Year 1, Week 1 (Birthday), Day 4 (Gift wrap)

King Endymion couldn't help but let out a small laugh and smile as he shook his head. His wife was going all out for his birthday this year, despite Endymion's protests. Even Small Lady, only two years old, had a job to do to help prepareā€¦ even if it was only tasting birthday cake to decide which cake to pick. His wife thought she was being all secretive and he would be surprised, but Serenity could not keep a secret for the life of her, even through her body language, not to mention the fact that they could read each others' minds.

Endymion walked into his office to get some work done, only to see a rectangular box wrapped in blue gift wrap with a pink ribbon tied around it.

Confused, Endymion approached the package and tore off the ribbon and gift wrap, revealing the box the gift wrap took its shape around. He removed the top to the box and pushed the tissue paper aside, revealing a white stick. He picked the stick up and looked at it, perplexed.

However, he looked at the stick for a moment and smiled. There, in the little window, was a tiny pink plus sign.

Word count: 202