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Chapter 1

Haldega Technology Agency

Los Angeles

9:15 PM

The hallway was dark and narrow as she slowly edged her way along the side wall, gun extended and finger on the trigger in case of a surprise attack. There was a door at the end of the hall that led to the room she was supposed to enter in about thirty seconds or else the alarm would go off, revealing her whereabouts to the building's inhabitants.

"Hey, Bluebird, I've detected a guard headed your way. You better get in that room fast or you'll be compromised." The voice of her partner spoke into her earpiece.

"Roger that, Honey Pot. I'm at the door now." She responded as she lowered her gun and tried the knob. It was locked, which was expected.

"You've got ten seconds."

"That's all I need."

She pulled out a small tube, which to the ordinary eye would look like lipstick and applied it to the base of the knob. There was a click and the door opened.

"I'm in." She replied as she walked inside the room and quietly closed the door behind her.

"With three seconds to spare." Her partner breathed out a sigh. "Do you see the disk?"

The room was lit by a dozen machines blinking in different colors. A metal desk sat in the corner with papers and folders piled on top. She approached the desk and found what she was looking for.


"Good. Grab it and head out."

She smiled as she picked up the tiny disk from on top of the desk and placed it in her pocket.

"Where is the guard?"

"In the other hall. You have another thirty seconds to leave the room and vacate the hallway before the alarm sounds. Think you can do it?"

"Piece of cake."

She opened the door and exited the room, gripping her gun as she hurried down the hall.

"The guard has turned around. He's headed your way again!" Her partner raised his voice. "You have to get out now!"

"I'm going as fast as I can."

She rounded the corner just in time to see a large man dressed in a black suit walking her way, gun pointed in her direction.

"Stop!" The man shouted.

She raised her gun before he could pull the trigger and shot him in the neck with a tranquilizer dart. The guard grabbed his neck with a cry of pain and dropped to the ground unconscious.

"One down." She grinned. "See any more?"

"Two more around the next corner."

"Bring it on."

She started running down the hall now and was soon met by two more men who were caught off guard by her arrival. She shot one in the thigh and ducked just in time to feel a bullet from the other guy skim past her shoulder. Before he could fire another round at her she jumped up, kicked the gun from his hands and shot him in the chest. He went down with a thud and she quickly made her escape.

"That was a close one." Her partner chuckled.

"Any others I should be aware of?" She asked as she continued to run through the halls.

"Not that I detect. You should be approaching the exit on your right."

She spotted the door ahead of her and pushed through it into the cool night air of downtown Los Angeles.

"Hey, you!" She turned to see a guard rush out of the building she'd just exited and aim his gun at her.

Suddenly there was a shot and the guy went down with a dart in his shoulder. She spun back around to see a black van pull up beside her and her partner stick his head out of the drivers side with his gun extended.

"Get in!" He shouted to her.

She didn't hesitate as she opened the passenger side door and jumped in just as he stepped on the gas and sped away.

"Nice shot." She grinned as she looked over at him.

"You're lucky I was here to take it." He grinned back as he gripped the steering wheel with both hands. "Good work, Agent McDonald. The boss will be proud."


Apartment building West side Toronto

3:02 AM

Casey let out a sigh as she unlocked the door of her apartment and stepped inside. She closed the door behind her and took off her jacket, placing it on the hook to her left. Next came her shoes as she slipped her exhausted feet out of them and placed them neatly to the side.

After a three hour journey on the Private Jet from L.A. to Toronto she was exhausted. All she wanted to do now was get undressed and have a nice hot shower to relax her nerves and then snuggle up under her comforter and try to get some sleep before she had to wake up at eight for another day of work.

Casey walked into the living room and saw the red light flashing on her answering machine letting her know she had some missed calls and unheard messages. She pressed the button next to the flashing light, dialled her password and waited for the messages to start.

"Hey, Casey, it's Mom. I just wanted to remind you that it's your Cousin Victoria's engagement party next week and your attendance is a must considering you are in the wedding. Please don't let her down. We all look forward to seeing you. Love you lots and call me tomorrow if you get the chance." Beep!

Casey groaned. She'd completely forgotten that Vicky's engagement party was next week. She'd have to let her boss know immediately, even though she'd rather work than have her cousin flaunt her rich fiancée around and have everyone asking when Casey was going to settle down and find a good guy to marry.

"Hi, Miss. McDonald." The next message started. "This is Victor Gregory from the Gyatt Association calling to confirm your appointment next Friday at three. We look forward to making your acquaintance and hearing your proposal."

Casey let out a sigh. She'd also forgotten about the appointment she'd scheduled with Harvey Gyatt, the owner of Gyatt Association and the new founder of iPros 7: a new computer software designed for the future. Her younger stepbrother, Edwin, was studying business in University and in need of a job. Since Casey was a close friend with one of Gyatt's employees, she promised she would put in a good word for him.

"Hey, Spacey! Guess who?" The last message began and Casey rolled her eyes. He was the last person she wanted to hear from tonight, so instead of playing the message, she turned off the answering machine.

"Sorry, Derek, but I'm in a rather good mood right now and whatever you have to say will most likely change that." Casey spoke aloud as she began to make her way towards the bathroom in the hall.

It wasn't that she and Derek were on bad terms or anything; in fact they'd grown up a lot since high school. Attending the same University surprisingly brought them closer together over the years. Every second week, the two stepsiblings agreed to go out for dinner together, just so they would keep in contact, and eventually it became every week, bringing them closer as friends. Of course they still argued from time to time and Derek still loved to get on Casey's nerves but they couldn't deny the change in their relationship and neither could their friends and family.

However, since Derek was discovered by Hockey Scouts two years ago at Queens, and started playing professionally, Casey hardly saw him. He was always travelling and never at home. Ironically, it was exactly what Casey was doing as well, minus the hockey and of course it being a secret, so it wasn't like she'd have much time to see her stepbrother much anyway.

"That's odd..." Casey whispered as she turned down the hall and saw that her guest bedroom light was on. "I don't remember leaving that on when I left this morning..."

Casey quickly and quietly made her way towards the door and tried to listen for any sounds or movements from inside. When she heard none, she took a deep breath and pushed open the door.

"Hey," spoke a deep set voice from behind her and Casey spun around ready to attack. "Whoa! Kung fu Princess, chill out, it's just me." The intruder said with his hands raised in surrender. "Didn't mean to scare you." He smirked.

Casey let out a heavy sigh as she dropped her fists and glared at the intruder, "Der-ek! What are you doing here? It's the middle of the night!" She demanded to know.

"Didn't you get my message?"

Casey mentally kicked herself for not listening to his message and shook her head with a sigh, "No."

"You should really check your messages, Case, they could be important." Derek smirked.

"Just tell me why you are in my house at three in the morning, Derek?" Casey groaned with impatience.

"I couldn't stay at the hotel. My roommate has the flu and I can't afford to get sick during playoff season." Derek shrugged.

"So you came here?" Casey seethed through her teeth.

"Yeah, you have an extra room, so I thought why not put it to some good use? And besides, I knew you wouldn't mind."

"Wouldn't mind?" Casey scoffed. "For your information, I do mind very much! Especially when it's so late at night and I'm tired!"

"Calm down. It'll only be for a couple of nights. Then I'll be headed to Alberta."

"How did you get in here anyway?" Casey asked with her hands on her hips and a raised brow.

"I borrowed your key from your purse one day and made a copy."

"Der-ek!" Casey cried as she smacked his arm.

"Hey, I was only thinking of you!" Derek raised his voice as he rubbed the spot where she'd hit him.

Casey narrowed her eyes at him, "Oh really, Derek? Stealing my key from my purse and making a copy without my consent was thinking of me?"

"Yes," he nodded. "What if there was ever an emergency and you couldn't get into your place or you were unconscious inside of your place and no one had a way of getting in...? You could die..."

Casey rolled her eyes and then a thought suddenly occurred to her, "Why didn't you ask your girlfriend if you could stay at her place?"

Derek scratched the back of his neck as he stared at the ground, "We... uh... kind of broke up."

"Kind of broke up? Weren't you dating for two years?"

"Yeah... things just weren't working out."

Casey frowned, "I thought you really liked her?"

"I did... but then I realized that she just wasn't the girl for me."

"Oh? And who is?" Casey raised a brow.

"I'll let you know when I find her." Derek winked.

"I can't wait." Casey sighed with sarcasm.

She couldn't believe she had to deal with this right now. The night had gone great so far. Her mission had been successful, her boss was thrilled, and she was ready to have a hot shower and relax with a book in bed. But no, he had to show up and ruin everything!

"You can't stay here, Derek." Casey stood her ground as she folded her arms across her chest.

"You'll hardly notice I'm here. I promise." Derek smiled, pleading with his big brown eyes.

Casey groaned as she pinched the bridge of her nose, feeling a headache coming on, "Fine, you can stay for the night but tomorrow you are gone."


She raised a hand to silence him, "I don't want to hear it. I am going for a shower and then I am going to bed. I don't want to hear a sound coming from you for the rest of the night. Got it?"

"Can I at least breathe?"

"I'd rather you didn't." She said as she turned away from him and headed towards her bedroom to grab a change of clothes before her shower.

"Funny," he snipped with sarcasm. "So what are you doing getting home this late anyway?" Derek asked as he followed her.

"I... had to work late." Casey replied without turning around.

"Till three in the morning?"

"Yes, now will you please leave me alone?"

"I see that Blue agency or whatever is still working you hard."

"It's R.E.D. and yes, hence it being my job."

"What is it you do again?"

"I research." Casey lied.

"Research what?"

"Economic studies."

"Sounds fun." Derek drawled.

"You have no idea." Casey smiled as she turned back towards her room.

"Hey, what's that?" Derek asked as he grabbed her by the arm.


Derek was staring at the back of her right shoulder with concern, "There's something on your shirt."

Casey tried to see what he was staring at but it was out of line with her eyesight, "I don't see anything."

"Case, it looks like blood."

Casey's eyes widened. The bullet from the guard must have skimmed closer than she thought. How could she not notice that?

"It... It's nothing." Casey tried to pull away from his grasp.

"It looks like you're cut. Take off your shirt."


"I need to take a look at it. It could get infected."

"Since when do you know anything about cuts?"

"I'm a hockey player, Case. Trust me; I know a lot about cuts. Now take off your shirt so I can look at it."

Casey shook her head, "I'll be fine. I can take care of it myself."

"You can't even see it. Let me help you."

"Derek!" Casey snapped. "I can handle it."

"There's no need to get so defensive. I just want to help."

"I don't need your help. It's just a cut."

Derek sighed, "Casey, if you don't take off your shirt, I will be forced to take it off myself."

"You wouldn't." Casey glared at him.

Derek smirked, "You know I would."

"Derek, this isn't just an excuse to see me without a shirt is it?" Casey smirked at him. Hoping to catch him off guard and make him rethink his decision. If she took off her shirt, he would see the other bruises and cuts on her body from the many other fights she'd been in over the years due to her job.

His eyes widened in shock, "W...what? Why... why would I want to see you without a shirt?" He stuttered out, suddenly feeling very uncomfortable.

"I don't know," she shrugged. "You tell me?"

"Casey, you really are bleeding. Can't you just accept that your stepbrother wants to help you?" He was starting to sweat.

"Derek," Casey smiled affectionately as she placed her hand on his arm, "I appreciate your concern but I can handle a little cut. I'll just use the mirror in the bathroom to bandage it up. Ok?"

Derek nodded hesitantly as he stared at her hand on his arm, "Um... Yeah... ok. Fine."

"Good night." Casey said as she removed her hand and made her way into her bedroom and closed the door.

"Night." Derek breathed out with a sigh.

Phew. That was a close one. Casey thought as she started searching in her drawers for some clothes. There is no way that Derek can stay here more than one night. If he finds out my secret, I'm screwed.

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