Moved in

Part 1

By Blockhed13

Today's the day. My parents died in a house fire caused by a gang who thought my house was another gang's meth lab. I was away at my friend's house at the time, but I arrived just in time to pick up the pieces of my scorched life. I was only able to save my laptop that was in my shoulder bag, and everything else was dust. My name is Kyle Grind, I'm sixteen years old, about 5 foot 6 inches, 130 pounds, and this is my story.

I sat in a limo that my uncle Reid sent to get me. Even the soft cushions wouldn't cheer me up. I opened my singed Mac Pro that burned with memories. It was still functional to my surprise. I was able to go on my facebook, but then I deleted it along with any other accounts that existed in my name. "This is death to me." I mumbled to myself.

Uncle Reid opened my door and greeted me. "Hey man, I'm sorry about your parents. I know how you feel. You can talk to me anytime you want." He welcomed sadly. My uncle Britt Reid wasn't really my uncle. But he was really good friends with my mother and father, so they considered him their brother. Therefore, he was my uncle.

I ejected a flash drive from my laptop and left the car. "Thanks for letting me live here uncle Reid." I thanked with a cracked smile.

"If you're gonna live here Kyle, you can call me Britt. I won't mind." He asked. I nodded.

I hesitated for a moment, "Do you have any guns?" I asked.

He looked at me puzzlingly, "Why?"

"I wanna leave my old life behind, and I wanna do it in style." I answered.

He stopped, then grinned, "Style huh? I have no guns, but do you have your drivers license?"

"Yeah," I answered, "Why?"

"I'll show you style," he grinned again, "Come with me."

"Okay," I answered.

He brought me to a giant garage filled with cars. "Pick one, any one." He offered. I looked around, then walked towards a dark blue Lamborgini.

"Uncle Reid- er, Britt, seriously?" I asked in awe.

"Yeah! Just don't crash it." He answered as he took my laptop and placed it in the center of his long driveway. I climbed in the car and buckled in. So cool!

I punched the accelerator, going to 60 in about four seconds. "WOOOOOOO HOOOOOO!" I screamed with happiness. I hit about 80, then ran over the last piece of my old life. I reached the end of the long pavement and I spun my car around just like a pro, and then parked it back in his garage. He ran up to me as I was getting out of the car.

"That was amazing! That was incredible! Where did you learn that? From the Green Hornet?" he asked smiling widely. I handed him the keys back.

"I had a few, uh, 'issues' in my old neighborhood and I learned how to do that because my 'issues' always followed me. And that's how I shook them off," I answered. He nodded with a serious face and a happy face mixed together.

"I'll tell you what, I've never been to your birthday parties and you went through this horrible incident," he reminded me, "And because of the way you handled that car, happy birthday." He smiled as he handed the keys back to me.

"W-what? You're just gonna give it to me? I… I couldn't." I declined as I shoved the keys back at him.

"Well, you are. I never drove it. And clearly, it was meant for you. I bought it because it looked nice, and I'd rather put a new car where this one is." He explained as he threw the keys in my lap, "You wanted to start a new life, right? Here's your start!"

How could I say no now? I picked up the keys and put them in my pocket. "Thanks Unc- Britt." I corrected myself.

"Think you can move it for the new car? There's a guest garage one floor above you just park it there and it is yours!" he smiled. This must either be the happiest man alive, or the drunkest man alive.

I parked my new Lambo and met him at the door. "C'mon, I'll show you around!" he invited. I calmed down my adrenaline, because driving that car is stimulating as hell. I joined him and we met an Asian man. "This is Kato, he'll serve as your baby sitter." He teased. We both ignored the last statement and shook hands. "He makes the coffee and fixes the cars."

"And I'm his executive associate." Kato added.

"Cool." I commented. "Any rules?"

"Just don't be in the garage at night. The day is okay depending on if I'm here or not." Britt answered. I nodded my head. "Other than that, I don't care if you party all day or all night, so long as you don't burn the house down. And tell me ahead of time so I can party with you!"

"What about school?" I asked.

"There is a nice school about three miles away. I heard the chicks there are insanely hot!" he answered. "What grade?"

"Oh, tenth. I only need to finish the last two months." I answered. He patted my back.

"With a car like yours, you'll be getting all the girls in no time! I'll sign you up tonight!" he promised.

He signed me up and showed me around the house. His house is freakin' huge! When we finished, he showed me my room. My room is about the size of the my old living room, which compared to my old room, is actually huge. "Anything you need?" he asked.

"A fridge full of Sparky's root beer, and I'll find a way to decorate my room." I answered.

"Oh, I'll send out Kato-"

"You don't have to, I wanna get a feel for my new car." I stopped him. He smiled and nodded.

"It's not really a grocery car, but I guarantee you it'll be one of the most expensive cars there." I promised.

"One of the…. Whaa?"

"It's a high end neighborhood, we aren't the only rich people here." He nodded. Well, at least the security will be good.

He handed me a debit card. "What's my limit?"

"I don't think there is a limit on that card. Whatever you can fit in your car?" he puzzled. I nodded and left.