The booth was even smaller with the two of them inside.

Hawke gasped at his brash action. He had ripped the robe open, exposing her breasts and flushed chest to him, and despite the warm air, her coral nipples were hard from desire and chafe. Sebastian immediately pinched one in between his rough fingers and the pain and pleasure raced through her.

"Speak, child. I will hear your confession." His jaw was clenched, his nostrils were flared, and he would not tear his eyes away from her. Hawke felt like he meant to burn her alive.

"It was Varric's ide-ah." He pinched her again. "For Sister Petr-ow!" She glared at him. "What will you have me say?"

"Confess. Your sin. The one that's left you so riled and heated." Sebastian moved to her other breast, kneading the soft pale skin this time. "Then we'll see if your soul will wash clean."

Hawke couldn't help but nibble on her bottom lip at his touch, understanding. A small smirk crept up her lips. "I confess to impure, lustful thoughts." Sebastian's warm hand moved and she found herself whirled around and pressed firmly against the wall. "For a man I know I cannot have."

"What thoughts are these, lamb? You cannot receive absolution without complete confession." He snaked an arm around her waist, pulling her hips towards him to arch her back while his other hand grabbed her breast again. "What did you do with them?" More buttons fell to the floor as he pulled at her robes. Hawke could feel his arousal crushing into her backside through his clothes. At least there was no armor.

His voice was rumbling low in her ear, but she could still hear him tearing the lace away from her. The low groan in his throat confirmed that he discovered that they were soaked through. Hawke gasped when Sebastian's calloused fingers ran along the inside of her thighs achingly close to her sex, moving against the rhythm his other hand kept at on her stiff nipple.

"I want him. No, I need him to find me soaking wet and thrust himself into me. I have to have him fuck me with no abandon." She lost the will to continue, completely wrapped up in the sensation of Sebastian pressed against her and making her quiver in both of his hands. Closing her eyes, she wallowed in the joy.

She took too long. Just as he was about to stroke a finger across her clitoris, he let go, and when Hawke made to turn around Sebastian wrenched the robes away from her backside with one hand and his other came down hard against her bare skin. Hawke gasped in surprise, turning her head to look over her shoulder at him.

And that made him smack her ass again, and again. Sebastian was almost infuriated with her insistent attempts to look at him, and the sight of her disheveled and sweating was nothing like he had dreamed of. Marian of his Dreams was there for the taking - and so was Marian Hawke now - but the way she still resisted made it all the more arousing. She was a fighter, of course she would fight.

But there was something in him that drove him to bend her to his will. Sebastian wanted to wear her out.

"Him?" he scowled. "Out with it, Marian. Or this will be a very long confession." He made to strike her again, but then he paused, realizing that this was what she was aiming for.

Clever minx. He would find another way.

Sebastian backed away from her and undid the clasps of his long jerkin. "Kneel." As she quickly took to the wooden bench, he uncinched his heavy belt and pulled his erection out of his trousers and braies. There wasn't enough room to fully undress - and there was no reason for him to.

Hawke was on her knees, but was still turned to face him, her mouth hung open captivated by his girth and length. And his cock bobbed as he grunted with his disapproval.

He was tempted to fill her mouth and throat right there, and watch and feel her gag and struggle to take him. But she would want that - he watched her lick her lips in anticipation. "Kneel and lean forward." As she complied, he pulled her wrists behind her to the small of her back and wrapped his belt around them, cinching it tightly.

Hawke's breasts pressed painfully against the wooden bench when she lost the use of her arms to brace herself. But she knew the moment she told him to stop, he would, and this would be the end of all that could have come. She felt like she was losing control, and she relished in the anticipation as she felt Sebastian push her knees further apart. Any tinge of pain was temporary, but this dark, smouldering pleasure burned through her skin. She smiled.

At long last, his calloused fingers went back to her soaking sex, strumming her clitoris and delving into her. She fought hard to repress a moan, but failed.

Sebastian pushed her robes up around her waist, tucking them under her bound wrists to hold the cloth there. "How many men do you yearn for, Marian?" He stopped to marvel at his rough copper hands against the gleaming pale skin of her backside, still glowing pink from his earlier blows.

A cacophanous chord of guilt and regret sang through him for a moment. What was he doing to her, and why hadn't she hit him and run by now? He would find her a salve later when he made his apologies.

His reassurance came in her voice and the words she spoke. "No others. Just you." He could not fight the smirk that crawled up his lips, and his erection started to ache for her. With one hand on the small of her back he removed his drenched fingers from her and closed his eyes as he sucked one of them clean, relishing the taste of her. Sebastian wiped the others off on his cock and pressed his tip lightly against her wet folds, earning a loud moan from her and she arched her back to get closer to him.

"I cannot grant you absolution, Marian, unless you confess."

"I've dreamed of riding you on top of Varric's table after you lost to me at cards." Hawke's words were cut short as Sebastian entered her, a delicious sensation but aggravating all the same when he paused.


"I can't help but stroke myself," and she could feel him fill her a little more. "when I'm in a dark alley and can't help but think of you pinning me against the wall and pressing into me." She gasped as he punctuated her words with another inch. "And," she paused to relish in the white hot sensation of him inside her.

"And?" Sebastian pulled out a fraction, threatening to leave her warmth, as much as it would pain him to do so.

Hawke bolted up and turned to him, almost pouting, and braced herself for what she thought he would do. She was ready for him to grab her by the hair and slam her down onto the bench again. But Sebastian surprised her by reaching for her neck and pulling her into a strong kiss salted with their sweat. The heat of their mouths, their tongues and their union felt like they were engulfed in flames.

The twist in Hawke's back began to ache, and Hawke broke away from the kiss first when she was out of breath. Panting, she looked up into Sebastian's eyes, expecting them to be dark with lust and fury. When she saw the bright blue irises almost swimming in his desire, she had to pause.

"And I love you."

Sebastian looked away and blinked as he feared the spell would break.

But it didn't. Hawke's pale skin glowed in a sheen of sweat and she had writhed under him with her hands tied and her most tender parts exposed to him and he thought that once he consumed her body he would be rid of this fever, but it was her eyes that seared him when he looked back at her.

He had to kiss her again until his body rebelled against his pause, his erection still strong within her, but barely contained. The firestorm flared up again and his hand flew down to her senstive pearl, feeling her tremble against him. It was too much - he eased her down onto the bench again so he could continue pressing further into her sheath while keeping his hand firmly buried in her soft wet curls.

Hawke was squirming for more, and the words finally came to her.

"I love feeling you on me, around me, against me, in me," she smiled as Sebastian groaned and sank further in. "I love watching you boil and burn as you watch me do the same." A hand pressed into her hip as he slowly pulled back. "And I love watching you hit your target with such deadly precision, praying that you'd do the same to me."

Sebastian sank into her to the hilt, moaning at the tight warmth around him and then the shudders he felt as Hawke drank in the feeling of his cock fully inside her. He stayed there for a moment, listening to her mewl in the sensation, and then started a slow, languid pace that soon sent streams of sweat down his chest and back.

Hawke squeezed her eyes shut in the exquistive pleasure of him thrusting against her most intimate parts, even as she discovered new ones that he filled so well. She whimpered lightly when he moved his hand from her clitoris to her hips, but her lamentation ceased when he pushed her hips down and ground against her silken walls with incredible friction.

Sebastian's patience was wearing thin and he could tell that she was not far behind, and after a few faster thrusts he heeded Hawke's sighs and groans and let the fire take over, driving him to nearly slam into her. Hawke's whimpers turned into pants and as her back arched in her final moments he leaned over her to whisper into her ear.

"Come, my love, and take your absolution!"

She came then, singing his name in a faithful prayer and she trembled around him. Her spasms soon proved too great for him to stand, and with great reluctance he wrenched himself from her and grasped the tip of his cock, ending in a powerful stroke. He almost yelled her name as his boiling hot ejaculation poured onto her backside, and the prince had to ease himself onto the floor and lean against the wall.

Hawke stayed knelt on the bench as she caught her breath, gnawing at her bottom lip in her elation. She made short work of the belt around her wrists, and turned around to sit on the floor and watch Sebastian gasp for air.

When he opened his eyes, Hawke had her knees up to her chin and her head tilted to one side, almost childlike in her mirth except for the glistening curls exposed below. "You're the most incredible woman I've ever met, sweetling."

She didn't say anything, and she didn't need to. Her smile and her eyes spoke volumes.

Sebastian reached for her cheek and kissed her soundly, but the moment broke when she failed to stifle a chuckle.


She had to turn away as her shoulders shook in laughter. It was a beautiful sight.

"What is it?"

"Don't hit me."

"Marian, about that, I'm so sorry-"

"Don't be . . . that's not it . . . " she was still chuckling, and she relented to his stare. "So when will I be clean in His sight?"

Sebastian groaned and narrowed his eyes at her. But he couldn't stay angry at those eyes for long, and finally sighed with a small grin as he got up and rearranged his clothing. Hawke followed suit, but frowned as she noted that her robes wouldn't close.

"Ah, take my jerkin," he offered, draping it around her shoulders. "I won't be too long getting my things, this should be enough to get us home."

"Us? Home?" She looked up at him, confused, seeking answers in his bright blue eyes.

He smiled and took her cheek in his palm. "Aye, lass. I won't be able to take confessions here without remembering this," he smiled. "My days at the Chantry are over." Sebastian kissed her then. But he could not resist. "Think Varric would let us use of his dining table?"

Hawke narrowed her eyes and made to punch him in the shoulder, but he dodged swung her around into a tight embrace. And she was rewarded with a sharp gasp as she nibbled his earlobe, whispering, "Should I steal another set of robes?"

Original prompt: Poor Seb is in deep self-denial whenever anyone teases him about having feelings for F!Hawke. But when the dreams/fantasies start being far too much, Elthina (seeing only that he's troubled) offers him a confession in strict confidence after the Chantry closes in the evening.

Isabela/Varric arranges for Hawke to swap places with the Grand Cleric. Hawke *really* likes what she hears and strokes herself to climax while listening and giving advice. Sebastian finally finds out in the end, but the Chantry sister costume pushes his final button and sexy "show me all the nasty things you've come to confess, sister" roleplay ensues.