the bridge to see Gato with an army of over twenty armed men.

"GHAHAHAHAHAHA, nice work there Zabuza!" Laughed Gato as he sat in a chair. "Everything has gone according to my prefect plan, and all that is left. Is to kill you along with the others on this bridge."

"What?" growled Zabuza as he somehow knew where this was going.

The small businessman then wiped his eyes from tears of laughing. "You see, I was never going to pay you from the beginning." He said proudly. "I mean, why pay a missing nin so much when I can just kill the guy after the job is done. Don't worry though, because I am going to make use of that bitch that travels with you and Tazuna's daughter." Just then Haku appeared in front of her master.

Naruto then grit his teeth as he summoned Orichalon Daggers before mentally throwing them into two of Gato's men as he vanished from everyone's sight. Only to reappear over the two dead bodies as he started to fight with Oblivion and Oath Keeper in their sword-mode. One man raised his sword as he charged the blond, only for the said person to kick the butt of the sword's handle, then spun his own body as he reversed the grip of Oblivion and stabbed the man in the gut. Naruto then turned around while changing Oath Keeper into its gun-mode before shooting at some incoming men. The whiskered blond the pried Oblivion out of the dead man's gut, before throwing it at another man to kill him with a stab through his head. Naruto the ran at another man in front of him as he jumped on the man's shoulders before dropping down while having the guy's head crossed between his feet and breaking his neck to spin in an circle while shooting the others. Before letting go of the dead body to roll on the ground to kneel on one knee.

With all the men under Gato's men dead, Naruto walked to the businessperson himself. Who is shaking in fear at the presence of this demon who killed all who stood in his path. He then took out a sword that is hidden in his cane in an attempt to protect himself. However the blond Farron had cut the sword in half with Oath Keeper's sword-mode and in the same motion, switched to gun-mode with the barrel end pointing at Gato's head.

"I really can't stand people like you..." Naruto said in a whisper. "You don't have any honor in you what so ever and see money as power. While people as pets for your amusement to play with at your whims, for that...die." The last thing Gato saw, was red eyes with a black slit piercing into his soul.


The bullet shot through the businessman's head as his brain matter stained the ground. Naruto's red cape fluttered in the wind as he stood in place while lowering Oath Keeper down with a shaky hand. He then looked into the cloudy sky above him and soon rain started to fall onto his form.

Everyone watched the blond stay in placed with a shaking body as Kakashi and Zabuza stopped their students/daughter from approaching Farron. "But Zabuza-sama..." Said Haku as she looked at her father figure with a concerned look on her face.

"This must be the kid's first time taking another person's life." Said the former Kiri ninja as he remembered his first time too. "He just needs this time for himself now." He looks over to Kakashi as he nod his head. "Listen I'm going to pull out for now, just tell the kid to wait for me please. I won't attack him or anything, I give you my word as a member of the Kirigakure no Shinobigatana Nananin Shu, alright."

"I'll give him the message." Said Kakashi as he too pulled his team back along with the Shizuka and Gurdy who wanted to stay. But he assured them, that Naruto would just be fine, with that they went back to Tazuna's house. Sai on the other hand left last from everyone else, but followed none the less.

With everyone having left the area of the battle that took place on the bridge. Naruto then dropped to his kness as he let Oath Keeper drop to the ground and started to look at his hands. "I-I... I-I just killed someone...a person." He thought of those few seconds after pulling the trigger and ending the man's life. "Okaa-san... What do I do now... How do I live with myself?" Just then he heard footsteps approaching his person. Naruto did not have the strength to see who this person that stopped right behind him. He then felt a pair of arms wrapping around his chest, followed by a head leaning against his back.

"You are going to catch a cold Naruto-kun." Said the voice of Haku as she too let the rain fall on her form. She was sure that the blond did not known what time it was or how long he hand been out in the rain. "Please, just let me take you to some place warm okay." Though she did not get a response from him and packed his weapons in a bag before approaching him. She then slung an arm over her shoulder and proceeded to walk back to the safe house that she along with Zabuza are staying in. "I wish you did not have to go through such a deed, Naruto-kun. But in the end, I think you- no, you have brought hope to some people in need. You are a true hero, despite what you think about yourself."



Nami no Kuni: 1 Week Later

Haku watched over the people who are building the bridge in the small country that is Nami. Though everything was peaceful between with them and the ninjas that helped Tazuna. One person seemed to be hell bent on getting what he wanted for himself. That person was Uchiha Sasuke as he demanded that Haku to surrender herself to him. So that she could help him breed a stronger line of the Uchiha Clan. This of course was met with a slap in the back of the head from Sai and Stop spell from Gurdy too. (He was released from the spell a day later)

Speaking of Sai, a few days ago he ventured around Nami to search for the missing blond on his own. Though he was nearly made into a pin cushion thanks to Haku on her part. She was a bit hesitant to let anyone see Naruto as he still did not seem well at the time. But the ninja artist raised his hands and explained that he only wanted to talk with Naruto. Haku warned the pale skinned boy not to try anything funny with the blond.

No one knew what was spoken between the two or to be precise three as Haku never left Naruto's side as she took care of him. But something from that day happened and the next day, Farron was seen walking among the people again. He was later joined by his two traveling companion along with Kakashi who talked with him when he could. Another day later after the recovery, Zabuza approached the blond to challenge him to a duel of swords (With Kakashi acting as the Referee). The match was close as the Kabukiri Houchou went against Oath Keeper and Oblivion in their sword-mode.

But neither could land a finishing blow against the other, because what it would mean for one person in the middle. That person was Haku, if Naruto won, he would be killing the girl's father figure and If Zabuza won, then he would kill a person that formed a bond with his daughter. So the two ended the battle in a draw against the other.

"So what will happen with the money that Gato has been taking from Nami?" Asked Naruto as he sat on the rail of the bridge with the female Hyouton user sitting beside him. "Is Zabuza going to use it to fund his rebellion against the Mizukage?"

Haku looked at the water blow the bridge as she could see their reflections before shaking her head. "No, he has just taken enough to have the needed funding and he is giving the rest back the people here." She answered the blond. "Will you not come with us Naruto-kun, we can use your help."

The blond Farron closed his eyes as he knew that he could not do that. "No, I need to head to Konoha with Kakashi-san and his team, since the village has a longer history that might be able to help me." He said with a serious voice as he saw the girl beside him lean her head down. "It is of great importance, that I go to the village that may hold some answers for me."

"I understand..." She said sadly as she did not want him to see her face.

Naruto did not know what to say to this girl to lift her spirits and even though he was given this mission. He did not want to leave her presence as she did not want leave his. But the path before him is one filled with many dangers that no one might not be able to handle. Destiny maybe, but he did have a right on who he wanted to be with.

"Haku..." He said her name quietly.

"Hai?" She replied.

The blond Farron scratched the back of his head for a moment. "Tomorrow is the day we separate from each other... So are you busy tonight?" He asked.

The daughter of Zabuza widen her eyes at the question, even though she is a ninja. A part of her remained to that of a normal girl in her teen. "I-Is he asking me out?" She thought nervously as he cheek started to turn pink. "N-No... I-I am n-not, w-why?" She asked while stuttering and kept her gaze looking forward.

Naruto too was blushing though he did not know it as he was trying to sound normal. "W-Well... I was wondering i-if you want t-to um... go f-for a walk w-with me tonight?"

"H-Hai." She said happily as she smiled.

Unfortunately for the two teens, they were not entirely alone at the moment as three figures that are Sakura, Sai and Gurdy the Moogle. Watched the two from a well hidden distance from, their view, while watching the scene of the two.

"Um, why did you bring me here?" Asked Sai as he was not being very tactful and the two females placed their's hands over his mouth. "Mmm mmm mmm mmmmmmmm mm mmmmm? (Why are you covering my mouth?)

"Geez, Sai learn to keep your voice down." Sakura said as she has a tick mark on her head.

Gurdy then flew up and sat on the ninja artist's head with her arms crossed. "She's right, kupo." The Moogle agreed as she watch the two in question from her perch. "But I'm not sure she has any other clothing, but what she is wearing now for their little date, kupo."

"I was afraid of that." The pinkette agreed as she bit her thumb before nodding her head. "I got it, Tsunami-san can help us out!"

"Really, kupo?" Asked the red clad Moogle as she saw Sakura nod her head. "Then what are we waiting for, let's go, kupo!"

"This still does not explain why I am being brought with them." Thought Sai as he was being dragged off with them again.

Little did these three knew, two former ANBU members watched them and the other two with some amusement as they shook their heads. "Did you give Haku the talk by any chacne?" Asked Kakashi as he watched Zabuza nod his head with his whole body shivering from the experience. "Poor guy..."



Later that night

Naruto stood on one side of the bridge with his dual gun-blades in their holsters. He then looked to the side for a moment when he felt a familiar presence that made him feel calm. It was Haku, dressed in an ice blue kimono with a matching obi and her hair tied in its usual bun. The blond Farron could not hide the blush from appearing on his face as he watched this angelic looking girl approach him.

The two spent their time walking with each other in a comfortable silence as they stopped to eat in a nearby restaurant. They just ordered whatever looked okay to them, or that was in his view of things as he was not sure about some of the foods in this world. They talked about their lives as Haku told her of her family, that lead up to this moment. While Naruto spoke of his own family in return and was not sure if Haku would believe him or not. But to his surprise, she did believe his story in coming from a place called Cocoon.

It was still early in the night as they walked together on the street with some people actually celebrating still after the defeat of Gato. The blond Farron then lead the Hyouton user into the forest, away from prying eyes of others. Haku was about to ask why he brought her here, only to be stopped as he held out a hand.

Just then a figure came down from the night sky as it gained speed with its descent. Only to float over the two teen's heads, the thing had a metal body with three purple wings on each side. In some ways it resembled a dragon by the looks of it. Naruto then climbed on the creature's back as he then held on hand out to the Hyouton user to join him. After a moment of waiting for Haku to make up her mind joining Naruto on Bahamut's back. The Eidolon then gently flew into the night sky with the two teens on his back.

However, something came to the back of his mind from the meeting of the two gods a week ago. Words that are going to haunt him in the future, until he meets his destiny.

The image of the two gods appeared before with grim faces on that day and the words played again for him from the Goddess that is Cosmos.

It is a Great Beast that is set into fractions of power, we do not speak of the Bijuus of this world. But they were to were once a single a long time ago, form that is a fraction of a greater evil. One that you must face in the future so that balance can be restored into the world. The creature was known as Orphan that your family defeated was also a fragment too. This beast fears you above all others in the worlds that hold a fraction.



To Be Continued

That is it for Chapter 2 in the story and I hope everyone enjoyed the story thus far.


Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu - Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique

Suiton: Suigadan - Water Release: Water Fang Projectile

Kuchiyose no Jutsu - Summoning Technique

Kirigakure no Jutsu - Hidden Mist Technique




Enthunder - This spell imbues Naruto's weapons with the power of Lightning.

Bravery - A spell used to enhance a party or enemy ally with strength.

Protectra - A spell used to create a barriers on the party or enemy allies to reduce physical attacks.

Stop - A time spell that can freeze targets body.

Slow - Another spell in Time category to slow an enemies movements.

Thunder - a low level lightning spell.

Thundara - a level two lightning spells that deals medium damage to an enemy.

Thundaga - The highest level in the lightning category to deal massive damage to the target.