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Author's Note: Emily seems like a strong person, but always ends up crying on account of Matt. Thought it would be a fun approach to exploring their relationship… This should be chronological. At least I'm approaching it that way… Will consist of episode tags, missing scenes, random fic, and speculation. :-)

Episode Tag: 4x05

"You came looking for me?"

It had been the most frightening experience of her life. There had been great bouts of panic alternating with fear. And if she were to be entirely honest with herself, there had been a substantial degree of hysteria as well. She was going to die. In a dark, rank, cold tomb. Alone. Slowly. Suffocating. Breaths would come in shorter, laboured gasps and then, nothing...

However, her fate somehow was not to join Charlotte, the others in the Cameron crypt, the thousands of dead in the cemetery. Matt Anderson had come looking for her, had found her, had pulled her from the clutches of death.

He... he confused Emily. The man was so reticent, so reserved, so focused. Upon what precisely, she could not say, but his thoughts perpetually seemed preoccupied elsewhere than his person. She had not expected him to search her out, had not suspected that he actually cared about her, would notice her missing. Even though his eyes lingered strangely upon her at times.

And he had held her so tight.

She hadn't wept. It had been a dangerously close thing, but she had constrained the tears that threatened. Sobbing like an injured child would've been quite the embarrassment, to appear so vulnerable to a man with whom she were barely acquainted. (Not that she hadn't clung to him in a most inappropriate manner.) Lady Emily Merchant could take care of herself...mostly. Being buried alive was simply not a problem anyone could resolve without a trifle assistance.

This was nothing to dwell upon, for certain. There were far more fearsome creatures scattered throughout the gateways than Ethan's mania. She had found herself in far more dire situations. And she was used to battling for survival in harsh worlds. More than that, she was accustomed to possessing a responsibility for the lives of others, of guiding them, keeping them safe.

Then why had she permitted him to guide her like a small child from the loathsome place that was nearly her tomb? Gentlemanly in manner, he had opened the door of the strange vehicle (which having seen enough of this time Emily had to admit was likely the standard mode of transport and should no longer shock her) and helped her settle into the seat, fastening a strap across her as he had done before when he first brought her to his home to keep her hidden, free, and safe. Well, not so safe...

Emily felt wholly pathetic and useless.

As if sensing her melancholic turn of thought, he reached out his hand and strong fingers gently folded about hers. She looked down at the oddity sitting in her lap, trying to recall ever previously being the recipient of such a gesture. It had certainly been a long, long while. It would have had to been her wedding, when Henry took her hand for that part of the ceremony. Excepting there had been no warmth in the ceremonial touch. Not like the embrace that was presently sending a strange sort of heat flowing up her arm and over her skin. It was somehow simultaneously reassuring and disquieting.

She looked from the hand that showed no signs of withdrawing (what almost appeared to be a sign of affection) to its owner. Matt Anderson stared stoically out at the road before him. Emily wondered perhaps if his hand had acted of its own accord. No. A glance -ever so brief- in her direction. A look that said so much, yet in a language she could not quite comprehend. One sentence amongst the lengthy tome in his eyes read perfectly clear, however.

Everything is going to be fine.

Now the tears that had previously merely threatened spilled silently down her cheek. Thankfully, she had been able to turn her face away, looking out the window yet seeing nothing of the strange world passing by for the blur of water in her eyes. She collected herself, wiping away the wetness on her face with her free hand, not wanting to release Matt Anderson's hand for some reason unbeknownst to her conscious mind.

When she finally looked in his direction, the man gave no indication as to whether he'd seen her weeping. And she was not about to draw his attention to the weakness on the slim chance he indeed remained oblivious to her apparent vulnerable state.

Emily squeezed the strong fingers curled about her hand, suppressing a smile when they squeezed back.

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