So, I saw a magazine interview from Heather Morris on Tumblr, and decided to make a short fic about it. This one probably won't last very long, less than 10 chapter probably but I thought hey, why not. So here it is.

Please tell me whether or not I should continue this.


Summary: Naya reads HeMo's interview from Fitness magazine. A short fic about her reaction, and the aftermath of it.
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Disclaimer: I don't own anything to do with Glee, let alone the wonderful cast. This isn't true, and it's just an idea (unfortunately).

And They Say Reading Is Good For You:
Chapter One

'I want to marry him so bad," Heather says, "That's what I really care about. I want to marry Taylor and have kids with him. I love acting but if it affects my relationships, then I won't continue doing it."

Naya slammed down her copy of Fitness Magazine on the coffee table in the middle of her trailer. Tears streamed from her cheek as she clutched her chest. It was stupid, sure her and Heather were best friends, but she'd never felt so betrayed before. Before this interview, she hadn't known about her supposed, 'best friends' plan with her long-term boyfriend Taylor.

She brought her legs up to her chest, clutching them as her head hit the back of the couch. She'd known Heather for two years, and ever since the first time they met she'd known fate had laid a hand, and that they'd be best friends. But there was something about this interview, that made her insides burn, almost reflecting jealousy.

No, no I'm not jealous.

She said to herself, shaking her head and pressing her forehead to her knees. The Cheerios uniform she was wearing wasn't as comfy as it looked - the fabric itched against her body, but considering she had to be on set in five minutes, there was no point in changing.

The tears subsided after a few minutes, just leaving salty tracks down her cheeks. She rocked back and fourth a few times, mulling over Heather's words.

'I want to marry him so bad.'

'I want to marry Taylor and have kids with him.'

"Fuck off." She said, shoving herself off the sofa and heading towards the bedroom in order to check herself over in the mirror. Her eyes were swollen slightly, and rimmed with a red ring. Naya had always loved being a Latina, but a disadvantage was the intensity of the red that formed around her eyes whenever she cried.

"Oh for fuck sake."

She brought the back of her hand up to her eyes, wiping away the salty tracks and remnants of mascara. She knew either Brad, Ian or Ryan was going to grill her for mucking up her make-up, and it would delay filming for at least three minutes whilst Gina, her make-up artist fixed it.

Three knocks sounded from her trailer door, before a rough voice bellowed;

"Naya, you're needed on set in one minute."

"Okay." She replied, straightening out the incredibly short skirt and tugging on her top slightly since apparently it'd bunched up. Naya turned, walking out the bedroom and glancing at the bright blue cover of the fitness magazine Heather had been interviewed in.

"Jesus Nay. Stop being so fucking pathetic." She whispered, pressing her fingertips to the puffy bags under her eyes, trying to minimise them. She took one large gulp of air before clicking down on the handle and walking out onto the concrete floor, relishing in the sunlight as it warmed up her skin.

"Nay! Wait up!" A very familiar voice yelled, and Naya didn't even bother turning to watch the toned calves catapult Heather towards her. Only a few seconds later Heather was standing beside her.


Naya swallowed, crossing her arms over her chest and continuing towards set. "Hey Hemo."

"You alright?"

"I'm fine." Naya lied, keeping her eyes fixated on the metal gleaming in the sunlight. Heather tugged on her arm, twisting her whole body round so they faced each other.

"Nay what's up? Have you been cry-" She asked, raising her hand to Naya's olive cheek in attempt to cup it.

Naya brushed it away before staring into piercing blue eyes, "I'm fine Heather. Just drop it.?"

The blonde stared incredulously at the dark haired girl, gaping her mouth open slightly. Naya immediately felt guilt invade her body, and she turned away not wanting to stare into the eyes that would make her apologise.

"Look, I'm needed on set. I'll see you... Around." She said, turning her head slightly and watching Heather's face fall in her peripheral vision.

Naya's trailer was only about thirty feet away from the main set, so she arrived there within a few seconds leaving the dancer behind. She glanced around set, to see Dianna and Lea standing behind one of the cameras, watching Harry and Jenna filming a scene giggling.

She decided not to go over, considering the lighting was probably enhancing the red rims around her arms, so she stood on the opposite side, hopping onto her chair situated near the wall.

After a few minutes, Brad yelled cut and Naya jumped, not realising her mind had completely spaced out. She stood, straightening her skirt once more and heading towards the director.

"Naya, you're now filming the scene with Amber and Kevin, the one about Brittany and Damien, kay?" He said, glancing up from the paper to examine her saddened, red-rimmed eyes.

Brad was definitely her favourite out of the three producers. She never liked Ryan all that much, but that was mostly because he always seemed to go out of his way to fuck off the Brittana fandom. And Ian was, for lack of a a better choice of words, a boring fuck. He wasn't exactly a skilled writer, despite being employed as one. But Brad and Naya had always got on, he sympathised with her feelings and could read when she needed a break from the emotional scenes. She was incredibly greatful for that, just like she was right at this moment.

"Go see Gina first, you have three minutes."

Dianna looked up with a concerned expression, briefly looking into Naya's dark eyes. She tapped Lea on the shoulder, whispered something in her ear and following the tanned girl into the hair and make-up room. Gina smiled at her, not bothering to question the obvious puffy eyes that were due to crying and started applying her make-up after Naya sat down.

A palm grazed her shoulder and she watched Dianna stare at her in the mirror with raised eyebrows. Naya diverted her gaze to the various items in front of her and started concentrating on them very hard. They sat in silence, the blonde never taking her eyes off the brunette whilst the make-up artist worked around the bodies.

Only two minutes later, Gina finished and smiled at the two actresses, before sensing her leave and exiting the room, shutting the door behind them. The blonded perched on the edge of the sofa, and drummed her fingertips along the fabric of the armchairs.

"Well? What's wrong? And don't bother lying to me, I've known you for two years, I can tell y'know." Dianna stated matter-of-factly.

Naya shook her head and stood up, leaning towards the mirror and applying a thin layer of lip-gloss in a very 'Santana' way. She even pouted her lips afterwards and tightened up her ponytail.

"So you're just going to ignore me then?"

The brunette turned and smiled at the blonde, "I'm fine. Just tired."

She knew that Dianna knew about her wordloss when she was tired, but she also knew when Naya when was lying. So the Latina crossed her fingers and hoped the blonde wouldn't catch her up on the lie. Dianna studied her, crossing her arms and attempting to read Naya's face, before softening her facial features and raising one side of her mouth into a half-smile.

"Okay. Now come on, Brad's not happy already and you're delaying filming."

Naya sighed, not looking forward to Santana's conversation with Mercedes and Tina about Brittany. The whole 'Brittana' situation was just getting plain annoying, the whole 'Santana in love with her best friend' was a touchy subject for the brunette. But she smiled back at the blonde and headed towards the set.

Amber and Jenna were already there, sitting on the chairs in the 'choir room' as Naya walked in. After taking a deep breath, she walked towards them and took the seat beside Amber.

"Hey girl, you alright?" Amber asked, twisting her body towards the brunette.

"Hey, yeah I'm good. Can I borrow your script quick?" She replied, hoping her acting skills were up to check.

"Sure." The black girl said, handing over the wad of paper and returning to her conversation with Jenna.

Naya mindlessly flicked through the script, scanning over her lines quickly when Brad came over and knelt beside her.

"You alright filming this scene Naya?"


Brad tipped his head forward slightly, silently questioning the Latina's reply.

"I'm fine Falchuk. Now c'mon, let's get shooting." Naya said, forcing excitement into her tone as well as a smile on her face.

He palmed her knee, smiling and heading back towards the camera.

"Okay, get into positions. Girls you ready?"

All three actresses nodded and headed to their positions. Amber standing next to the piano, Naya sitting on the stool as if she was to play it and Jenna behind the door, waiting to walk in.

"Okay, 3, 2, 1, shoot." Brad said, gesturing to the camera man to film.

"Come on Wheezy, let's get practising."

Amber raised her eyebrows and shook her head as she got into character. "What's up with you recently? You've been bitchier than usual."

Naya breathed in, setting her brain to 'Santana mode' before replying; "Nothing. Look if I wanted to talk to you about anything, I'd buy you an asthma pump to make sure you could get more than three words out before enticising you with a cookie. Now lets get our practice on."

Amber walked around the piano, trailing her finger along the top before leaning on the top just in front of Naya. "See what I mean?"

Naya narrowed her eyes, pasting her face with the signature Santana scowl and curled her upper lip into a snarl.

"Nothing. I'm fine, okay? Just leave it."

The darker girl's eyes shaded with confusion as she knew that wasn't the correct lines. Naya realised, but before she could correct herself, Amber started so speak.

"Calm down girl. We're just looking out for you."

Naya inhaled heavily, attempting to remember her lines. "Yeah well I don't need anyone to look after me, I'm a big girl."

She stroked her fingers over the keys and awaiting Jenna's entrance, which happened almost immediately on time.

"Hey Mercedes. Oh, um- Hello Santana."

Naya flicked her head up, almost smiling but remembering 'Santana' mode and giving her a stiff nod. "Asian."

Jenna shook her head in 'Tina mode' and continued walking towards Amber, taking her left side and mirroring her position. They looked at eachother momentarily, conversing silently before turning back to Naya.

"We know what's going on."

Naya instinctively whipped her head up, brushing her hair over her shoulder with just a flick of her hand. "And what would that be exactly Rush Hour twins?"

Jenna looked to Amber, who nodded at her, just like the script had said before turning back and shrugging.

"You're in love with Heather."

And with those words Naya's heart stopped beating.

This is just an idea guys, please tell me what you think before I carry on. Is it a shit idea or not?