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Chapter 12

Alex stroked her fingers along the simple gold band she'd had made for Livia. She gently touched the little charm she'd had attached to it. It'd come from Olivia's own necklace. One she wore all the time. She smiled and set it aside. She looked up at the man at the counter. "It's a beautiful piece. Very simple and elegant. Your lady is very lucky."

"I'm the lucky one." Alex stated looking back at the gold band. It would look so beautiful on Livia's olive toned skin.

The man smiled and nodded, "Yes of course. I hope she likes it."

"I do too."

Livia was standing in the kitchen talking to Mitsuru when Alex got home that night. She heard both girls start to laugh and smiled when she saw Livia's huge smile.

"What are you two doing in here?" Alex asked as she walked in pulling her suit jacket off.

"Just talking. I met someone." Mitsuru smiled.

"Really? That's wonderful news." Alex was delighted.

"She sounds like a wonderful person." Livia added.

"She really is. I really liked her."

"Where did you meet her?" Alex asked.

"She's in my English class. She's a biology major. She's a sophomore."

"What's her name?" Alex asked smiling at the big smile on Mitsuru's pretty face.

"Alice. We have a project together so I was wondering if it was all right if she comes over tomorrow?"

"I don't see where that would be a problem." Alex smiled. "I'll be at the office most of the day. Livia would you like to go with me?"

Livia looked up, "You don't have court?"

"Shockingly enough no. I'm just going to be doing a backlog of paper work. Besides that if you get bored I'm sure Cragen, Elliot and the boys would enjoy you going to see them."

Livia smiled, "I could." She agreed looking down. Mitsuru smiled, "Well I gotta go study but I dinner is the oven. Call me if you need anything?" She sashayed by them leaving them in silence.

Alex was sitting up in bed, the soft light from the lamp was the only light in the room. She twisted the collar in her hand again and again and slid her finger along the little square charm. She didn't look up when the bed dipped knowing Livia had climbed in beside her.

"I had this made for you. Do you like it?" Alex asked sliding her fingers along the gold.

"It's beautiful." Livia breathed. "It's mine?" She looked at Alex with wide eyes.

"It's yours if you want it." Alex held it out for Livia to see.

Livia reached up tracing her fingers along the smooth metal. It was different from her former collar which had been leather and had her tag on it.

"This is Olivia's isn't it?" She asked touching the beautiful little square charm. She smiled, "Will you put it on me?"

Alex smiled, "I thought you'd never ask."

She watched Livia hold up her hair willingly allowing Alex to buckle the collar around her neck. It was such a trusting beautiful look. Alex leaned forward and gently unbuckled the collar and slipped it around her neck. She tenderly slid her hands to Olivia's covering them and pulling them from her hair. She carefully combed Olivia's brown hair around her face noting how it only enhanced the gold.

Livia held perfectly still her chest rising and falling a bit more rapidly. "How does it look?" She asked.

"Beautiful. Just like you." Alex responded softly.

Livia's smile was so big she felt like her cheeks would fall off. "May I go look?" As soon as she had Alex's nod she ran to the bathroom clicking the light on and staring at the new image of herself. She reached up tracing her fingers over the collar, noting how like the little tag from her previous collar, the little charm fell right in the hollow of her throat. She turned seeing Alex standing in the doorway smiling at her.

She ran towards her throwing her arms around her unable to express how wonderful it felt to finally have Alex's collar around her neck. Alex smiled holding her in return and pressing her lips tenderly to Livia's. It was the first time since the night she'd removed Jocelyn's collar that they'd shared kisses like this. They'd both agreed to wait until they were ready although they had gotten hot and heavy a few times since then.

Livia gently pushed Alex back towards her bed shedding clothes along the way until they both collapsed onto the bed their lips pressing together over and over again. Livia rolled so that she was straddling Alex's hips and smiled at her. She hoped she cut an appealing image. Jocelyn had told her once that she was never sexier than when she was naked with only her collar around her neck. She wondered if Alex thought the same but looking at her eyes she realized she didn't need to worry. She smiled and leaned down pressing her lips to Alex's in a tender show of affection that quickly turned heated. Hands roving, mouths touching things progressed as naturally between them as if they had been lovers for years. Livia found herself gripping Alex's blonde hair as the woman kissed and licked her private places coaxing orgasm after orgasm from her. Of course Livia had done this to Jocelyn a few times but never did her former Mistress use her mouth on her. Sometimes she would kiss and nip at her nipples but never would she go further. It only made her realize how lucky she was that Alex was so willing to pleasure in whatever way she wanted.

When the time came she easily reciprocated the flavor loving the intoxicating flavor of her new Mistress. Alex weaved her fingers into her hair the same way she had done previously but she was careful to keep her hands from pulling the brown locks. Livia had a very talented mouth and Alex forced herself to not think of how many times she'd likely used some of the tricks she was using to work her body into a frenzy like she had Jocelyn's. In the many months since they had found Olivia again and since that night at the precinct Jocelyn never called or came around. Alex wasn't sure if it was a good thing or not because she wondered if Livia would've gotten more closure from speaking to her and telling her how hurt she'd been or if it would've done her more harm. She shook her head, tossing her hair slightly to force the thoughts from her mind and focus solely on what her beloved Livia was doing for her.

Their love making lasted hours into the night leaving them both satisfied and exhausted. Willingly Livia curled into Alex's arms. She traced her fingers over her collar and the little tag over and over again. "it's so pretty." She murmured softly. "I love it so much."

"It fits you."

"It makes me yours." Livia looked up at her with adoring eyes.

Alex smiled reaching out and gently running her fingers through Olivia's soft hair. "We belong to each other Livia."

Author's Notes: Okay so I know I promised smut but I wanted this to be somewhat whimsical and more beautiful than just very graphic. I also wanted to use the collar as symbolism between who Olivia was and who she is now and I hope I achieved that if not I failed miserably. And I'm really sorry. Like I said I think I can consider it pretty much done but who knows I may add something else or do a one shot or two to sort of wrap up any loose ends. I hope it's been a good read for you guys. I tried really hard with it. It was a very interesting journey for me and something that had some very deep personal meanings to it.