Summary: E/O CHALLENGE. Drabble word: dust. Outsider POV of Dean Winchester on a hunt. Title taken from and drabble inspired by that children's poem about the "gingham dog and the calico cat," The Duel, by Eugene Field.

Word Count: 100 on the nose.

The green eyed huntsman and the scaly red zhat,

They hated each other, and that's a fact.

The house was its lair, filled with dust, bones, and quiet,

When the blond boy entered, there was such a riot!

"Sonofabitch!" the seeker spat.

"AAARRRRRROOOOOOOO!" howled the zhat.

The human looked tasty, fresh young meat.

But he didn't get eaten, which was quite a feat.

They slashed at each other, bone claws and bless'd steel,

'Til finally the poor zhat began to squeal.

It dropped to the floor, lifeless and blue.

I saw the whole thing, so I know this is true.

A/N: I've gone completely off the rails with this one. Big surprise, huh? I need to either up my meds or reduce them. Don't know which yet.