"What in Merlin's name are you doing Potter?" Severus Snape asked harshly.

Harry jumped off their shared couch and smiled sheepishly. "Well, see, I…er met Dudley the other day, and he really has gotten a lot more bearable lately. It's strange really, between him and Draco, and obviously you, it's like my life has been flipped upside down, of course not having Voldemort in my head anymore certainly helps a lot—"

"Sometime today, Potter," Severus snapped.

"My, you're grouchy," Harry said with a wink. "But anyways, Dudley introduced me to this muggle gamed called the Wii. And I sort of, may have hooked up a television so we could play the Wii."

"The…we…" Severus said slowly. "What does it do?"

"It simulates all sorts of experience like bowling, parasailing, archery, and shooting."

"I assume from the gun-shaped plastic device in your hand you decided on a shooting game."

Harry grinned. Severus groaned. "Merlin, save me from asinine Gryffindors."

"And you thought that an electronic simulation of games that you could do outside any time you wished would be a valuable use of your time?"

"It also has sword fighting," Harry said, his eyes sparkling mischievously.

Severus carefully placed the groceries on the counter, quickly unshrinking them and spelling them into the cupboards. He didn't hurry over, but he certainly appeared at Harry's side at a reasonable pace. Harry showed him how to use the strange plastic devices and after an hour of ridiculously swinging their arms around for an hour, a thought occurred to Severus.

"When do these game require us to climb on the couch and look like a fool?"

Harry bit his lip and his face flushed red. "Uhm…er…I may have gotten carried away…"