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With out Edward, I felt like nothing, therefore I became nothing. As time passed on, I became like a ghost, hovering through my life, like I had died, and my spirit had lingered, not realising my time was up. Each day was the same, I would wake up, and force my breakfast down my throat, leave in my truck, to go to school, linger through the day, no different to the posters that no one looked at in the hall. For that, I was thankful. I felt like nothing more than a poster, or a potted plant, or any part of the decor. I would go home, and wait for Charlie, dinner would drag on - as the days went by, he would stop asking me about my day, because my answer was always the same lie, "Fine, Dad."

Then I would go to my room, sit at my window, and wait for the sun to set. Curled up on my bed, holding a pillow like it was Edward, I would cry myself to sleep. Even in my dreams, Edward abandoned me. Each night, I would wake up screaming, begging him to come back. But, of course, Edward didn't show. Charlie would be there for me, and reassure me that everything was alright. He would stay in my room, until I fell back asleep. Some mornings, he would be asleep in the chair near my window. Others, he wouldn't be.

Even when Renee emailed me, she seemed so happy, but I just couldn't process the thought of anyone being so happy, when I felt so much pain. With each daily email, I stopped reading them, just telling her the same thing, "Everything is fine. Charlie is fine to."

At week ends, I would just stare at the woods nearby, and hope that Edward would walk from between the trees, and light up my life again. He never did.

A/N: I wrote this because I was having a conversation with MusicTwilightLove and we both agreed, that Stephenie Meyer should have expanded more on those lost four months in New Moon. So, here it is! I kept the story short, because I didn't want it to be super long, and mess up the plot of New Moon. Enjoy!