A /N: Hello. This is my first Kuroshitsuji fic so reviews would be appreciated. This is a Yaoi fic (guyXguy), there will be CielXSebastian mainly, possibly some SebastianXGrell, some GrellXWilliam, and some AliosXClaude.

Summary: A love story between Ciel and Sebastian...it sometimes follows the anime or manga plot line and other times it doesn't. It's a story of a slowly realized love that might never come true...

Disclaimer: I do not own Kuroshitsuji or any of its characters.

The only things in this fic that are mine are the OCs.


Drip…Drip...Drip...Drip…Drip. That horrible, monotonous noise was all a terrified group of boys all under the age of twelve could hear. Now normally a dripping sound like this doesn't reduce people to tears, but if it was as it were in this case…it may. The dripping noise was coming from the bloody body of a boy who lied on stone steps, blood pooling everywhere around him and dripping slowly downward. The caged group of children sat there terrified, they knew that boy, he had been one of them, for he had sat in the cage only hours before. Then they took him, after what seemed like hours the next time the children saw him they had watched in horror as one of the shrouded occult members took the body of the boy and threw him down the stone steps. The children gasped in horror when the child landed in perfect view of them, wide, accusing, dead eyes, staring holes straight into their very souls. They were terrified of looking at the boy; the sound of sobs was all that was to be heard. These children knew their fate, they'd end up just like that boy; they'd all end up dead because they were deemed 'inadequate' by the occultists.

There was only a single boy who wasn't sobbing, clearly of noble birth by his actions. He was a proud boy and he refused to succumb to tears like all the others, he refused to be broken. He was just as cold, hungry, and dirty as all the other boys. He was just as beaten and broken as the rest, but this boy was far too proud to give up. Under his blue-gray bangs the boys blue eyes shone with resentment. He wasn't going to let himself waste away, he was going to keep fighting. No, the small boy didn't want to die no matter how much he wanted to leave this hellish place he had been forced to live in these past few months. The boy had already lost his childish innocence like every other boy there, though this boy wasn't like the rest he wasn't as upset about his innocence being taken from him, as he was upset that such filth had touched him, had killed his family, and soiled his family's name. The boy hated those people, he wanted them all killed in the most vulgar way possible, he needed to restore his family name. This small innocent looking eleven year old boy wanted revenge. This boy's name was Ciel Phantomhive and he was prepared to do anything to get what he wanted.

Meanwhile somewhere in the outskirts of London a raven haired man appeared out of thin air. To any bystander he would have appeared to be a phantom, but this man had just traveled through one of 'the joining gates', as they were called in the underworld. This man was a demon, he was tall, dark, mysterious, and most of all hungry. The demon lifted his head, eyes blood red and a smirk on his lips, for he had smelt a great deal of anguish and pain in the area. So with one blink of the eye the demon took the form of a raven and flew off in the direction those emotions were coming from, contemplating his next meal. Little did the demon know this would be one 'meal' he'd never forget…