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It began with a doorbell

It had been another day in C.A. when Dan had heard the doorbell. He had been sitting in his extremely dirty apartment,with Mr. Mumbles in his also had been watching his favorite program:Population Control Johney.

"Oh,what now!"he cried,angry that he had to step away from the show. Dan was one who had very little happy things in his life,& he cherished each one. Well,almost each one.

As soon as he opened the door,he saw a small child in a pony outfit,that seemed to just barf pink into your eyes. The head was round with two ears & a puffy "mane" that went down to her chest. Her arms & "hooves" contained fliers with a picture of several ponies & in big letters it contained the words,It's time to celebrate!. The full piece outfit also contained a picture of three balloons on her "flank",& a large puffy tail that matched her "mane". She opened her mouth & began to sing with a large grin,

This is your singing telegram,to invite you to our jest,

Of which you could help us by being a very special guest!

There will be plenty of fun & ponies just as well,

That will make you feel so very,very swell!

For you see, you are invited to the pony marathon,

With every single episode since the very first one!

Yes,for everything to truly,truly,be at it's very best,

We need you to watch & be our very special guest!

The girl,completely & utterly exhausted from singing,collapsed onto the ground,sweating,but still smiling."Soooooooo?"

With a big frown,Dan said it as simply as possible."NO!"& with that,he shut the door on her.

Under the door slid a flier,& Mr. Mumbles picked it up & put into her little mouth,beginning to go into Dan's lap again.

"Stupid kid,doesn't ANYONE know that cartoons will rot your brain?"he complained,his hands clenched in fists & his head facing the door,is if to tell the girl."Come on Mr. Mumbles ,the episode is still on."Dan plopped onto the couch,& watched the rest of the program.

Mr. Mumbles went onto his lap with a small,"Meow!"& watched it with him.



Today,Dan was doing a few chores,& Mr. Mumbles was still asleep on the couch. That was,until the doorbell rang again.

"What the heck!I thought I told her to leave yesterday!"Dan speedily walked to the door & opened it.

The next girl was in a yellow pony suit,her body the same shape as her friends except for the two "wings" on her sides. Her "mane" was pink & was straight until the very end when it curled. On her "flank" were three butterflies,& her "tail" matched her "mane". Unlike the last girl,she had no smile but rather,a look of fear. "Oh!I-I'm sorry to disturb you!I was just here to hand out some fliers,& my friend Pinkie Pie said you needed one,so I-I-I-I c-came."the girl shrunk more & more,the fear seemingly increasing by the moment.

"Well your friend was wrong,so beat it!"a very annoyed Dan replied. Where are these girls coming from?

With a "Eeep!" the girl dropped all of her fliers, & ran away.

"& stay away!"he shouted before slamming the door,once again returning to what he was doing before.



It was now night time,& Dan was fast asleep,having one of his,Mr. Mumbles was sleeping on the small man's stomach,purring other words,both were sleeping happily & were not aware of the figures coming into his home.

"Are you sure about this Twilight?"

"Yes Fluttershy,I'm sure."

"Ugh! This place is simply disgusting!"

"Quiet Rarity!We don't wanna wake him up!"

"Well it is true Applejack!"

"Will you two be quiet?"

"Dashie's right! There should be more balloons!"


"Be quiet everypony! Now,do you all remember what to do?"


"Then let's get started..."