Okay! So this is not like mainly one set pairing, it's a whole bunch scattered randomly on how the story progresses.

This will have lemony goodness in the future, not sure when though. There is also yaoi, so you have been warned before you nosebleed. xD

This is set in the future where a lot of civilization has become corrupted and war between gangs wages on. Many buildings in certain areas are abandoned and old. and the Akatsuki is a very well known gang. I hope everyone enjoys! ^_^

~Sasori's POV~

So, have you ever had to actually go dumpster diving for food? I bet not, but I have. More than once.

My name is Sasori Akasuna and I am a member of the Akatsuki. The Akatsuki, what the fuck is that? Well, it's a gang, a well known one. It may not be huge, but we are powerful and have a lot of influence.

We have fifteen members to the dot.

There are our gracious leaders Pein and Konan. They are kinda like parents to all of us, even if some of the members are older than them. Pein is Twenty while Konan is eighteen.

Then, there is Tobi. No other gang knows this, but he is really actually the real leader of the Akatsuki, though only a few members seem to know his real name at that. His age is unknown to everyone.

Zet and Su are twins, both seventeen. They act a little weird, and are quite childish. They are also teamed up with Tobi when we go on our so called, "Missions".

Then there are Hidan and Kakuzu. They are the worst and best pair we have. Hidan being the most fowl mouth creature to walk this earth and Kakuzu the most greedy bastard you could ever walk by. Hidan being eighteen and Kakuzu being twenty, though two months older than Pein. They also just happen to be, "Enemies with benefits", they make a lot of noise.

We also have Itachi and Kisame. Itachi is so calm and collected it's as if he isn't even there, until you make him mad, then you better wish you don't die. Towering over him would be Kisame, his faithful friend. Itachi being twenty and Kisame being the same age.

There is, "Taka", as they like to be called. They are our youngest members and have a tendency to switch partners a lot. They include Sasuke, who is Itachi's younger brother, Suigetsu, Jugo, and Karin. All four are sixteen.

And finally, there is me, and Deidara, my seventeen year old brat of a partner. I myself am nineteen.

We, the Akatsuki, are the towering gang in Japan, living in an abandoned underground boarding house.

We must do whatever it takes to survive.

Ya! Prologue! xD I hope everyone likes it so far!