Another Disney-related story sparked off by my insane mind. Why do I keep doing this? Because I like punishing myself by starting off new storylines, that's why… Not that my readers are complaining so far. Even with all these various stories going on simultaneously, I always take care to keep the quality up. The only downside is that my updates are, for some of my stories, very slow. I ask your forgiveness for that right now: new chapters will take a long time to post.

I always seem to be especially intrigued by comic relief characters. For "Aladdin," I love Genie. In "Mulan," I am equally split between the protagonist and Mushu. Following that trend, this story is exploring the characters of Timon and Pumbaa. Okay, a little more focus will be on the meerkat, but I have my reasons. It was slightly explored in "Lion King 1 ½" (even if some parts of that particular movie are hard to fit perfectly into the timeline of the first movie, it still had its good moments), but I find it intriguing to consider how these two had to play semi-parents for a young, predatory, emotionally-scarred, lion cub. Falling into that role was fairly easy for the warthog (he went instantly into "aw… how cute… I need to take care of the little thing" as soon as he saw Simba). Pumbaa had no problem thinking of the cub as his best friend/kid brother as soon as they met. Timon had a harder time with it (he instantly starts pointing out that Simba ate their kind). The meerkat only went along with the "take Simba in" plan when he realized the perks of having a predator on his side. Of course, the trio clearly became friends in the movie, but Timon's normal fairly-selfish personality would make it hard for him to admit how much he cares for the lion. But, not only does he and Pumbaa agree to helping face Scar and his forces simply because it was important to Simba, but they continue to live at Pride Rock (surrounded by predators who would have been very hungry after Scar's disastrous rule) during "Lion King 2". I just find the whole concept on the relationship between Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa intriguing to explore.

Okay, the first section of the story is set after "Lion King 2," but later parts will be flashbacks set before that point and scattered through the entire franchise. I will be using mostly the first and second movie for actual events and simply borrow aspects from the middle one instead of trying to shoehorn in the entire contradictory timing thing (most notable when they first met Nala and the entire "Battle at Pride Rock event). The television show and other material will be completely ignored. And Timon's viewpoint will not be the only one explored. We'll have some input from Simba later on too. I hope you like my story. And I love feedback.

When Did I Become A Parent?

There are moments in your life where you have to take a long look at the insane turn your life has taken and have to wonder how in the world you ended up in this mess. By all the laws of nature and pure logic, he should never have ended up in this situation. A meerkat, above ground in the middle of a thunderstorm, far from any tunnels or even a colony, was standing near more than one predator. Lions, specifically, were within easy pouncing range of him. Every survival instinct for his entire species should be screaming at him in complete and utter terror. On the other paw, he came to the conclusion a long time ago that he completely lacked any natural instinct. Which would explain practically every problem he'd encountered since the day he was born.

Besides, he'd been surrounded by lions quite often in more recent times. Which also explained why Ma was having so much trouble trying to set him up with a nice girl. Even if he liked whatever pretty meerkat she introduced him to, the fact he lived with a pride of lions tended to be deal-breaker. But he didn't usually have to worry about the predators too much. Even though some of the younger cats or the ex-Outlanders might question his and Pumbaa's presence there, none of them would turn the pair into a meal. And, if you thought about it the right way, he was actually safer than most other prey animals on the entire Serengeti.

At least until that lion, Kondo, began stalking around. The greedy feline wanted the Pridelands, the pride, and the power to rule them for his own. His first appearance was very polite, but confident. He explained that he was a very skilled fighter and wise leader. He stated that his own pride was an impressive collection of efficient huntresses. Then, the smug lion suggested that it would be beneficial to unite the two prides and territories under his rule. Naturally, Kondo was soundly refused and his suggestion laughed at. If a lion wanted to take leadership away from another, the only proper way was a simple one-on-one fight initiated by the challenger. Very straightforward and clear with none of that tricking, backstabbing, and murdering of family members that Scar used. The bonus of these duels is that they don't necessarily end in death. Simply surrendering control to some strange feline that wandered onto the Pridelands was laughable.

Of course, Kondo wasn't quite as laughable now. He caught them away from the lionesses, trapped against the edge of the canyon. His own pride was a collection of violent, well-trained, well-coordinated warriors that would have made Zira proud. They were apparently not taking "no" for an answer. If they couldn't just ask and receive their prize, they planned to eliminate the only obstacle to their plan and move in afterwards to claim what they wanted. And since a single male lion, a warthog, and a meerkat have no real chance of beating these forces on their own, Timon knew they were doomed. And he really didn't like being doomed.

"You should have taken my offer, Simba," remarked Kondo coldly as his lionesses narrowed the circle around the trio. His mane, plastered down by the rain, was a shade darker than the current king, but the rest of his fur was lighter. He was also, as the meerkat unhappily noted, bigger than Simba. The feline continued, "You would have stayed alive and I might have even allowed you to keep those two appetizers that follow you around dumbly."

Simba was already growling threatening at the group, but the volume only increased at the comment. If it wasn't for the fact that the speaker was a predator who intended to kill them, Timon and Pumbaa would have complained about being referred to in that manner. Instead, the meerkat held tightly onto the warthog's ears while trying to find a way out of this. The best he'd found so far was a spot between two rocks that he might be able to squeeze into, but that wouldn't help his friends much.

"We need a plan," Pumbaa stated quietly, eyes darting between the various predators.

"We need a plan," repeated Timon, barely noticing he was stealing the warthog's words again. "And as the brains of this outfit, I'll have to devise one."

Simba, crouching down, advised, "Better think fast then, guys."

The feline pounced forward, throwing himself into the snarling group of lionesses. Instantly, the mob of predators turned into a writhing mass of claws and fangs, occasionally being illuminated by flashes of lightning as they tried to kill Simba. He was out-numbered, but his efforts kept the cats from attacking the other two animals. A better distraction than doing the hula, perhaps, but they needed help to get out of this alive.

"Pumbaa, think you can outrun them?" Timon asked, sliding off the warthog's back.


The meerkat explained, trying not to actually think about what he was suggesting and the slim chances it actually had of working, "If you can get back to Nala, Kiara, Kovu, or any of the pride members, you can bring back help."

"I don't know…" began Pumbaa uneasily.

One of the lionesses, knocked away from the fight, glanced at the pair, "I'll take care of the pig."

As soon as the words left her mouth, Timon knew how this would end. Very few animals could get away with calling the warthog that, regardless of how true the term might be in describing him. The meerkat dove for the gap between the rocks he'd spotted earlier. The very angry, very dangerous, very stinky boar warthog charged into mass of fighting lions. Kondo's pride didn't know what hit them as the furious beast struck out at them with hard hoofs and sharp tusks, inventing the new game of "Bowling for Lions" in the process. Once most of the lionesses were focusing on the unexpected attack by Pumbaa, the warthog broke free of them to reach the opposite side of the fight and ran at full speed towards Pride Rock. The majority of the felines, reacting in anger and from hunting instincts, chased after him. A couple of lionesses and Kondo remained focused on their original target.

"Aziza, retrieve them," snapped Kondo angrily. "Faika, stay with me. He's tired. We can take him."

One of the lionesses, a long scratch along her side, nodded and dashed after the missing mob of females. The other one fell into position beside him as they stalked towards the king of Pride Rock.

Simba was still standing somehow. Dripping wet, scratched and clawed by the aggressive females, but he was still on his feet. Timon had to admit he was rather impressed by the lion's endurance or pure stubbornness. Of course, how long he'd stay upright and able to fight was a mystery. Even with fewer opponents now, Simba needed help.

The pair leapt at him at the same time, the male getting a mouthful of mane while the lioness tried to dig her claws into his back. Simba twisted his way out of Kondo's grip and threw a heavy paw towards Faika's muzzle.

Briefly, Timon wondered how in the world he ended up in a situation that he was he was worrying about the safety of an animal so much larger and more dangerous than him. A meerkat shouldn't be this concerned about whether or not a lion can take care of himself. But he was never the most normal of his species anyway and this was Simba. He might not be that little cub anymore, but Timon still saw that kid and hated the idea that he might not win this fight.

The next chapter will be snippets scattered in the past. It will also be longer. Eventually, events will catch back up to this point and even describe what happens next. But the story will be exploring the past first. I don't know how often the chapters will be posted, but I hope that you enjoyed it. Please let me know what you think. Thanks.