United States of Hetalia, Hetalia Highh, and Narnian Dragon Productions

America- Peter

Seychelles- Lucy

Spain- Tumnus

Prussia- White Witch

Finland- Susan

Canada- Edmund

Japan- Aslan

I'm in this RP group on deviantart, and one day America asks Finland if he wanted to go exploring. It resulted in most of the people in the chat making this incredibly cracktastic crossover that I offered to turn into a crack fic. It was hard seeing as I had to copy-paste the entire chat onto Microsoft word, and rearrange it to make enough sense. I say ENOUGH, that doesn't mean this makes sense. XD (Plot was a train-wreck before.)

I don't own Hetalia, that belongs to Himaruya. I don't own Narnia, that belongs to Mr. C.S. Lewis (my favorite author).

If the characters seem OOC, well this WAS done in an RP. XD


Gilbert Beilschmidt ran towards the room where cooking class was usually held. He looked around.

No Spaniard. Not even at his glowing mahogany desk.

Wait, what? Glowing?

Gilbert approached where the glow was coming from.

"Why the hell is Antonio's desk glowing and how come mine doesn't do that?"

Suddenly the floor beneath him started falling apart.

"OH SH-"

Gilbert fell through the floor, and landed face-first into snow.

"Das Fick?"

Gilbert looked around. Where-ever he was it was:

Not Antonio's classroom.

In front of a big-ass white castle.

And cold as hell.

Seeing that there was nowhere else to go, Gilbert went into the castle.

"Hello? Is there anyone in here? If there is, can you please turn the heat?"

Gilbert saw statues everywhere. While he was looking around at said statues, he didn't watch where he was going and crashed into a random statue.

A wolf later found an unconscious Prussian with amnesia...

Meanwhile back at school...

"Gilbert~? Donde estas~? I heard you were looking for me!"

Antonio looked into the cooking room.

"Not here~."

Antonio noticed his desk was glowing. "I didn't know it could do that! o_o"

The floor beneath him crumble.

"Que? Oh. AAH!"

XD And this is just the prologue. Wait, it gets more cracky next chapter.