~The next day, before the dance...

"Maka, ya ready?" Soul said as he appoached her room. He stiffly straightened his red tie against his solid black attire.

"Yup!" Maka replied, meeting him outside of her room. Her dress just stopped at her knees and was pretty feminine despite Maka's tom-girl attitude. It was a lavendar color with blue frills at the bottom. She had a small flower pinned just above the right side of her chest. Her hair was up in neat pigtails, curling at the tips of them.

Soul grinned at her appearance and dangled his keys.

"Let's go!"

The motorcycle hummed loudly as they sped to the DWMA. The cobblestone under the bike made for a bumpy yet soothing ride. They skidded to a stop outside of the DWMA. Black Star and Tsubaki were awaiting their arrival outside the school.


Soul grinned.

"Can't help it that I have a sweeter ride than you."

Sparks flew from Black Star's eyes. Tsubaki turned to him with an apologetic smile.

"Black Star, don't you think we deserve one evening without you and Soul having it out..?"

Black Star turned away from her and stuck his nose into the air with a "hmph". She sighed as everyone made their way into the building.

'Maka, you look beautiful.'

Stein's voice appeared in her mind and she looked around to find him. Stein was propped against the wall opposite of the food table. He grinned at her and Maka smiled in response. He gestured for her to follow him. She quickly turned to Soul and tugged his sleve.

"I'll be right back, I have to find the bathroom!"

Soul stared blankly back at her as she ran off.

"Psch..Girls...They spend all that time getting ready then they have to go to the bathroom to make sure everything is still in tact..." Soul mumbled.

Stein slipped out into a small section of the balcony. Maka followed after him. He immediately picked her up and spun her around, sitting her on the railing of the balcony. She smiled brightly at him; now they were at eye-level with each other.

"You look stunning." Stein said with a grin as he kissed her forehead.

Maka's face slowly turned pink with this statement and returned the kiss.

"I have something for you..." He rummaged around in his pockets until he found a small box. The box was navy blue with a bright blue bow on it. Maka slipped the bow off and opened the box wih a look of astonishment. The necklace was gold, enlaced with purple lace in between the gold links. The charm was the size of a silver-dollar. Small amethyst crystals where around the rim of the charm. The circle was hollow, resembling a large ring.

"It's beautiful!"

Maka hugged Stein around the neck firmly. He kissed the top of her head and stroked her hair. He rose off of her and slid the necklace over her head so that it dangled across her chest. Her face was red as Stein watched the necklace dangle brightly.

"Thank y-"

Maka was cut off by a loud noise inside the ballroom of the DWMA.

"What's happening? C'mon!"

Stein took Maka's hand as she jumped off of the railing beside him. Inside, dust and rubble lay everywhere as a slender young man with pale pink hair swung around a large black sword.

"But Medusa...There's so many people in here...I don't think I can deal with this many people staring at me like that..." He whimpered, stirring up the dust with his sword.

The DWMA students stared blankly at young man, appraising his scrawny figure and the huge sword he was weilding.

Stein quickly pulled Maka back to where they were.

"Dammit...Medusa is here...Maka-"

Maka quickly pecked Stein on the cheek.

"I'm going to go fight her!" She said with her usual determined smile.

"You told us that we were good enough to fight her, right, Stein?" She said, using his name to strengthen her statement.

He abruptly embraced her.

"She's extremely powerful, Maka...I told you that you guys would stand a chance...Winning is another matter..."

Maka tensed and gripped Stein's side.

"Then, fight with us," She said, her voice muffled against Stein's shoulder into his sitched white shirt.

"If it comes down to it, I will..."

Suddenly, Spirit came around them and stood in surprise.

"Maka..? Stein?"

They quickly broke apart and Stein stood in front of Maka and acted as though nothing had happened.

"Spirit, what's happening now?"

Spirit's face went cold as he spoke, trying to ignore what just happened also because right now wasn't the time to worry about it.

"It's Medusa. She has Crona trying to distract everyone. We need to fight now!"

Stein nodded and turned to Maka.

"Let's go."

All three of them ran into the room.

"SOUL!" Maka called out. Soul ran to her and they both followed Stein and Spirit.

"Are we just going to leave them back there?" Soul panted as he ran.

"They can deal with Crona, we're taking on Medusa!"

"Now that's what I wanted to hear." Soul said with a wicked grin.

Eruka was outside the DWMA, controlling the snakes Medusa lent her to seal the school from the inside so no one could interfere.

"You! Let down the barrier!" Stein yelled as they reached the black transparent shield.

Eruka grinned mischeviously.

"Not a chance. Medusa's orders!"

Maka looked at Soul.

"Let's break down the barrier. Ya ready?"

"Hell yeah!"

They took each other hands.

"Soul resonance!" They both shouted.

Their souls gave off yellow and blue sparks everywhere as Soul began to transform into the large mystical scythe once more.

"Give it our all!" Soul shouted.

Stein and Spirit began to resonate as well, Spirit transforming into the black staff-scythe.

Stein looked at Maka.

"We'll do this at the same time! Ready?"

Maka nodded sharply as the wind picked up around both of them. Eruka stared in awe at their resonances.

"Dammit..." She murmured.


As soon as the scythes touched the barrier, Maka saw a large black snake lunge out towards her face and abruptly strike her neck.

"AH! Dammit!" Maka staggered back and let go of Soul as he went through the barrier and shattered it with Spirit.

Eruka quickly ran in the opposite direction, calling out for Medusa.


Stein, Spirit, and Soul rushed to her. Blood was streaming down her neck and falling onto the cobblestone street. Her body pulsed massively, disrupting her soul wavelength.

"Maka, stay concsious..."

Stein quickly ripped a piece of his lab coat and tied it around the bite to slow down the bleeding.

A loud screech was heard as Crona ran up behind them and swung his sword, Ragnorak using his screeching as a soul wavelength disruption.

Soul staggered backwards and held his head as blood streamed from his ears to his jawbones and let out a stifled scream. Stein glanced at Spirit and he responded by transforming back and allowing Stein to weild him one more.

'Dammit...He will NOT hurt Maka and Soul! You ready, Spirit?'

'Of course! We can take this brat!' Spirit responded strongly.

Crona swung Ragnorak hard against Spirit and collided with the strength.

"Who are you? You have a screw going through your head...I don't think I can deal with something freaky like that!" Crona looked wide-eyed at Stein as Ragnorak's body lunged out from the sword and swiftly punched him on the head.

"You idiot! If you don't do as Medusa says, we're both going to be cooked! Now kill him!" He screeched.

Crona nodded and ran into Spirit once more, with Stein using the strike as a distraction as he pelted his hand into Crona's stomach.

"Soul force!"

Stein yelled as yellow sparks flew from his hand and distorted Crona's soul and threw him across the steps.

Maka slowly rose up into a sitting position with dull black eyes fixated in a blank stare. Soul rushed over to Maka with one hand still on his one of his bloody ears.

"Maka, are you okay?"

Maka gazed over at him with her dull eyes and abruptly sprouted a large blade from her shoulder, stabbing Soul in his side. Soul was paralyzed completely and only his eyes budged slightly as he peered down at the blood falling rapidly from his ribcage.

"M-maka..." Soul clutched his side and stepped away so that the blade was pulled from his skin and back into Maka's shoulder.

Her blank stare remained as she stood slowly.

Stein, hearing the commotion, looked back at the the meister and weapon.


Maka slowly turned to Stein. Stein gazed into the black eyes and responded with fear showing in his.

"What the hell happened? Maka?" Spirit yelled.

"How-" Stein was cut-off by Crona attempting to strike him from the side while he was distracted.

Stein struck Crona in the shoulder with his blade and black blood droplets flew in the air, flying rapidly towards Maka.

"No! Maka, watch out!"

He quickly jumped in front of Maka as soon as Ragnorak chanted: "Bloody Needle". The small black needles pierced into Stein's skin-his shoulders, sides, stomach, neck, and legs. He fell to his knees as his blood flowed down his legs to the cobblestone below. His muscles twitched and convulsed as Spirit transformed back into his human form, propping Stein's weight on his shoulder. He slowly looked back at Maka in confusion.

Maka's black eyes formed small tears that streamed down her cheeks and onto her neck. In a monotone voice, she whispered:

"I'm sorry..."

The small necklace dangled on her neck and shone with the wetness of the tears. She immediately jumped over Stein and Spirit and stood beside Crona. Crona stood back and waited for his next order.

Soul reached a trembling hand towards Maka as he bled on the stones.

"Maka, no..."

Stein coughed and wheezed roughly.

"Dammit...Medusa's got her...Spirit, you've got to help her..."

Spirit nodded and stood quickly.

"Maka! I know you can hear me! I know you're under Medusa's control...Let me have one battle. If I lose or forfeit, you can go. If I win, Medusa's venom will be forced out of your body if I have to suck it out myself!"

Medusa's voice came from Maka's mouth.

"Hmmmm...This seems to be an interesting proposal. I'm willing to see a little more action...I have the DWMA's most powerful student. If a father-daughter fight is what you want to determine Maka's fate, then let's fight!"

Her black eyes reappeared and she leaned down, sprouting large black and purple blades from her back and shoulders.

'She's obtained the same power I have...I don't want to hurt her, but if I have to to make her escape Medusa's clutches, I will!'

Spirit flexed his arms out, red and black jagged blades coming out of his forearm swiftly. Stein began to pull the needles from his skin, leaving long puncture wounds in several places, spilling some extra blood with it as they clinked onto the ground.

'Maka...Please...I'm begging you. I know you can hear my voice...Snap out of it! You don't want to do this!'

Maka's expression didn't change the slightest as the tears streamed down her cheeks from hearing her professor's desperate plea in her mind. Her heart thudded but her thoughts were blank. She stared at Spirit, ready to strike.

Spirit ran towards her, attempting to strictly play offense. His plan was quickly thwarted as Maka struck his shoulder swiftly with the blades that suddenly appeared on her hands. Spirit yelled and jumped back.

'Damn...I can't risk just trying to defend or pin her the whole time...I have to fight...I'm sorry Maka...'

He ran again, swinging at her with the full force of his arms. Maka jumped back and flipped over him, slicing his shoulder. The tears flowed greater and made the necklace glow brighter, each stone glistening. He winced and attempted to strike again and again, resulting in a cut in his bicep and chest. However, the cuts weren't fatal, showing Maka was fighting back with all her might to not be completely under Medusa's control. Stein noticed this and staggered up. He focused his remaining amount of wavelength on his hands, creating the neon yellow sparks to reappear. As Maka attempted to strike Spirit once more, Stein pelted his hand into her back, shocking her and abruptly knocking her unconscious. Maka collapsed into Stein's arm as he lowered to the ground.

"Is she okay?" Spirit rushed to them.

"She's fine...I just hit her with my soul force..." Stein gazed down at her and smoothed some of her hair back. Her face was calmed and soothed. Spirit sighed in relief.

"Thank goodness...Let me take care of Soul." Spirit stood and tended to Soul, wrapping him up with some bandage in his pocket.

Suddenly, Maka's eyes opened and her black eyes reappeared.

"What-?" Stein was cut-off once more, this time with Maka's blade going all the way through his arm. Tears flowed more intensly from her eyes this time, rapidly falling onto the cobblestone.

"I'm so sorry..."

The monotone voice returned as she attempted to return by Crona's side. Stein abrutply held onto Maka and pressed her against him so she couldn't move. Her shoulder sprouted into a sharp black and purple blade and went through Stein's shoulder. Stein still refused to move.

"No...You can't...leave..." Stein panted through the sharp pants from the pain pulsing through his body. Spirit stared back at them in disbelief.

"No...She's still under her control. How?"

The tears soaked Stein's dress shirt as another blade went through his thigh sharply. The blood splattered and flowed onto the stones like a deep river. Stein gritted his teeth and moved his mouth to Maka's ear and murmured into it.

"Maka...Please, fight harder. I believe in you...You can fight and beat her control over you! Believe me that I believe in you..."

The black color in her eyes flickered as the tears streamed heavily. Stein clutched the necklace tightly.

"I gave this to you, remember? I love you."

Maka's body gave off several yellow sparks as she yelled out, the blades pulling away from Stein's body. Her eyes went back to normal and turned the misty emerald tint she was born with. Stein's face softened and he smiled weakly. Maka hugged Stein's neck as hard as she could and cried out and wept as much as her body could break down. Soul began to regain consciousness and Spirit stared in awe as Maka's body glowed yellow, removing the venom and control from every cell in her body. Stein lifted Maka's head up and lightly wiped away the tears streaming continuously from her eyes. She couldn't stop the hot tears from flowing.

She was furious...

Furious with herself, furious and bloodthirsty for Medusa's death. furious at her own weakness to the point that it made her sick. Spirit touched Stein on the shoulder. He looked up at him and saw the absolute happiness in his eyes. With this, Stein grinned back as much as his body would allow. Spirit's smile guaranteed the safety of Stein's and Maka's relationship. Soul began to cough blood onto the ground, but his vision was too hazy to make-out Stein and Maka and their position. Spirit returned to him, lifting him up and carrying him to the infermary. Crona disappeared as Medusa hissed in his ears viciously.

Maka's body slowly returned to normal, the yellow light cascading away.

"I'm so sorry...You're hurt...Papa...and Soul, too..."

"It wasn't you," Stein brushed away the tears once more. "When Medusa took over, you weren't yourself...You were a weapon for her. You would never try to hurt any of us...You couldn't control it."

Maka's hicc's and sniffles were muffled by Stein's shoulder. He brushed her hair back lightly.

"Maybe I can help..." She said weakly as she held her shaking hands over the deep wounds.

Small blue flake-like particles fell from her hands onto the wounds, leaving a cooling and healing effect. Stein immediately felt the sharp pain be replaced by the cooling and calm sensation. Stein quickly held Maka tightly and thanked her with a passionate kiss. Maka whimpered and returned the strong kiss with the passion that was left when their blades first touched the barrier.