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Nothing had quite prepared Elliot Stabler for the sight of his former partner kidnapped three years ago in the line of duty sitting so docilely on the floor of her hospital room in the plain hospital gown they forced patients to wear. He frowned watching the way Olivia pulled her knees up to her chest and laid her chin in between them carefully propping herself up as she wearily watched the door. She hadn't spoken a word since she'd been found and it wasn't for lack of trying to get her to speak that she hadn't.

He folded his arms as he continued to watch the way she glanced around the room again and again seemingly looking for someone. He turned his head as the doctor walked towards him. "Are you Elliot Stabler?" He asked looking down at the clipboard in his hand. He offered Elliot a kind smile as he looked into the room where Olivia was sitting. "We're afraid to restrain her but she won't stay in the bed. No matter what we try." He sighed as he looked at Elliot.

"What's wrong with her exactly?" Elliot asked his eyes staying on Olivia.

"We don't know. She had a long scar on the left side of the back of her head and a few scars here and there but otherwise she's perfectly healthy. All of her scans came back normal. She's not malnourished or anything of the sort. Though when we tried to take the leather collar off of her neck she got very upset. She started crying and lashed out pretty badly. We thought since it didn't appear to be hurting anything we'd leave it on."

Elliot nodded, "Has she said a word?"

"Nothing since she's been here. We were wondering though she seems to respond better to blonde women than anyone else. She's terrified of men in particular. We had to sedate her after an incident with one of the male nurses."

Elliot nodded, "She did that with us too when we got to her. One of the SWAT team that helped us was a blonde and she went willingly with her but no one else. I've been her partner for years and she didn't even appear to recognize me when I approached her."

The Doctor frowned, "In any case we'll continue to try and get her talking. For right now all we can do is hope she decides she's safe enough to talk."

Livia, or Olivia as she had been known, shifted her position once more. She curled tighter in the corner trying to make herself disappear into the green wall. Maybe if she disappeared she could go back. If she closed her eyes she could almost feel a soft hand running through her shoulder length brown hair. She could hear the soft voice addressing her in the sweet fashions. "Livia, what are you doing sweet one?" Her Mistress' low voice rang out in her mind. "Livia. Livia." She heard her call as the beautiful blonde woman knelt down holding out her hands for her beloved little Livia. Livia could almost see herself crawling across the floor as quickly as she could to the warm hands, she would lay down on her side her head resting so close to her mistress as she was pet so sweetly, one warm hand buried in her hair the other so gently caressing her. She would look up adoring into the pale face and beautiful sea foam green eyes of her Mistress and know she was completely safe and very well loved.

"Livia." She heard the soft voice and she dared to look up almost feeling as though she was home, she was safe waiting patiently for her Mistress to return home but to no avail. She shivered which caused her to open her eyes. She wasn't at home, she was in a cold little room with machines that beeped and wailed and no one to comfort her and promise her the affection she craved so badly. No, whoever these people were, whoever the man with the blue eyes was, he'd taken her away from her home and the one person who truly loved her. She only hoped her Mistress would come for her soon. Surely she would. She loved her, she told her so all the time. She would come shortly explain all of this as a misunderstanding and whisk Livia back to the manor where she belonged. She wouldn't allow them to remove her collar, she would fight them if they tried. It was after all her only reminder of her home and her mistress. She wouldn't betray her Mistress like that. Mistress had given her the collar after weeks of lavishing her with craved attention and affection. She had given her the collar with it's little tag that read her name and that of her Mistress' on the back but she'd not let anyone close enough to it to see it. She reached out sliding her hand along the supple leather and stopping at the little silver tag. She traced her fingers over the engraving of her name done with such beautiful flourish. Livia. Twisting the tag slightly she slid her fingers along her Mistress' name. Jocelyn.

Author's Ending Notes: Yeah I like J names. Leave me be. I couldn't resist using my favorite J name in this one. And Livia seems more elegant for this than Olivia though I do adore that name for rather obvious reasons. I promise there is a reason for the dropped O.