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~Suigetsu POV~

I'm on a mission with Jugo. He's my best friend, and that makes me happy, I mean, the guy is really nice and stuff, well, except when he's being extremely bipolar, but other than that, he's a really swell guy.

We have been told to go and find where Konoha is getting their weapons. If you didn't know, they are a competing gang with us.

See, if we find where they get their weapons, we can find out when it's not being guarded, and then we can ambush.

This is actually a fairly easy mission, in that we can;t really get hurt. The one thing that I am really thankful for, is that I wasn't paired up with Karin this time, she really just makes my blood boil.

I do have to say that I feel for the broad, I mean, Sasuke can be a real ass sometimes, or all the time.

"Hey, Suigetsu-chan?"

I was snapped out of my thoughts by Jugo's low voice, "Ya buddy?" Jugo liked to call everyone chan, it made him feel calmer.

"I'm hungry." He seemed to whimper slightly.

"Well... I think there is a ramen shop in a little building up ahead."

He looked at me with a smile.

"But... I don't know if we should spend any money, I mean, Pein and Kakuzu would be really pissed."

He sighed, seeming to pout slightly, then just said, "Okay.."

I found it cute how he did that sometimes.

"Hey, bud, you know what, fuck them."

He looked at me with a teary smile, as if I was his hero, and maybe I was, even if he was about three thousand feet taller than me.

I sighed as I payed for the two bowls of ramen, Pein and Kakuzu really are gonna wring my neck, but it was all worth it, it was just so good!

I think I must have looked ridiculous while eating, because I found Jugo staring at me, "What?" I asked with my mouth full of delicious noodles.

"There's something on your face..." He said, leaning in to wipe it off with his thumb.

His face was close, really close, and my face felt hot.

Though, as I shut my eyes tight, I could feel his presence disappear after he had cleaned the corner of my mouth.

When I opened my eyes, I could have swore that his eyes were filled with sadness, but he seemed to quickly look up at me and say childishly, "Your blushing Sui-chan!"

I couldn't help but touch the corner of my mouth as we continued on our mission.

~Deidara POV~

"Deidara-chan~" I could hear the sound of my Danna, but fuck, he only ever called me that when I was somehow in trouble or he was annoyed. it always sounded so twisted and creepy, I could feel a shiver go down my spine as he once again said, "Deidara-chan~"

I had been hanging out with Konan and Karin, being to them, I was the closest thing to a girl around here(other than them), so I was their third party member.

Karin had been feeling aful(and annoying) because Sasuke had gotten hurt because of her and he was acting especially cold towards her, which I didn't think possible.



"Dei-chan, I think Sasori-kun wants you." Came the motherly voice of Konan. loved her voice, it was so soothing and nurturing.

I sighed, "Not sure what I did this time..."

Sasori came into the room, his face flustered and bright red, "Deidara come the fuck here!"

I stood up quickly and walked over, quickly, Sasori could be really scary, "Yes Sasori no Danna..?"

He looked at me slowly. He was a little bit taller than me, but not too terribly much.

"In another room!" he hissed at me.

I complied and walked with him out of the room, not sure as to what was so important and secretive.

Once we were in the kitchen, Sasori swung around quickly and shoved his hands in front of me, opening them lightly to reveal a small key chain.

I blinked, then took it, "What's this for Danna?"

He looked at me for a split second, then blushed even redder, if possible, and then looked away, scratching his neck nervously, "No-nothing! I just know how you like to collect the stupid things and I found it the other day!"

We were quiet for a moment, then I broke the silence, "Well, thanks I guess."

Sasori looked at me, "Stop yelling! God!" He then stormed away, still as flustered as ever.

Once I came back, Konan and Karin looked at me puzzled, "What did he want?" they asked in unison, which was a little creepy.

I held up the key chain, which was a cute little rice ball with arms and legs, "He gave me this."

They looked at it wide eyed and then started to giggle.

"What?" I asked, annoyed that I clearly didn't understand the situation.

Finally Konan answered, "Well, you may look like a girl Dei-chan, but you seem to be just as clueless as a man."

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