A /N: Hello. This is my second chapter of my first Kuroshitsuji fic so reviews would be appreciated. This is a Yaoi fic (guyXguy), there will be CielXSebastian mainly, possibly some SebastianXGrell, some GrellXWilliam, and some AliosXClaude. I realize this is taking awhile but I am trying to set the stage to allow the story to flow smoothly. I apologize for the time between updates I have been extremely busy.

Summary: A love story between Ciel and Sebastian...it sometimes follows the anime or manga plot line and other times it doesn't. It's a story of a slowly realized love that might never come true...

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The only things in this fic that are mine are the OCs.

A young blue-gray haired boy lay on a stone tablet under a red sheet, after being branded with the mark of the 'pure'. The occults were going to sacrifice him, for now they only waited for the clock to strike twelve so they could complete their dark ritual on the night of the full moon. Every member of the dark congregation was excited; they had their first 'pure' sacrifice. The members of the congregation did not realize the emotions of a certain boy-sacrifice or how those feelings would affect them.

Ciel Phantomhive was in pain. Those filthy creatures had burnt and marred his noble flesh, no one had ever hurt him before and he was appalled that such disgusting creatures had been the first to do so. The boy was angry and now that a greasy old occult member with a dagger in hand come up to him, with a murderous glint in his eye. Ciel called out for anyone to save him. He called out to any angel or demon that could hear him. The boy was shocked when the room seemed to freeze and he was face to face with a midnight-feathered raven.

'Once you have rejected faith it is impossible for you to pass through the gates of heaven.'

'If I had faith in anything, why would I summon you?'

The raven demon could only chuckle at the strange human…perhaps this one would be worth making a contract with.

'Enough! Form the contract and grant me what I desire!'

Then with a demonic chucklethe raven took its humanoid form, and with a seal of blood the raven marked the boy his contractor. Now the raven haired man smirked down at his new 'master', for he assumed this would be an easy meal, interesting, but quick.

'Now little master tell me what it is you want?'

'I want revenge on all those who brought this upon me, took away my family's good stature and caused the death of my family.'

'I see…'

The demon was curious now. How could such a young boy harbor so much hate? How could he have the power to summon a demon like himself with his emotions alone? The demon turned away, beginning to walk and then paused.

'Little master, what am I to be called?'

'Sebastian…Sebastian Michealis.'

'Ah…so what are my orders, little master?'

'Kill them! Kill them all I don't care! Get me out of this filthy place! That is an order!'

With eyes glowing red and a smirk forming upon his face the raven haired demon bowed to the small boy. Then he turned around and said…

'Yes, my lord.'

With that time resumed and the occults paused when they saw the demon. That was all they had time to do for the second they all saw him he had flown with inhuman speed and murdered them all. Blood splattered on everything, painting the walls a crimson red. The demon was quick and diligent but almost seemed to do everything with glee. Almost, like he was glad kill for his master.

Sometime later the demon carried his master in his arms, who was naked save for the crimson sheet wrapped around the boy's body. The boy was leaning against the demon's chest not out of comfort but out of sheer exhaustion. The boy was bloody and dirty but somehow the demon managed to carry him without getting a single drop on himself. He looked down at the glossy-eyed boy in his arms and thought of something.

"Young master, what am I to be to you?"

"Your job is going to be as my…butler, as I am an Earl", the boy said tiredly, attempting to fend off sleep as long as possible.

"Then it shall be as you wish, my lord."

With that the demon carried the boy out into the night. He planned on bringing his master back to the child's original home. After all an Earl, as the boy had explained he was needed to be housed in a large home, filled with fine things. The butler would follow every order the boy gave but the second the contract was completed, he would devour the boy's soul, because after all the boy was only a meal.