Hating You

Rated: K+

Summary: As Blue, Yellow, Crystal, Sapphire, Platinum, and White enter Empire Academy, some of them have grown to hate certain classmates. But are the feelings of hate returned?

Contains: OldRivalShipping, SpecialShipping, MangaQuestShipping, and AgencyShipping/ChessShipping. A little bit of FranticShipping and CommonerShipping.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon Special.

Chapter 2

"Gah!" Someone yelled, and followed by a few bumping noises, Gold fell down the stairs.

He sat up and sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck. Hair in its usual explosion, he stepped up and gazed sleepily at the kitchen.

The maids were serving everyone while holding their trays. Red was eating his pancakes, and adjusting his school tie at the same time. Green was sipping a cup of coffee, while reading a thick book, which was placed on one of his legs. Diamond was gulping down French breads whole, while Ruby neatly dabbed his napkin across his lips. Black wasn't eating, merely sitting there, waiting for the rest to finish.

Gold stepped toward his seat, and sat down. He yawned and stretched satisfyingly, as a maid came up and asked him for what he would like for breakfast.

"Anything will do…" Gold smirked somewhat, "But a smart and pretty maid like you could be able to serve my favourite breakfast for me, would you not?" He winked while grabbing her hands.

The maid blushed severely, as she stuttered something, then ran away into the kitchen.

The others were used to Gold's antics, so they sat down and ignored him. Instead they started their normal morning conversations.

"So… What did you all think of the beginning semester test?" Ruby asked, sewing something in his hands.

"It was alright." Red said, "What do you think Green?"

"… Hn."

Gold jumped up, knocking his chair down in the process, "Well duh, for that Smartass, he must have thought it was super easy. Not considering us normal people!"

"Chill." Diamond said slowly, stuffing pancakes in his mouth, "You have to enjoy the peace and quiet in life." He picked up the syrup bottle, dumped half of it in his mouth, chewed, and swallowed.

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever." Gold said with a lazy wave of his hand.

"Well? Are we leaving yet?" Black asked Gold and Diamond, the only two still sitting at the table.


Green sat in his homeroom class, the teacher just happened to place him beside the brunette girl the day before.

The teacher called out the marks of everyone, soon Green heard his name.

"Green Oak. 99.5% average. Good job. I expected as much."

"Eeeeeeee! Green is so cool!" "Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Green is so smart!" "Green got the best mark in the school again!" The girls in the glass cheered, while the guys glared at him.

They are so annoying. Green thought to himself. He unconsciously turned around and stared at the brunette girl beside him. She was doodling on her notebook again. She looked up suddenly, and stared back at him, with such bright blue eyes.

Green quickly turned away, slightly embarrassed she caught him staring.

"Ahem." The teacher caught the class' attention. "I'm afraid you're wrong on some points, students. We have one more student."

The class suddenly hushed.

What? One more student? Did he or she get higher than me? Doubt it. Green thought.

"Blue Opal."

"Here!" The brunette called out, as she raised her hand.

Green let out a sigh of relief, no way would she beat him.

"100% average. Congratulations, you have the highest mark in the school."

The whole room was silent. No one had ever beat Green before.

Green himself was dumbfounded. She was finished the first 15 minutes? That's just…

He shook his head to get rid of those thoughts. She was his rival now. He would beat her next time. So watch out, Blue Opal.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Gold's laughing fit stopped as he started wheezing and coughing. As Green glared at him, Gold's smug smirk grew wider.

"That Blue did it! She beat your ass!" Gold's grin turned maniacal and he started laughing again. Red also smiled teasingly a bit.

The "Empire Fusion" was currently standing in front of the bulletin board which had every students' marks on it.

As Gold's grins got wider, his comments snider, Green got more angered.

"I wouldn't be surprised if she beat you on everything. She must be a natural genius, that Blue Opal!" The explosion haired boy did not know when to stop.

"…That will not happen." Green said in monotone as he walked away.

"You did quite well, Yellow." Crystal remarked glancing at the bulletin.

"T-Thanks I guess. Though you got the same, 98%" Yellow said blushing a bit.

At the side, White and Platinum looked at their marks with stone faces, and Sapphire was throwing somewhat of a fit over her marks.

"Seems like everyone is adjusting nice to this new school!" Blue smiled and said to the others.

"Yep!" Sapphire said cheerily, as she got over her temper tantrum.

"Yeah… About that…" Crystal said somewhat awkwardly, "Why are they always following us around?" As she said this, she turned around to face the direction of a crowd of boys.

All of them seemed to be hanging on and listening to the girls' every word.

"Oh those?" Blue remarked slyly, "Why don't they introduce themselves?"

"Why yes, thank you for the wonderful offer, dear Blue." Another student walked out, and grabbed Crystal's hand.

"My dear Crystal, I look up to you as with some of my fellow peers-"He gestured to some of the people in the group, "And I would like to have your honor of introducing myself. I am Eusine, and I-"Crystal slapped his hand away politely.

"I'm sorry, but I currently do not have the time to talk to you." She quickly turned around and walked away from the group, with the rest of the girls following her.

As they left, shouts of: "Crystal is so smart and cool!" or "Blue for Life!" or "Yellow is so sweet!" and other shouts about the girls sounded in the hallway.

None of them noticed the Empire Fusion watching them all just around the corner.

"What interesting new girls…" Gold Smirked snidely at dinner that night.

"I've got to admit, I haven't met anyone like them before." Red commented.

"Not you too!" Ruby whined, smacking his palm to his forehead.

"They are quite interesting." Diamond stated.

"…Hn" Green said, while glaring at the others, then returning to his notes.

"Aw! Mr. Personality here is just pouting because Blue got a Better mark than him! Personally, I'm aiming for her this year!" Gold grinned while eating his quite large dinner.

Green sent Gold a death glare.

"Oooohhh! Even better! Is Mr. Personality now jealous?" Cooed an unfazed Gold.

"…In your dreams. She is my rival. You go have her." Green said in monotone, returning back to his notes.

"Oh by the way, Player-Boy." Ruby questioned Gold, "That girl you were fighting with at lunch, who is she?"

"Oh, you mean Super-Serious-Gal?" Gold said, cocky smirk appearing on his face, "She will be my main target this year."

"You just said it was Blue." Green raised his eyes off he heavy stack of papers on his desk.

"So you were paying attention! But no, she is only another option." Gold replied casually.

"I don't know how the sick mind of a player works, but as what I saw, as you called 'Super-Serious-Gal' or 'Crystal' didn't even bat an eyelash at your attempts to flirt." Red pointed out.

"Well, Hard-To-Gets are my specialty after all!" Gold stuck his nose in the air.

Sure, yeah right. Was the though in everyone's mind right now.

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