Chapter one: The beginning.

"To the family of one Lilly Potter

We are pleased to inform you that Lilly Anne Potter has been accepted into Hogwarts, the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please have her at Platform 9 ¾ on the scheduled departure time.

Your young witch or wizard will require the following items to be successful in the school year:


A Wand (Can be procured at Ollivanders wand shop in Diagon Alley)

Two sets of Robes


And if they so choose, an owl, cat, or toad.

We look forward to seeing your child in the coming year. Thank you.


Minerva McGonagal."

Lilly Potter read aloud at the dinner table to her beaming family. Barely hiding the glee in her own voice, her mother, Ginny Potter leapt up from her spot and squeezed her daughter's small frame, Her brothers Al and James grinned at her and ruffled her dark auburn colored hair and her Dad, Harry lifted her in his arms and spun her around.

She would be going to Hogwarts a year early! Since she was little she had shown promising magical talents, maybe even more so than her aunt, Hermione Weasley had shown as a young witch. Professor McGonagal had a meeting with her father some time ago and decided that she would have to go a year early to tame her budding talents. So at the age of ten years old she went with her father to Diagon Alley to shop for supplies.

"Da?" she asked as she held his hand through the bustling crowds of Diagon alley, "Hm?" he said as he scoped out Ollivander's wand shop. "Why is everyone staring?" And everyone was, as they past people would do double takes and turn, point, and whisper. Lilly knew her father had done something very heroic as a young Wizard but also knew that her mother and father wouldn't give the details until she was older, they had told Albus last year all about it when he started Hogwarts, so it was only natural that they would tell her now. Harry sighed and looked down at his daughter, her hair hung at her waist in silky brownish red tresses and her large clear blue eyes shone curiously up at him, in one of her hands was a small cage holding a baby owl that was white and gray, not unlike Hedwig. She had named the baby owl Minnette. "Well Lilly," he started knowing that it was time to tell his daughter even though she was still young. "Many years ago, even before you were born me and all of my friends and family fought against one man who had very nearly taken over the wizarding world. And his name was Voldemort. But me, your aunt Hermione, your Uncle Ron, and your Mum all fought with a man named Albus Dumbledore." Lilly squeezed his hand "Like Al's name?" Harry chuckled "Yes like Al's name. Well Voldemort was defeated, by myself and that came with a price, one of your Uncles died, and many lost their lives that night." Harry's face held a sad tone to it and Lilly wanted to reach up and say that he didn't have to say anything else, but she wanted to hear what happened. "But we came out on top and the Wizarding world is safe." And that's what Harry left it at, he squeezed her hand and they entered Ollivander's the bell at the door making a little tinkle.

Inside the shop was dim and a little smokey; shelves lined every visible space with small rectangular boxes, covered with dust, occupying the shelves themselves. Wands, Lilly thought with excitement. "Ah, young Mr. Potter how long has it been since you have set foot in my shop? I recall Ginny took young James and Albus the last two years?" an old spindly man stepped out from behind one of the shelves his arms full of wand boxes, his bright ice colored eyes twinkled with teasing mischief. Her father's cheeked rouged a little but he cleared his voice, "Mr. Ollivander, this is-" but Ollivander held his hand up, "Lilly Potter, your daughter yes I know I've been expecting her. She looks just like a mix between her mother and yours how interesting." Harry shrugged and looked at his daughter, it was true Lilly had her grandmother's soft heart shaped face but her mother's stubborn set to her jaw her eyes were not quite like his mother's, copied onto his own face they were a bright blue with green rings around the outside and her hair was a brownish red a mix between her mother's and his.

"Well, lets see about getting you a wand my dear?" Lilly nodded almost jumping up and down in her excitement she stepped up to the counter and onto the wooden block that had been set there for shorter witches or wizards. Ollivander disappeared behind the many aisles of wands muttering under his breath and pulled a few wand boxes from the shelves and blowing hard on them, sending dust flying in every direction.

"Here we go, first let try eight and a half in cherry wood with flexible dragon heart string core." He handed her a dark colored wand and the second it touched her fingers a light shot out of it shattering a vase that sat on your counter. "Well that's not it." Ollivander said dryly, "Your father did the same thing. I liked those vases." He shut the box and slid it back on the shelf. Opening another he pulled it out, "Six and a half worn willow with dragon heart string. Rather old." Again, when she took it a light shot out breaking another vase that stood by one of the shelves. Ollivander shook his head again, after three wands he was muttering under his breath about stubborn wands. He went back and chose some more boxes and Harry looked down at his daughter, "Don't worry Lilly the same thing happened to me." She smiled but thought what if I can't find a wand, what if no wand chooses me? Ollivander came back to the counter and proceeded to open another box. Pulling out an ivory colored wand, Ollivander's face scrunched up "That's odd, this box was marked seven and a half inches holly with veela hair… but this…" He looked at Harry who looked at the wand and then to Lilly, Ollivander handed the wand to Lilly and it felt pleasantly warm in her hands, the warmth spread through her body and she smiled. "I think it chose me Da." She said turning to her father a ethereal look on her face.

"That's a seven and a quarter inch white pine with a mixture of hippogryph feather, Chimera Scales and fairy wings. Rather springy. I don't have these in stock due to the rareness of the cores…" Ollivander trailed off, wondering how the wand could have gotten in his possession what's more Chimera scales are virtually the hardest core to find to date, even basilisk cores are easier. And let alone the rareness of the core Chimera scales rarely choose a witch or wizard. Taking another look at the girl she smiled down at her wand. "Peculiar…" he said and Harry's head snapped up to look at the old man. "Ollivander what does it mean?" he said under his breath to the man "It means, Mr. Potter, that you have a very special young lady with a very special future in your hands."

Lilly, who hadn't heard a word they said smiled from Minnette to her wand in excitement. She was ready for Hogwarts.

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