Julie was relaxing in her back yard, gazing at the night sky. The stars shined brightly in the sky, despite no moon being seen at all. She was thinking about the incident at the pool. She remembered how Ricky ran frantically into the pool to avoid seeing her chest. "Either he's shy around girls or he liked what he saw but didn't want to show it." She thought to herself. "If he didn't like girls at all, he wouldn't have been bothered by her breasts being out like that." Julie continued thinking as she saw a shooting star. Julie sat up for a second and thought of a wish. "I wish someone could help me figure out what's going on." She sat back on the lawn chair, continuing to think about what she could do about Ricky. She knew she liked him, but she didn't know how he felt about her. She really needed to sort this out.

At the same time, Ricky sat out on the patio of his house, staring into the starry night. He finally was able to calm down from the incident today, but still was thinking about one thing. "I don't know what to do. I like Runo, but I think I like Julie, too." Ricky thought to himself. "Oh man, this is crazy. I've only known these girls for less than a week, yet I'm falling for both of them. What now?" Ricky looked up at the stars, as if looking for an answer. Instead of an answer, he saw a shooting star. Ricky laid back in his chair, closing his eyes as he thought out his wish. "I wish someone could help me figure out what to do."


Ricky and Julie both sat up and realized that someone was at their door. They both walked into the house, picking up speed as they approached the door. They opened the door, noticing who was behind their doors and thinking their wish may have come true.

"Dan! What are you doing here?" Julie asked in her usual upbeat voice. "Not much, just wanted to stop by for a little bit." Dan replied casually. Julie let him inside her house, closing the door behind him. "So, what's going on? I noticed you were a little silent at the pool today." Dan looked at Julie, not sure how she would react to the question. "Actually, Dan, I need your help with something."

"Hello, Alice. What are you doing here?" Ricky was surprised as Alice stood at the door. "I'm not sure, really." Alice put her finger on her chin, thinking aloud. "I was walking home and suddenly got the idea to visit you." Alice looked at the calm Ricky, who was screaming and thanking the heavens inside. "So, this is you calm. Finally, I get to meet this side of you." Ricky heard Alice and blushed slightly at that realization. "She's right. I only saw her that day at the park and at the pool today. I was sweating bullets both times." Ricky thought to himself, trying to erase the blush. "Ricky, are you alright?" Alice asked the nervous boy. "Actually, Alice, I need your help."

Both Julie and Ricky spent an agonizing half-hour explaining their situations to their visiting friends. Dan and Alice both seemed unsurprised at this realization. Alice looked at Ricky, sympathetically smiling. "Well, I didn't realize you were stressed out like that," Alice calmly told Ricky. "It's hard for me to help with something like this, but I'll try." "Thanks, Alice. That means a lot to me." Ricky let out a sigh of relief. Alice and Ricky sat down for close to an hour thinking of ways to improve on the situation.

"Wow, Julie. After all these years of swooning over me, you finally find someone else to fall for." Dan said jokingly, a huge grin on his face. With his eyes closed as he grinned, he didn't realize Julie flung a pillow at him until he got hit and fell off the chair's arm. "What the heck was that for?" Julie looked at Dan, who was getting back up onto the chair. "Well, if you would HELP me and not criticize me, then I wouldn't have to hit you."

"Okay, Julie. I got it." Dan sat down, serious this time. "Let me ask you something. Was what happened at the pool today an accident, or did you do that on purpose to get Ricky's attention?" Dan asked the girl, who blushed slightly. "Honestly, it was an accident, but I was surprised at his reaction. You and Shun turned your heads and Marucho covered his eyes. But, I'm just shocked that Ricky went so far to hide the sight. I don't know how to get his attention now." Julie seemed genuinely upset by this. Dan placed a hand on her shoulder, just like Ricky did when they first met. "You'll be fine. Don't worry about it." Julie looked at Dan and smiled greatly, thanking her friend. "Thanks, Dan." Dan flashed a thumbs-up and proceeded to walk to the door. "I'll head out now. Later." Julie looked at Dan as he opened the door to leave when an urge suddenly hit her, prompting her to tell Dan "Don't go yet. I have another favor for you." Dan looked at Julie, a strange look in her eyes.

Meanwhile, at Ricky's place, Alice was heading out the door, telling Ricky to try her idea. "Okay, Alice. I'll wait and see how the others act before I try for anyone. Thanks for the advice." Alice looked at him and said "Anytime." Ricky gave Alice a grateful hug, causing both to blush slightly. Alice waved goodbye and headed to her own house, hoping her tip helps Ricky.

Back at Julie's house, Dan and Julie were lip-locked, surprising both of them. However, they couldn't help but continue, despite knowing they had no attraction to each other. Julie had just walked up to Dan and pulled him into a kiss. They found themselves entering Julie's bedroom, stripping all the while. By the time they made it to the bed, Julie was only in her bra and underwear, while Dan was in his boxers. Both continued kissing while they lay on the bed. After a few minutes, they broke the kiss and realized what they were in. Julie reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the floor, once again exposing her tanned, B-cup breasts. Dan was awestruck by her globes, instantly grabbing them in his hands uncontrollably. Julie moaned in pleasure as Dan continued to massage her mounds, occasionally sucking slowly on the nipples. After a minute, Dan stopped and looked at Julie, who stopped moaning.

"This was the 'favor' you talked about, huh." Julie blushed in response, a clear yes. Dan was reaching for her panties when he realized what he was missing. Julie noticed this and opened her top drawer, removing a condom out of a box. "My parents gave them to me before they left for their cruise." Dan looked at her, strangely pleased. He grabbed the top of her underwear and yanked them off of her, nearly ripping them. He was in awe again as he noticed her wet vagina, with a small patch of pubic hair in an arrow shape. Julie quickly grabbed his boxers and pulled his eight inch dick out. Dan opened the condom and wrapped himself up before bringing it towards her entrance. "Are you sure about this, Julie?" Dan asked her, knowing full well the answer. "Yes." Dan grabbed her hips and thrust forward, sending his cock directly into her cunt, noticing she didn't have a cherry. Dan looked up at her confused, when she smiled slightly.

"Billy was supposed to break it, but the day he broke up with me, I broke it myself with a toy." Dan nodded understandingly. He continued to thrust himself into her, soon engulfing his entire length in her pussy. After a couple of moments thrusting, Dan felt himself cum into the condom. Julie felt this and also had her orgasm, shaking the dick inside even more. After a moment of pleasure, Dan removed his dick and took off the condom, throwing it into the trash. As they dressed themselves, Julie looked at Dan. "Thanks for that. I needed that." Dan pulled his jacket on and smiled. "No problem."

Julie let him out, telling him that if Ricky chose her, that they would keep this a secret. Dan agreed, and the two parted ways for the night.