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All I could think about on the way back to the city was that Kayla was gone. She didn't care that I loved her, didn't care that I was probably going to die facing Mafiar. Kanjer had tried comforting me, nuzzling my side but it didn't help. As the city walls flew under us as we skimmed over the roofs of the buildings I kept focused on the palace. If I was going to die tonight then I was going to go down fighting. Carpet came up to the thrown room window and I prepared myself for what I was about to see. I peered through and felt relief wash through me at the sight of my parents. They were still alive but chained to the wall. Milon was sitting in my dads throne, munching on a chicken leg. That's my dads throne! Not his!

"You stay here but cover me if it gets bad." I whispered to carpet before I carefully climbed through the window, leaving carpet behind. Kanjer followed me and we quickly hid behind one of the giant pillars. I watched Milon, waiting for him to slip up. As soon as he turned his head away, I dashed out from behind the pillar, Shaster's pouch in my hand. I heard my parents gasps as I leaped onto Milon's back. He screamed as I gripped his greasy hair with one hand and dumped the contents of the pouch onto his head. I jumped off him as he started to lurch and spasm. I ran over to my parents, trying vainly to break the locks around their wrists.

"Dad, Mom. I'm so sorry I didn't listen to you earlier." I cried. Dad caught the hand that was trying to undo his wrist brace.

"I'm sorry son. I shouldn't have tried to push you into something you're not meant to be. I for one should know how being yourself is all you can be." he said. I nodded.

"Thanks dad. Well myself is about to see if they can face a monster." dad looked scared and mom looked confused. It's only when we all heard cackling did I turn around. Where Milon had stood was a tall skinny man with pale skin, a long face and jet black hair. He wore long black and dark blue robes.

"He looks exactly the same as…" my mom started before a sob escaped her.

"Yes, my son did have to get his handsome looks from somewhere didn't he?" Mafiar gloated. "Now lets see if I have the full package." he mused before he curled into himself. My heartbeat sped up as he started to grow, his back arching before it broke through his robes. Brown fur sprouted up from his back, covering his whole body. A sickening cracking sound could be heard as I watched all the bones in his body break and reform him into the beast. His hands and feet turned into clawed paws while his face shaped into something that looked like a cross between a bear and a wolf.

As he finished transforming I gulped, edging over to a pile of gold. There was a sword laying among the gold and I picked it up, pointing it out in front of me as I stood in front of my parents. Mafiar looked over himself, flexing his clawed hands. He started laughing.

"This is more like it. Oh the things I will be able to do now. Thank you young one, as a reward your death will be quick." he laughed, advancing on me. I was breathing heavily as he came closer and I did the only thing I could think of. I ran as best as I could and leaped at his stomach. All that happened was a clawed paw swiping down and batting me away as if I were a bug. I landed on the ground heavily on my side. I coughed as I struggled to stand up while Mafiar stormed up to me. A black and orange striped blur leaped through the air and latched onto the beasts arm. Kanjer bit down on his arm while ripping holes in it with his claws. Mafiar roared in pain before throwing Kanjer off. As soon as his back hit the floor Kanjer was up, standing by me and hissing dangerously. I rolled over to face him.

"Protect mom and dad." I ordered him. He growled unsurely before he slunk away to stand before my parents. I struggled back up onto my feet and faced Mafiar, wielding my sword.

"Come on young prince, fight me!" he cried as he ran at me. I tensed, ready to fight, but something stopped me. The sight of a monster charging at someone only reminded me of Kayla. I felt my strength ebb away as heartache took over. Mafiar stopped in front of me, his furry chest so close I could smell the putrid aroma that surrounded him.

"Aww what's wrong young prince?" he mocked. "No will to fight?" before I could answer a clawed fist struck under my chin, sending me flying to the ground. I cried out in pain. "Let me knock some sense into you!" he growled before hitting me again and sending me into the wall. I groaned as I got back up, my leg feeling as if it was on fire. "I wonder what's wrong little one. Is it that I have your family captive?" he mocked as he took a few steps closer. I grimaced at him, the mention of family only making it worse as I thought about the future me and Kayla could have had.

"Don't you think that I would try harder?" I grunted at him. He narrowed his eyes.

"Ok, but something stirred in you when I said family. Perhaps it's a girl?" he asked and I froze. I couldn't take someone mentioning Kayla. Mafiar smirked and suddenly a clawed hand was around my throat, lifting me up. I gagged as I tried to breath but was slowly chocking in Mafiar's death grip. "Well if she doesn't care enough to come with you, then I'm sure she won't care if you die!" he roared, slamming me against the ground before tightening his grip. This was it, I was going to die. I shut my eyes as I prepared for blackness to fall on me.

A scream ripped through the air and the pressure on my neck disappeared.

"Well this girl isn't going to let him die!" Kayla? The familiar voice made my eyes snap open. I scrambled into a sitting up position to see Mafiar clutching his arm, a dagger probing out of his furry arm. I whipped my head round to the window to see my beautiful oasis princess standing on the window sill, dagger in hand.

"Kayla!" I shouted, getting up and hobbling over to her. She jumped from the window sill and ran over to me, catching me as I stumbled. "I thought you weren't coming back." I whispered, taking her face in my hands. She had tears in her eyes.

"Well when a purple rug kidnaps you and shows you how badly you're doing, I have no choice but to step in." she laughed. I smiled at her, despite our situation. Just as I was leaning in to kiss her, Mafiar gripped me around my waist, his claws digging into my stomach and side. I cried out in pain, struggling in his grip.

"Ah so you have your fight back. I'll be sure to kill her first." Mafiar growled. I struggled harder against him as he leaned down and grabbed Kayla by her hair.

"Don't touch her!" I yelled, landing a well aimed kick on his nose. He screamed in pain, flinging us both aside. I cried out in pain as I landed on my front. Kayla crawled over to me, gently tracing my wounds with her back to Mafiar. I watched as the beast lumbered over to us, his eyes glowing with fury. He stopped behind Kayla, his claws screeching on the marble floor as he raised one paw. I quickly grabbed Kayla's arm and pulled her down, rolling over and shielding her under me. I felt three claws rake across my skin before the back of his fist forced me away from Kayla and across the room, landing across my dads throne. I heard a crack as my left leg took the worst of the fall and I screamed in pain. That's definitely broken. I could hear Mafiar panting as he stood over Kayla.

"Your loved one has caused me enough trouble. I offered him a chance for a quick death but he has vexed me." I heard him say before footsteps echoed around the room.

"Don't hurt him!" Kayla shouted and I heard her start to run. I twisted around to see her running towards me, her dagger ready.

"Kayla don't!" I cried. I couldn't let her get hurt while I could help it. I stared at her, then darted my eyes to Mafiar. She seemed to catch on as she readied herself, gripping the blade of her dagger between her finger tips. I took a hold of the sword handle at my waist, a few splinters of blade still left from the sword that had once been there. Mafiar stopped in front of me.

"Watch girl as I kill him in front of you and his family." Mafiar laughed, raising a clawed paw as he leaned over me.

"NOW!" I cried, thrusting my body upwards and driving the broken sword into his heart. At the same time Kayla threw her dagger. I watched as it landed perfectly between Mafiar's shoulders. Mafiar let out a scream, clutching the sword handle and pulling it from his chest. He staggered backwards, his feet fumbling as he collapsed onto his back. His breath left him and the evil light died in his eyes.

My relieved sigh turned into a cry of pain as I pulled myself off the throne, collapsing onto the ground.

"Rali!" Kayla cried, falling to her knees beside me and lifting my head into her lap. I smiled up at her, never thinking I would get to see her beautiful face. "I can't believe you did that." she said, referring to my back. I gave her a pained smile.

"I couldn't let him hurt you." I said, my voice strained. She cracked a smile. "Help me up." I groaned. She complied and with a little effort I was standing. The cuts on my back stung but they would heal. Kayla helped support my leg as we walked over to my parents. She set me down on the steps to the throne as she finished my job on the locks. As soon as they were free my parents rushed over to me, my mother wrapping my head in her arms.

"Oh Rali we thought we'd never see you again!" she gushed, rocking me back and forth.

"Mom." I groaned, pulling away from her. Kayla could be watching. I looked around to see her gone. "Kayla?" I asked. She was no where to be seen. "No. No!" I cried, ignoring the pain that coursed all around my body as I stood up and limped out the room. Kanjer followed me and I'm pretty sure my parents were to. Soon I was hobbling along, using Kanjer as a crush as I searched for Kayla. "KAYLA! KAYLA WHERE ARE YOU?" I cried. She couldn't leave, not again. I heard a sound come from a room off to the right and noticed it was my room. The door was slightly open and I pushed it open the whole way to see a shape standing on my balcony, staring out at a shape in the desert sands.

"I'm surprised you found this room, considering it's mine." I said as I limped over to Kayla. She turned to me, tears in her eyes.

"I just wanted to try and find a place to think." she said in a quiet voice.

"You still want to go back?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"I don't know. I love you, but I can't live the life everyone will want me to if I stay here. I'm not a royal girl, I'm a wild girl." she said, emotion lacing her every word.

She loved me.

I drew her into my arms, and brought her closer to me. I kissed her gently, pouring every ounce of love I had into it. She responded, her fingers going into my hair. I pulled back and looked into her eyes.

"I love you too and I just want you to be happy." I mumbled sadly. Kayla nodded at me but didn't move. We stayed there, staring out at the desert. It was dark, the sky was clear and the stars were out. I stroked her hair gently while I leaned on Kanjer.

A throat clearing behind us made us turn around. My parents were standing there, watching us.

"Who are you?" my father asked.

"Kayla." she answered, staying close to my side.

"Kayla, did you help my son?" he asked and she nodded. "And now you want to leave because you fear captivity?" Kayla looked confused. "We heard you talking." dad answered. She nodded again. "Kayla, if my past has taught me anything then you should know that Jasmine and I would never force you to stay here if you didn't want to. If you and my son want to leave the palace at any time, then I shouldn't stop you." my eyes widened as I stared at my dad.

"Really, you'd be ok with me going out whenever I want to?" I asked. Dad smiled.

"Street rats gotta be let loose to scurry every once and a while." he said with a chuckle. I grinned but Kayla just looked confused. I just pulled her into a kiss.

"You can come and go as you please, just as long as you promise to take me with you whenever you do." I explained. Her eyes lit up and she threw her arms around me tightly.

A few months had passed since Mafiar was defeated. Everyday Kayla and I would leave the palace to either explore the city or ride carpet to the oasis and spend the day just lounging there. We had our own room in the palace, it being us sharing mine. My father didn't really approve of this but I couldn't care. I respected Kayla far to much to take advantage of her…unless she wanted me to of course. I still had a slight limp to my step, a side effect of having my leg broken and dislocated at the same time but my dad said that should heal soon.

I was walking down the halls with Kanjer beside me, having just come back from dinner. Kayla hadn't joined us, saying she felt a little tired. I opened the door to our room. As usual she was standing at the balcony watching the stars while staring at the outline of the oasis. I limped over to her and slipped my arm around her waist.

"How are you feeling?" I asked, kissing the side of her neck. She giggled slightly.

"Tired." she answered simply. Absentmindedly she started to fiddle with the gold ring that was wrapped around her ring finger. My eyes flittered down to her hand and smiled. Taking her hand in mine, I lifted it to my lips, kissing the ring lightly before entwining our fingers together, letting my own ring glint in the light that bathed us from behind. Kayla smiled, suppressing her giggles as her eyes rested on the symbol that joined us as one. Without thinking, I shifted behind her and wrapped both my arms around her waist, resting my hands on her stomach. Kayla rolled her eyes. Every chance I got I would worm my way into this position. With a light giggle Kalila spoke.

"Rali I already told you, I don't know yet. It will be at least another couple months before it would start to show, so don't even ask." I chuckled lightly.

"I'm sorry Kayla, I'm just excited." Kayla turned her head and looked into my warm brown eyes.

"I know, me too. But remember it might not work." I chuckled again as I lowered my lips to her ear. I kissed it as I whispered.

"If it doesn't work then we'll try again." this time Kayla laughed as she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and smiled at me. I smiled back, taking her hand and leading her back inside. "Come on. If you want to go to the oasis tomorrow then you should rest." I said as we climbed into our bed. Kayla sighed but snuggled into me.

"How could you turn me so soft." she mumbled sleepily. I grinned, wrapping my arms around her.

"It's all in the eyes." I answered. She chuckled before drifting off to sleep. I stayed up a little longer holding the girl I love (and our possible baby) securely in my arms.

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