Chapter 15-

"You're a cute Beta." The Alpha growled, as the teen let out a whimper and closed his eyes.

The Beta backed up into the corner of the alleyway, with the huge Alpha towering over him. The rain pouring down around them and pelting down onto the cement, as the younger tried to contain himself. The teen soaked to the bone, and his left arm bleeding from the bullet lodge in it, as the Alpha leaned closer to him. The young demon able to smell the alcohol on his breath, and realized Hellfire wasn't far from where they were.

"You have an Alpha, little guy?" He asked, touching the Beta's cheek and tilting his head up to get a better look at him.

Only then did he see the burns across the Beta's face. The huge demon backing away from the teen in fear, as he realized those burns were created by their king. The older noticing the Beta's body was covered them, from head to toe, and a huge 'A' was tattooed onto his hip. The younger's skin almost deathly pale in contrast to the pink scars across his skin, as a voice spoke behind him. The threatening and deep growl making both of them stiffen.

"Kaine, who is this?" The venomous demanded, as the teen let out a small noise in surprise and fear. "Is he scaring you?"

"N-no, Prince Amaimon." Kaine stuttered, as the Prince came into view.

The Prince soaked to the bone like them, and his eyes dangerously looking from the Beta to the Alpha. His once pointed hair in his face and matted to his forehead, as he eyes fell on the younger. The Beta noticing the blood staining his clothes and the bullet in his throat. The wound slowly healing and pushing the bullet out, as the Prince shoved his hands in his pockets. The male acting as if he couldn't feel the piece of metal being pushed out of his skin, and gripped the metal chain in his hand tighter.

"If he's not scaring you, then kill him."

"E-excuse me?" The Beta asked in shock, as the huge Alpha backed up a bit from the two of them.

"If he's not scaring you, then kill him." The Prince repeated, a bored look on his face. "He tried to dominate you. Take you away from Trey. Make you lose your chance to have Trey all for yourself. Kill him and teach him a lesson."

"I c-can't." The Beta spoke, as the huge Alpha looked like he was about to make a break for it. "The only one I'm killing will be Treavor."

"But he tried to dominate you. Destroy your goal. He needs to be punished, Kaine."

"Then you punish him!" Kaine almost yelled at the Prince. "If you have such a problem with it, then you kill him."

"My pleasure." The Prince spoke, as a primal growl came from behind him and the chain in his hand his the cement. "Behemoth, go take care of the Alpha for me."

The low growl increased in volume, as a huge hobgoblin jumped over the Prince and went for the huge Alpha. The Beta letting out a scared squeak, as the Prince suddenly appeared beside him and pulled him into his arms. Amaimon blocking the gruesome scene behind them, as the ripping and tearing of bone and muscles could be heard. The screams of the Alpha echoing through the alleyway, as thunder clapped against the grey sky. The Beta in the Prince's arms whimpering at the thunderous noise one moment and the world around them fell silent the next. The only sound around them was the easing rain, that gently hit the rooftops and the cement below them.

"See, it wasn't that hard." Amaimon mused, as he let go of the Beta and whistled for Behemoth to return to his side.

The huge hobgoblin bounding over to reveal the battered and mauled remains of the huge Alpha. Huge chunks of him missing and blood slowly creating a puddle on the cement. The rain dispersing the puddle, as it spread across the alleyway and slid into the cracks.

"Next time I want you to follow my order, Kaine." The Prince spoke, as he bent down and grabbed Behemoth's bloody chain. "I don't want a weak Beta, who can't kill someone as a member of my Royal Guard. If you can't follow orders, I'll leave you out on the streets to rot."

A small smirk spread across the Prince's lips, before he turned and headed down the alleyway. The older demon stepping over the dead Alpha, before glancing back at him.

"I'll see you in four days, Kaine." The Prince spoke in a cheerful tone.

The Prince let out a groan of pleasure, as his Alpha gently slid his hands against the Beta's hips, and the younger teen leaned his head against the door. The demon closing his eyes at the gentle and heated touch against his body, as he breathed in his Alpha's scent and groaned. The scent of ginger and spices flooding through his senses, as his body arched toward his Alpha and the older leaned toward him. The brunette n' blonde's lips brushing against the Prince's neck, as sparks exploded underneath the younger's skin and Rin let out a low and pleasurable growl. The noise encouraging the Alpha to capture his lips in a passionate kiss, as the demon wrapped his arms around the older's neck and let out a moan. His Alpha playfully nipping at his bottom lip, as the Beta tangled his fingers into the brunette n' blonde hair in his reach and his Alpha smirked against his lips.

The Prince being lifted off his feet by the older, as his mouth was slowly teased open and the exorcist hungrily devoured his mouth. His Alpha taking the opportunity to dominate the Beta, as he took of the younger's mouth and the Prince tightly gripped at his hair. Muffled moans and groans vibrating deep in the Prince's throat, as Bon slowly made his way over to the bed and gently laid the Prince on the soft sheets. The older pulling away from the younger's soft lips to look down at the sight before him and softly smiled.

Below him, his Beta was laying against the soft white sheets. His midnight blue hair fanned out underneath him, as his brilliant blue eyes stared up at him full of want and lust. The demon's once hidden tail swaying against the bed in anxiousness, as the end twitched every second or so with arousal. The Prince letting out a needy whine and wrapping his legs tighter around the Alpha's waist, as their clothed erections rubbed harder against each together and the Prince gasped. His back arching out, as the exorcist let out a groan and the Prince softly chuckled. The noise barely noticeable by the older, as he looked down at the Prince and saw a coy little smirk on his face. His eyes dancing with lust, as Bon grabbed the Beta's legs and looked down at the demon.

"You think this is funny?" Bon asked, as he rubbed the Beta's thighs and watched the Prince squirm at the exorcist's pleasurable touch. "You should pay more attention to me."

The exorcist gently unwrapped the Prince's legs from his waist, as he kissed the demon under him and listened to him groan in want. The older pulling the Prince into his lap, as he carefully slid the t-shirt off his Beta. The material hitting the floor, before the exorcist pulled off his own shirt and brought the demon in for a third kiss. The Prince's tail impatiently wrapping itself around his Alpha's wrist and tugging the older's hand toward his pant. The want and lust pulling on every ounce of his being and self control, as his Alpha complied and unbuttoned his skinny jeans. It taking moments before the material hit the floor and he finished undressing the Prince and himself. The Beta instantly pinned to the bed, as he groaned and gave the older a look of pure want. Their breathing shallow, and at a pant, as they stared into each other's eyes. The exorcist was the first to move between the two of them, as he leaned forward and kissed the demon's forehead.

"You really want to do this?" Bon asked, as he gently stroked his Prince's cheeks and Rin grabbed his hand.

"Yeah, I do." Rin spoke softly, his tail swaying against the bed. "Right now I wouldn't have it any other way."

The next instant the Prince's tail lashed out and wrapped itself around the exorcist's waist. The Beta giving his Alpha a small pout, as he tried to lean forward enough to capture the older's lips.

"Now quit making me wait, and take me." The Prince whined softly.

"My pleasure."

Without a second to warn the Beta, Bon pulled the demon into a passionate kiss and capture the demon's mouth for his won. The exorcist reaching down and gently stroking the younger's throbbing erection, as the Prince let out a moan and wrapped his arms around the Alpha's neck. The demon trying to thrust into the hand working his aching cock, before his alpha placed a hand on his stomach and kept him from moving his lower half. A whine escaping the demon's bruised lips, as the younger opened his closed eyes and looked at him once more with those lust filled midnight blue orbs. That was till he suddenly closed his eyes and let out a loud moan as he came. The younger pulling away from the older's lips to bit down on his own swollen lips, as his body spasmed and let out a harsh gasp. The incredible pleasure sparking across his whole body, till he fell limp against the mattress and let out a soft groan at the loss. The Beta now panting beneath the older, as his Alpha gave him a gentle and soft smile. The exorcist softly kissing him, as the Prince let out a purr at the touch and closed his eyes.

"You sound happy." Bon chuckled, as he slicked his fingers with the demon's release and slipped in a finger to start playing with his entrance.

"You wouldn't believe it." The Prince spoke, before he gasped out and closed his eyes at the sudden intrusion. "Th-that feels weird."

"I'll make it feel good, just give me a second." The older spoke softly, kissing the Beta beneath him and slipping a second finger in to search for the younger's sweet spot.

"Th-that isn't h-help- Ah!"

In an instant the Prince threw his head back and moaned, as his back arched and his tail twitched beside him at the new found pleasure coursing through his veins. His Alpha catching the Beta's reaction, as he gave him a smirk. The older carefully pulling his fingers out, only to get a small whimper from the demon under him.

"Relax for a second." The exorcist softly spoke, as he urged the Beta to sit up and pulled him into his lap. "You'll get what you want in a moment."

All the exorcist was a soft whimper of want for the Prince, as he grabbed the older teen's shoulders and leaned against him. The small purr from the Prince vibrating against the older's chest, as the Prince was lifted up a bit and was forced down onto his Alpha's throbbing cock. The Prince letting out a cry in both pain in pleasure, as his nails dug into his Alpha's back and his back arched out. The younger filled to the brim, as tears welled up in the corner of his eyes and he closed his eyes. The Beta's nails dug so deep into his Alpha's back he could feel the blood seeping out from around his finger tips, as it bleed. His Alpha's holding back a hiss of pain, before he gently kissed his Beta and tried to calm him.

"Just relax a little." Bon spoke softly, as he gave the Prince a reassuring look and rubbed his arm. "It hurts a bit more if your tense."

"Easy for you to say. You forced your way in." The Prince spoke in a displeased tone, his instincts winning over his emotions and he found himself purring at his Alpha's touch. "You try being a Beta."

Bon let out a small chuckle, as he rubbed the Beta's arm and kissed his cheek. The exorcist gently urging the demon to lift his hips, before he forced them back down and the Prince moaned out in pleasure. His Alpha's straining cock rubbing against his inside walls, as pleasure erupted inside his body and he gently shook at the feeling. His Alpha hitting his sweet spot on the first try and abusing the bundle of nerves. The Prince soon finding himself thrusting down onto his Alpha's aching cock, and enjoying every movement and touch. The pleasure and ecstasy slowly pooling down to his groin, as he held onto his Alpha for dear life and slammed down on his Alpha's cock. The demon instantly letting out a cry of pleasure, as he clung onto his Alpha and his demonic instincts took over. His teeth latching themselves onto the older's shoulder the next, as his inner walls clamped down on the exorcist's cock and they both came. A few moments passing, before they both came down from their highs and they were panting in pleasure and exhaustion. His Alpha carefully pulling out of the younger, as the demon reluctantly unlatched his teeth from his Alpha's shoulder. A beautiful birthmark like emblem imprinting onto his Alpha's chest, over his heart, with the Prince's name in the center.

Bon gently smiling at the Prince, as he looked down at the emblem on his chest and watched as the Prince placed a hand over the exorcist's heart. His Beta's fingers tracing against the beautifully designed emblem, and a purr vibrating from his throat, as his tail swayed in bliss behind him and the Prince closed his eyes. The demon the only one between them that could feel the strong bond between them growing even greater, as the exorcist laid back on the bed and brought the demon with him. His Alpha gently stroking his hair, as Rin cuddled against his chest and smiled.



"I love you." The Prince softly spoke, before he fell asleep in his Alpha's arms.

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Vocabulary I Made up or Use:

Royal Guard: A group of assorted demons that are given to a Prince to protect him from potental enemies. Not every Prince uses their Royal Guard.

mating season: The time of year, when the season changes, and when Beta's can become pregnant. Although, it only works if the Beta's are in Ghenna territory. It's also the time of year Beta's go into heat and are locked in Ghenna, till mating season is over. A typical mating season lasts 4 days, but can last up to 10 rarely.

Beta: The submissive partner, or uke, of an Alpha and Beta pair. In the demon species, they can be either male or female. They are commonly stronger then Alpha's and are more dangerous. Pissing them off, by either getting too close or threatening their Alpha, is the worst mistake you can make. By challenging a Beta is such a manner, is like trying to survive through an apocalypse full of the Beta's rage. Although they are tame and calm in their Alpha's arms. It is best not to anger them.

Alpha: The dominate, or seme, of an Alpha and Beta pair. In the demon species they can only be male, there is no biological way around it. Alpha's are the Beta's support and protection. It is practically their job to protect them in every battle situation. They can also calm their Beta's just by touch, or by scent. An Alpha can calm their Beta's, if they go feral, and can find them on instinct. This quality is harder for humans, but they can learn to recognize their Beta's presence. The Alpha is only as strong as their Beat and are synchronized in battle with them. They can easily read their Beta's moves and acts accordingly. It is not wise to harm their Beta; unless you want a death wish.

Soft Spot: A Beta's weak point for their Alpha and in battle. In battle, a Beta's soft spot is like their Achilles' heel. If they are injured there, it hurts more than any other injury. Although it can be used to calm a Beta down, if their Alpha chooses to do so.

Riemblem: The mark of a Prince. Every Prince of Ghenna has the abiltiy to mark their Alpha/Beta with a special mark that marks them as their mate. No demon will even challenge a Prince's mate, with a riemblem on, in fear of being killed or 'feeling the Prince's rage.' For few Princes their riemeblem will change and evolve over time, creating a stronger bond between the Alpha and Beta for all to see.

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