"You're kidding me Sherlock, right? This is some kind of joke?"

"John, when have you ever known me to tell a joke?"

John grunted in agreement, eyes still locked on his laptop.

"But really, do you think email was the best way to tell me that we're being shipped off to Scotland tomorrow? I have a job you know! A job that expects me in tomorrow to do that job!"

"If you say 'job' one more time I will throw something at you. And I already called and told the clinic you were going to be away for a few days."

"Really? How very thoughtful of you." John growled.

Sherlock closed his eyes and settled onto the living room couch.

"You're the one who's always whining about needing a holiday anyway."

"A case is not a holiday, Sherlock! I know that now since you tricked into following you to France only to find out that we were going to be catching art thieves instead of actually appreciating it!"

"Oh, calm down! It's a simple murder case, it shouldn't take more than a few days for me to solve!"

"Right, because murder cases are always simple."

"Generally, yes."

John huffed but didn't say anymore. After reading the email again, he turned to Sherlock to ask something.

"Sherlock… Where the hell is Banff?"