Sigh. I've finally gotten in on the trend of writing drabbles for lj challenges, and I have finished the first week of the first year. So I've got a long way to go as for the drabbles, but here's the first of them!

Year 1, Week 1 (Birthday), Day 1 (Cake)

Mamoru stared at the blonde out of the corner of his eye, contemplating how to approach her. He had seen her many days before, and each day he thought harder and harder about how to talk to her. Then, he saw her stand up, preparing to leave her friends.

Mamoru smirked, picking up his coffee and holding it at a slightly outward angle, so that if he bumped into anyone, the drink would spill all over the other person. He stood up and began approaching the exit at an angle so he would crash into the mystery girl.

This would be a piece of cake.

Word count: 105